All Work and No Steele
Date: Friday, November 16, 2001
Sue Hantak <>

This is partially inspired by Nancy's recent string of stories as well as a recent list discussion concerning the office:

All Work and No Steele

By Suejue
Rated R

"No, not here." Laura protested but did very little to put a stop to his advances.

"Well you should have thought of that before you bought such a spacious desk." Remington eased Laura on top the slick, bare surface. He tugged at his tie with his right hand while his left kept her from squirming away.

Her hands seemed to contradict her brain as they went assist his with his tie. "You're forgetting our little agreement."

"I never agreed to such nonsense." He whispered near her ear, then launched an assault of teasing, wet kisses down her neck

"But what if-. aahhh," he managed to derail her thought for a moment.

"Doors locked." He shook his head, "No what ifs."

"But what about-."

He placed a finger to her lips, "It's after six, Mildred's gone, no what abouts."

"Mr. Steele, this is a place of business. We work here.""

"Laura, how much work have you ever seen me do on this desk?" He tugged her blouse free and undid the button at the back of her skirt.

"That's not the point." Laura straightened up and tried to restore some decorum.

Remington stood. His posture wasn't the only thing erect. He crossed his arms and challenged, "Okay, what is the point then?"

"Don't you see, we need to have boundaries. Definite, discreet, boundaries. If we keep blurring the line, how long before stakeouts turn into makeouts? How long will it be before we start blowing off clients in favor of nooners?"

"And that would be bad?"

Laura rolled her eyes in a why-do-I-even-try manner.

"Kidding. Laura, just kidding. How about I make a unilateral agreement for a change, eh? I'm willing to wager that you have fantasized about a romantic office encounter as much as I. And the longer we deny our desires, it would just become more and more of a distraction."

"And? Are you saying we should do it-. just to get it over with?" She chuckled at his logic. "Get it out of the way, merely to ease the torment?"

"More or less."

"That's absurd."

"Just hear me out." He stood between her legs and planted his hands firmly on the desk on both sides of her hips. "We do this now and I promise to show you nothing but purposeful and professional behavior in this office-or at least during business hours."

Laura thought about it for a moment. . She ran her finger lightly along the seam of his waist. There had to be a loophole in what he was saying. There was always a loophole where Mr. Steele was concerned. He leaned in to continue where his lips had left off. He once again eased her blouse from her skirt and slipped his hands up and under. Slowly, higher and higher until his thumbs found two receptive targets. Using only his teeth, Remington unfasten the top few buttons of her blouse. He had never done that before. <How many other hidden talents does my Mr. Steele have?> Laura wondered.

Speaking of hidden, Laura reached out to undo his belt. The button and zipper were the responsibility of her left hand while her right applied superb pressure. Talk about mixing work with pleasure. She made no effort to completely remove his clothes. Her right hand traveled smoothly, lower and lower between his legs. Her thumb moved in maddening circles, stimulating an area most women tend to overlook. Her left hand searched through several layers of clothing to make contact with the area most women tend to concentrate on.

"Can I take this as a yes?" He barely managed to put a sentence together.

"Okay." She ultimately conceded. "But one condition."

"Anything" he agreed. Touching him like that required no other persuasion.

"Not on the desk. How about the sofa?"

The End? I doubt it.