Better Than Steele
Date: Monday, August 12, 2002
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Better Than Steele
NC17(you're surprised why?)

Laura entered her house and threw her keys on the table and headed to her
bedroom to change. It had been an emotionally exhausting week. Of all the
detective agencies in the entire city, Wilson came to her. Well, honestly,
where else would he have gone? He had to trust she would keep it quiet, she was a professional after all. Her wounds from that failed relationship had
healed, for the most part, but it was still quite a shock to see him. Brought memories flooding back of days gone by. What was it that drove her to change for him? Was love really that powerful or was she just young and stupid when they were together. She dissected every part of her life but had refrained from getting any deeper into this issue. She never analyzed why she changed for him.

Growing up she learned from all people, her father, that it was ok to be
yourself. She was the only girl in Little League, the only girl in the chess club and the first girl to play soccer on her junior high team. Her dad supported her every step of the way. But perhaps, too, she continued to do these things because he had come to expect them of her. Subconsciously trying to please him. She just didn't know for sure. Then, when her father left, she was devastated. She loved him. Her world revolved around him, but that was ok though. He was her father after all. Was it her fault? Would he have stayed if she had been less of a tomboy? No. Her other two sisters did 'girl' things and he still left. Had she disappointed him some other way? She spent the next 12 years thinking that she had. They were so close and he just up and left. It had to be something she did. He showed her above all things, even in love, especially in love, that there were no guarantees.

She became guarded. If she found someone she was interested in, she gauged
them to see what they were looking for and if she needed to assume a role to keep their interest, she did. That was where she went wrong (right?) with Wilson. She was young and it was the first long term relationship she had been in. Well, the first one she had wanted to be in. There had been many before him, and many since. So she changed for Wilson. Decided to, what was the word? Grow up for him. So she became everything she thought he wanted. What any man wanted. She was at Havenhurst by day but would be home and have dinner ready and the house cleaned before he got home. It was working too. Until that fateful trip to Acapulco. She let another side of herself through and while it was well received at the time, it ultimately destroyed what she had with Wilson. Live and learn. But had she? She hated to think that she was so insecure that she would be what she wasn't just to have a man. Well, she didn't think of herself as insecure, she just said she was compromising. Every relationship needed compromise to succeed. Didn't it? That brought her thinking to the present, and another relationship. She admitted to herself that she was attracted to him. Murphy knew it too. Murphy was there all through her break with Wilson. He was supportive and never lectured her, even though he had seen what she had done to be with him. But he didn't approve of their Mr. Steele. Was he jealous or really concerned about her getting hurt?

A little of both she suspected. She loved Murphy but not in the way he
wanted. She knew he harbored feelings for her but she didn't know to what
extent. That wasn't entirely true. She deluded herself saying it was just
brotherly love, nothing more. Deep down, she knew the truth. Was that why he was so against her getting involved with the man with no name? Maybe he was just becoming forceful and tired of biding his time. Slowly watching himself get put out of the picture permanently. She pushed those thoughts away and thought about the man known as Remington Steele. Could she have a
relationship with him? More importantly, could she survive a relationship
with him? He certainly hadn't disapproved of what happened at the winery. But she may have played her hand too soon. She practically attacked him in the wine cellar. But it was such a good feeling to do so. Not like she was the Virgin Mary since Wilson but he evoked feelings in her she had never felt before. She dated, a lot. Lawyers, analysts, even a veterinarian. Some were even excellent lovers. But she wasn't being satisfied emotionally as well as physically. Could he satisfy her? Just then her phone rang and she went out to the living room to answer it. "Hello?"
"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Speak of the devil.
"No. I just got home and changed."
"One of your fan dance outfits?"
"Is there something you want?"
"Your company this evening if your available. I thought maybe I could bring over some dinner. We could both use a relaxing evening I think." He was
right. And a quiet evening with him sounded good.
"I could use a relaxing evening."
"Great, I can be there within the hour."
"See you then."
"Till then. Goodbye." She hung up. She wasn't going to change out of her
t-shirt and jeans, didn't want to give him the wrong impression, but she did tidy up the place a little.

True to his word he was there about an hour later. She opened the door to see him holding a large basket. "What's that?"

