Steele Bitter (finale)
Date: Thursday, April 06, 2000 5:29 PM
From: sue hantak <>

(Part 5)

They stepped into the elevator. Laura began, "Well...we that's not a good idea"

She finished shaking her head.

"What?...What's not a good idea?"

Laura wasn't sure where their relationship stood. Even though she knew their breakup was contrived by Descoine it wouldn't be that simple to just forgive and forget. Doing what she had in mind would only confuse things more. She tried to dismiss it, "Nothing..." Her eyes focused on her shoes, the door, the ceiling. She finally closed them resolved to avoid looking at him at all.

Descoine's file didn't help in the least. Laura was sitting behind his desk doodling on a legal pad. Remington stretched out on the sofa, feet up and shoes off. He finally spoke, "It appears the only idea we've come up with is the one in the elevator that you won't share with me."

Her pen stopped on the paper. She spoke in a soft childlike manner, "I don't want to do it just to get back at Descoine".

"Why don't you just tell me what <it> is?"

"If his whole plan was to break us up and make us miserable, Maybe the best way to burst his bubble is show him that we are undeniably still together and happier than ever."

"That doesn't sound so bad."

"I think we've played enough games. I don't want our relationship to become some kind of act... a ruse just to avenge that despicable man."

Steele stood up and began to pace, "Are you saying that you don't think we're together anymore?"

"I don't know...Are we?" Laura got up from the seat, and turned to face the window.

"Laura, I know I acted a little irrational, saying those things to you was...was cruel...and unforgivable. When I heard another man say he loved you and it appeared that I lost you, I went a little crazy."

"How could you think I would ever be with anyone else?"

"How could you think I would?" Remington echoed.

Laura shrugged, "I just figured after that Sunday, on my bed, when I pulled away for the zillionth time, you decide you had enough."

Remington walked over stood behind her. He draped his right arm over her shoulder and kissed the top of her head. "I wish I could understand what goes on in this head of yours, Miss Holt." He turned her in his arms and just before her kissed her he added, "and by the way, I don't think I'll ever have enough of you."


Laura was nervously pacing in his apartment. She wore a very tight and provocative dress. It was strapless with her hair piled on top to reveal her alluring neckline. A slit up the thigh added to the tease level. Remington was dressed in casual khakis with a buttoned shirt connected half way up leaving the top three open. He was loading film and adjusting the camera settings when Laura spoke, "I think this outfit is overdoing it a bit..."

Remington pointed the camera in her direction and zoomed in on her. He panned back and smiled appreciatively,

"No, I think what you are wearing is perfect." Mildred buzzed at the door, "and it appears our photographer has arrived."

Mildred arrived oblivious to the plan. They just called her asking her to come over. Even though Devin was gone, Descoine's daughter might still be monitoring the phones. Mr. Steele's open shirt and Laura's sexy attire made Mildred wonder if she was intruding on something again. Laura was still uncertain about the whole plan, announced she was going to the balcony to get some air. Mildred waited till Laura was out of earshot, "Boss what's going on?"
"Descoine was behind the whole thing...He was trying to break us up"

"That dirty slimeball" (Mildred's patented response)

"We need you to take some pictures of us," he added with a sly wink.

"Oh, I get it... You mean... pictures of you and Miss Holt..."

"Yes... Large," he made a gesture with his hands. "Eight by ten, glossy, in living color photos of Laura and I... up close and very personal."

"Is she okay with this?" she motioned to Laura standing outside.

"It was her idea actually... familiarize yourself with the camera, I'll see if Laura is ready"

He walked out to the balcony, "Having second thoughts?"

She smiled tensely, "No, I'm up to fifth or sixth thoughts by now".

He pulled her aside to the corner of the balcony, out of Mildred's sight and eased her into a captivating kiss.

"What was that Mr. Steele, dress rehearsal?"

"No... What we do in front of Mildred for the benefit of Descoine is not just an act", he clarified, "that was for you... for us".

Mildred made an appearance on the balcony too. She saw them in an embrace, "I thought I was suppose to be taking pictures of this?"

"Well be right in," Laura assured her.

Mildred took charge of the situation when they came back into the apartment. She directed Laura and Steele to stand near the fireplace. They awkwardly held each other and tentatively kissed like they were strangers. When Mildred had them in focus, she disappointedly dropped the camera from her eye. "Ahhh...Come on you two," she chastised. "I've seen more passionate kisses at a family reunion". Just as they leaned toward each other for another try, Mildred commanded, "Get on the sofa". Just as Laura was about to sit down, Mildred further ordered, "On his lap"

"Mildred, I don't think..." Laura protested but Remington pulled her down eagerly.

"It's for a good cause, Laura" Steele, a bit too willing, chimed in.

Again they clumsily attempted. Mildred snapped a few shots. It still didn't look very convincing. Laura just couldn't relax. Under normal circumstances, his kisses made her feel off balance and impetuous. Mildred watching, augmented by the unnerving click of the camera just compounded her anxiety. When Mildred recommended that Remington move his hand to the slit of her dress, Laura put a stop to the photo session,

"Wait...wait...I...I just can't DO this." She hopped off his lap, began to unzip her dress as she

retreated into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Steele...I guess I went too far."

