Blue Yonder(scrap scene)
Date: Thursday, November 02, 2000

Steele Blue Yonder(unedited)

(There are two things in this ep that most of you may have overlooked given only the PAX facts. First, if you look closely in the scene where Mildred is tailing Johnnie/Jack, he looks in a storefront window reflection and catches a glimpse of her. In that same store window is some Valentine's decorations. Secondly, the whole conversation between R&L about always being in the mood for some art appreciation is a direct reference to the following scene that happened early in the show.)

Remington had his hands on her waist steering her from behind(no this isn't an NC-17 piece, sorry).

Blindfolded, with her hands were tentatively and cautiously feeling in front of her(this does sound a bit NC-17 doesn't it?) apprehensive that she might bump into something.

"Can I take off this thing yet?" Laura growing more anxious by the step, enroute to his Valentine surprise.

"Almost there," He twirled her a few times just for the fun of it, "Oh sorry that's for the pin the tail game, isn't it?"

Laura stumbled and wobbled apparently dizzy. Remington grabbed her again at the waist and whispered closely in her ear, "Now, you can remove the scarf."

They stood in the dark. Laura still confused by the surroundings, "Mr. Steele, why the blindfold if were just going to stand here in the dark?"

"Oh, sorry, you're right." He clapped his hands loudly. The lights came on. A night watchman walked over to the center of the room where there was a picnic setting. The uniformed man lit two tapered candles and asked, "Do you need anything else, Mr. Steele?"

Remington pointed to the camera positioned in the corner of the room.

The security guard affirmed his oversight, with an "Aha... sorry." He walked over to the surveillance equipment and repositioned it to aim at the ceiling rather than the center of the room. He then left pulling the double doors peeking his head in before he closed them, "I'll leave you two alone."

Laura spun surveying the room in awe, "What have you arranged, Mr. Steele?"

"Well, you said you wanted to see this collection when it came to L.A."

"This isn't open to the public for another two days."

"I've arranged for a private viewing of the exhibit," he gestured toward the place settings on the floor, "Complete with dinner, champagne, and music." He finished his sentence reaching down to turn on a tape player. He handed two glasses to Laura while he bent down again for the champagne. She held the glasses for him while he poured. Remington returned the bottle to the icy bucket then presented his flute(not NC-17 remember) and proposed, "Happy Valentine's day, Laura." The glasses clinked, but before tasting, they drifted together for an impassioned kiss. Once apart, without eyes breaking contact, they sipped the sparkling drink. Mutually they concluded that the kiss was more satisfying. Simultaneously, they set their glasses aside and once again dissolved into each other. Their lips caressed and incited more intense desires. Their tongues and hands were invited to join in. Their bodies began to sway with the tempo of the music. Still holding each other very closely, they danced. As they moved about the room, Remington gave Laura a very enlightening history lesson of the thefts and attempts of the paintings on display.

She was mesmerized by his engaging stories. When the lesson was concluded Laura suggested, "As beautiful as these paintings are, Mr. Steele, I think I prefer just the candle light." Remington took the hint and turned off the lightswitch. Laura took a seat on the floor and he soon joined her. She refilled the crystal champagne glass and handed it to him. She gazed at him in the soft glow of the flickering light and wondered outloud, "Do you ever go to art museums during regular business hours or just after they close?"

"I've done a great many things in art museums over the years.... except for one," he raised his eyebrows glancing above his glass at Laura's reaction to his deliberate insinuation.

"That would give whole new meaning to the expression 'art appreciation', wouldn't it?"