"I called Claude for a little take out." He continued past her into her
kitchen and placed the basket on the counter. He turned to face her. Even she could make jeans and a t-shirt look good.
"Smells good. What is it?" She tried to look post him pushing the thought of good he looked in jeans out of her mind.
"I was in the mood for pasta."
"Sounds ok to me." He turned around to grab something from the basket.
"I thought it would go well with this." He produced a slightly dusty bottle of wine.
"Where did you get that?" She smiled. He began to dust it off.
"Let's just say those monk robes have plenty of hiding places. Why don't you clear the table and open this, I'll get the food." Laura placed the bottle on the table and went to a cabinet to grab two wine glasses and reached in a drawer beside him for a corkscrew. She opened the wine, poured it and took a drink from her glass. She closed her eyes and smiled, which Remington caught.
He smiled too, knowing exactly what she was thinking, or more accurately
remembering. He placed the food on the table and they ate. After dinner they took what was left of the wine and retired to her living room. Laura sat on the couch with her feet tucked under her and poured herself another glass. he sat less than an arms length away.
"I wonder what the penalty is for stealing wine from monks?"
"Surely you wouldn't turn me into the authorities. Think of all the bad press it would bring."
"It's a shame you only have one bottle, this wine is excellent." he reached
his glass over asking for a refill and cocked an eyebrow. "You didn't?"

"Of course not," he sipped. "Well-.just a few bottles." he added and she
laughed. He never fancied himself a wine connoisseur but he knew a good
vintage when he found it. And this was by far the most enticing domestic
blend he had ever tasted. "You never know when you might find something this good again." She knew he wasn't just talking about the wine.
"I agree." She finished her glass and refilled it again. He had never seen
her drink this much before.
"You don't seem to be complaining."
"No, it's very good." She had quite a constitution, but figured she would
wind down the consumption soon."but it's not nearly as good as when we first sampled it," he leaned in to kiss her. "Ah, that's what was missing." he kissed her again.
"It might be even better this time." she leaned in for a third go at it.
Eventually she parted from him. They sat a little longer and drank the wine while chitchatting about the case.
"you solved another one you know."
"yes, I seem to be getting pretty good at this detective thing, eh?" She
refilled both glasses.
"I think I've found my calling." they both found that rather humorous. "Just think Laura, I can actually take over the agency and you can do what you really want. You know, follow your true dream." But she was doing what she wanted.
"What are you talking about?"
"Then you'd have time to pursue all that fan dancing you like so much." He
"You are never going to let me live that down are you?" She covered her eyes with her hand.
"No. Not until I get to see it." He pried her hand away and kissed her. She smiled.
"A couple more glasses of this and you just might." They both laughed.
"So everything with Wilson worked out?"
"Yes. I made my peace long ago, but it was good to see him and put that part of my life behind me."
"So you can concentrate on your future."
"Yes. Whatever that is."
"In too deep?" Damn. Did he remember everything she said to him?
"I don't know that about that." She didn't feel like she was. Not yet
anyway. "I'll just take it day by day."
"You know Laura, I've seen those men you've been going out with." She looked at him a tad surprised. She never let them come by the office. Well, not in the same way he paraded his dates around. "they all seem so," he searched for the right word, "boring."
"Maybe that's how I like my men. A little stability could be just what I
"I think you need excitement. You need a man who excites you." She didn't
like the way this conversation was going.
"I think I'm doing just fine, thank you."
"Wilson was a fool." She was genuinely shocked at that. "A fool to think he could control you, change you." He was heartfelt in his declaration. "A
"Can we not discuss my love life, please?" She took another drink. More like a gulp.
"Or lack thereof." he chided.
"Oh and I see the women you bring around. Most of them couldn't hold a
thought in those pretty little heads of theirs." She felt herself getting a little angry, and defensive.
"why do you think you never see the same one twice? No challenge. In fact I've only met one woman in Los Angeles whom I find challenging enough for me."
"Let's just drop it, OK."
"Would you like to know who that is" She already knew the answer.
"No." She poured the rest of the bottle into her glass.
"You know it's you Laura. Why skirt the issue, eh? Why fight it." She needed to break the tension, a little levity, a different tactic.

"I won't be fighting much after all this wine." He backed down a little. It worked. "Let's just not talk about it anymore, OK."