"That's alright Mildred, I could tell Laura was uncomfortable with this"

Mildred left with the camera still in hand, "I get these developed anyway."

Laura emerged from the bedroom hair down, wearing the jeans and sweater she wore originally to his apartment. She sat down to put her tennis shoes back on when Remington grabbed them from her and tossed them aside.

"Laura, you don't have to leave"

"God, that was embarrassing," Laura admitted as she stood up again.

"Just relax..." He pat the sofa cushion , "Stay...put your feet up...I'll make us some dinner."

Remington disappeared into the kitchen. Laura laid out on the sofa shouted in his direction, "I warned you that was a bad idea".

Remington peered back into the living area, "I think we just need to practice more".

They both smiled, content that things seemed to be back to normal.


Mildred set the camera on the passenger side seat of her car. She decided that maybe this was a good surveillance training opportunity. She drove to a camera shop to purchase a very large zoom lens. She returned to Mr. Steele's parking lot to see if Miss Holt's car was still there. Relieved to find it in the same spot, Mildred crossed the street and made her way to the roof of the adjacent building. Again, she focused the camera on Remington and Laura. She watched them eat. She watched them as they sat on the sofa. They were seated closely, but still appeared to only be talking. "C'mon you two, do something.* she scolded from a distance.

Remington handed Laura a glass of wine as he took a seat next to her on the sofa.

Laura laughed to herself, "I should have thought of this, earlier," she said raising her glass referring to the wine.

"You mean, get you drunk to lower your inhibitions a bit?" he cocked his brow.

"Maybe..." she took a sip as her eyes dared him.

He watched her closely as he took a sip, never taking his eyes off her.

"Is it working yet?"

"Maybe we should test my inhibitions."

He took the glass from her left hand and placed it on the coffee table. With the same hand, he cradled her jaw and pressed his lips into hers. It was a brief, kiss, not much more than a fleeting taste. Mildred captured the moment from her perch. Remington handed Laura the glass again. This time she tipped her head back and drained it. Remington took that as a hint she was ready for more. She placed her glass back on the table, "Now try me," she challenged.

This time the kiss was of the prolonged and passionate variety. Their mouths opened. Probing tongues swirled teasingly between them. Mildred activated the shutter a few more times. He eased his body atop Laura as she reclined. Remington was surprised by the skin contact when her hands slipped inside his open shirt. The auto advance hummed as Mildred continued to snap photos.

"See... this... isn't", Remington peppered Laura with kisses in between words.

Laura tugged at the back of his shirt pulling it out from beneath the waistband of his pants. She undid the bottom buttons as he concentrated on her neck. Remington stood up and pulled Laura with him. She pushed his shirt back over his shoulders and down is arms. He briefly let go of her, shook the shirt sleeves loose and quickly restored his hold . A sequence of eight photos would tell the story of Remington slipping Laura's sweater over her head and leading her into the bedroom. Mildred's job was done.


He woke to unfamiliar sounds coming from his kitchen. Startled for a moment, he instinctively threw back the covers to investigate. When he realized he was still naked, he fondly recalled his night of love with Laura in his bed. He took a deep breath and allowed his heart to resume it's normal beat. With his robe missing, he slipped on a pair of boxers and went looking for Laura. Draped in his robe, her back was to him. She was making breakfast.

He leaned against the jamb, "Now there are TWO sights I never thought I would see in my lifetime."

Laura turned, "What's that?"

"One, you in my robe and two, you cooking."

She turned off the stove with two plates in hand, "I happen to make a mean french toast." She walked over to the fridge to pour some juice. "Just a bit of advice, Mr. Steele. If you ever want this to happen again, I suggest you don't ridicule me."

"What to happen again......... the robe or the cooking?"

"Both" she stated as she ran her finger tantalizingly over his bare chest.

"I'm going to have to send Descoine a huge thank you for setting all of this in motion"

"Let's not give him credit for this.... It would have happened anyway."

They arrived understandably late at the office. Mildred was all smiles too when walked through the door. As soon as Remington was alone in his office, Mildred ventured in. In a hushed tone she confessed, "Boss, I have something to show you".

He was perplexed over her secrecy, "What is it?"

She pulled the manila envelop from behind her back, "The photos from yesterday"

He pinched the clasp to undo the flap, "Mildred, what's the problem?"

She put her hand over his stopping him from removing them. "I thought you two might...." she motioned vaguely with her hands, "without me there so I took a few from across the street". She cringed as he pulled them from the envelop. An apprehensive expression evolved into an approving smile. When he got to the photos of Laura scantily clad in her bra, he put them aside. "We'll send those to him at Christmas."

In reality, Remington had no intention of sending that bastard any of the photos from their incredible night. It was too personal and special to cheapen it in that way. Once Mildred left the office, he put them all back in the envelop, except for one and locked the rest in his drawer.

The sound of closing metal reverberated in the hollow halls of the prison. Steele came eye to eye with his nemesis. He motioned for the guard to give him the envelope. Descoine opened it to reveal the very first photo Mildred took. "I autographed it for you". It read:



The End.