"I'm sure we can find something else to do." He placed his glass on the table and did the same to hers. He leaned closer and kissed her again. "Oh yes, see, this is much better than talking." He kissed his way down her neck and she giggled. He decided she must be ticklish there. He filed that information for later. He went back up to her lips and placed his left hand on the side of her face. The kiss deepened and he lightly traced his tongue around her parted lips and could taste the wine. She opened her lips a little more under his gentle insistence and his tongue entered cautiously, now tasting her and the wine together. His moved his kisses back to her face. He spoke in between kissing her eyes, nose, cheeks and neck. "Laura, you don't need to settle for those men." He trailed his pattern. "You need a man who can satisfy you completely." She closed her eyes and let herself go in his embrace. "Don't settle, you need more." he kept up his verbal and physical onslaught, "you deserve more." he began to make his way to the other side of her face. "You need a man you can lose yourself in, in passion." She let out a small moan. She wasn't sure which was turning her on more, his words or his actions. "But you can still be you." She was quickly losing control. He wasn't playing fair, and she was glad. "And he'll love you for just being you." Wow. "He'll take you to the point of ecstasy, and be right there with you." She had never felt this turned on before. "satisfying you physically and emotionally. Never taking you for granted." He was centimeters from her lips. "A man who can give you what you deserve. What you crave. Fulfilling all your desires, making all your fantasies realities." With that he captured her mouth with a hunger he hadn't felt in a long time. It wasn't lost on Laura and she
immediately softened under his kiss. Both her arms went around his neck.
"I suppose you think you're the man to do that?" She asked breathlessly as he continued to place small kisses about her face.
"There's only one way to find out." He backed away slightly to look her in
the eyes, she never blinked.
"Too much, too soon." her voice was weak and definitely betraying her.
"No. it's just right." He went back for her lips again. Her next words were barely audible.

"Yes, it is." She welcomed everything he made her feel. She thought very
briefly about should she or shouldn't she let this continue. She knew it was the right thing to do, she felt she deserved to feel what he was doing to her. If she wanted to be herself, then she knew this was the right thing to do. He on the other hand was having no thoughts about stopping, well, not unless Laura asked him too. He knew what he was doing to her, or more
specifically, what she was doing to him also. He was taken with her,
everything about her. Her impulsiveness this past week didn't frighten him.
It excited him. It made him want to know her. All of her.
She knew there would be consequences but she's cross that bridge when the
time came. Right now she only wanted to focus on him. On them. He leaned back a little on the couch, trying to make their position a little more conducive to this type of activity. She followed his lead and kicked her legs from out from under her and laid down on her couch, he followed. They were side by side for the most part, with him slightly on top. As the kiss deepened, Laura ran her hands down his back and he rested his right hand under her thigh as she bent her leg to cover his. He moved his hand to lightly caress her thigh and continued towards her rear, which he kneaded with, well, need. Laura let her left arm trail down his back and when she reached the small of his back she shifted her leg and pushed his body further into her, feeling his arousal on her hip. He groaned and moved to fully cover her body with his as he attacked that spot on her neck he discovered earlier. Her hands were back in his hair as he moved lower. He reached for her left breast and gently caressed it. His own need was pressing but he wanted to touch all of her. He moved his hands down to the top of her jeans and he moved one under her shirt, walking his fingers back to her breasts. She arched underneath him and he slid his hand under her bra, finally making contact with her aching nipple. She moaned and parted her legs, letting him rest between them. He thrust forward slightly, pressing himself to where he so badly wanted to be. She gasped as his hardness pressed into her between her legs. "How are you doing this to me?" She could barely speak a full sentence.
"I told you Laura," he undulated slightly again kissing her neck. "You need a man who can stimulate you more than just in the bedroom." He looked her in the eyes and smiled mischievously. "You haven't seen anything yet." Laura wrapped each of her legs around his and bent her knees up. He undulated more into her, trying to satisfy some of his need. She reciprocated his actions hoping for some relief herself. It only heightened their wanting. She had found herself in similar positions before, especially with the veterinarian, but what she felt now was so different from that. She felt a burning passion from him, she felt his want for her, his neediness. She never felt anything with the others except sexual gratification. With him it was a different gratification. It was more than just sexual. So much more. She felt he would do anything to please her, and she would do the same.
She pried them apart slightly to let her hands start unbuttoning his silk
shirt, he eased off her a little more to give her better access. Once she had it unbuttoned she let it hang open and she slid her hands to his back. Then she pulled the hem of his shirt free from his pants. She snuck her hands past the top of his jeans and rested her fingertips right under the elastic of his boxers. He gasped and ground his hips into hers, she used her hands to push him even harder against her. He had to think fast, he wanted to move this into her bedroom. He wanted more room to operate, to explore her fully. If they stayed here, he wasn't going to have the willpower to please her as well as he might with room to maneuver.
"Laura," he was having trouble speaking, "we need more room." Laura on the
other hand just wanted to make wildly passionate love right there on the
couch. She always did it in her bed, she wanted a change of scenery. Besides, she didn't think she could wait much longer.
"No--.her-now" she pushed him off her slightly and she tried to get up
and maneuver past him so she could get him out of the rest of his clothes. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him, without breaking their kiss, she managed to stand up, taking him with her. "No more playing around. I want you now."

"Oh, babe." He grabbed her shirt at the bottom and took it off her quickly as she slipped him out of his. Their actions were forceful, but in a passionate way. They were knocking things off the coffee table in their frenzy.

Knickknacks fell from shelves. Soon they had stripped each other down, some of their clothes were still in one piece, and began groping each other
relentlessly. He needed to get her back to the couch but she wasn't helping. Instead they continued to arouse each other, standing in the middle of her living room. He had to do something, fast, or they were both going to explode. He backed her up to the nearest wall and she lifted her leg around his waist. He put his arm under it and lifted it higher. He bent his knees to bend down and capture her breast with his mouth and she grabbed his erection and pulled him to where he needed to be. He released her breast and looked at her. He let his free hand fall to her hip and he placed himself at her entrance. The heat they were generating was unbelievable. He waited anotherfew moments while he kissed her again, then he pulled away from her lips and pushed himself inside her. She screamed at the sensation and arched back towards the wall and he took that opportunity to lick and suckle the soft skin of her exposed neck, and then began to thrust into her. She rocked with him using the leg she still had anchored on the floor, but it wasn't enough. He pushed her into the wall harder and pushed deeper into her. She smacked a hand against the wall, knocking pictures loose, sending them crashing to the floor. He grabbed her other leg and soon she had them both wrapped around his waist and he continued to drive her into the wall, encouraged by her urging him on. They both were very vocal and quickly approaching the home stretch.

He moved them from the wall and held her with no support. The position hit
her in all the right places instantly. She began to scream his name over and over and he kept answering with "I'm here love". Each time urging her to her release. She weighed next to nothing so he had no problems keeping and accelerating the tempo. He wasn't walking exactly, but every couple of
thrusts moved him forward, closer to her bedroom. She gripped him tighter
with her legs and dropped her head to his neck and kissed him briefly, then growled "harder". he was almost there and knew she was damn close too. Sweat poured off their bodies and he began to feel her slip ever so slightly. He couldn't let that happen, he had to keep the sweet contact. "Almost there" she breathed into his ear. He saw the bed just feet away and knew he had to get to it. When he did he sat down and she readjusted her legs so that she was on her knees, which were on either side of his hips. She used her new found leverage to rock harder and get him even deeper inside her. She felt the fire in her body ready to explode and suddenly she dug her nails into his back as she came hard against him. The second her muscles began to squeeze his penis, he felt the rush start in his abdomen and soon he was erupting in inside her. Being that deep in her and cumming that hard, gave Laura a new sensation she had never felt before when he came inside her. She stopped moving slightly before he, and they both collapsed onto her bed. They were still connected and he kissed the beads of moisture sliding down her neck. She ran her hands through his more than damp hair. Eventually he pulled out of her and he turned, feeling the need to hold her close. He gently stroked her hair and tucked stray strands behind her ear. After several minutes when their breathing calmed down some he spoke.
"Jesus Christ, Laura. You are insanely passionate."
"You're not so shy yourself." she smirked "My god that was incredible"
"Gonna be hard to top that, eh?"
"Mmm." She raised up to kiss him. "But think how much fun it's going to be