Steele Holting Out For You 2/?
(working Title)
Date: Friday, December 08, 2000 <>

This is the little bit more I have written so far. I'm still not exactly sure of where this is going, but we'll see where the spirit takes this... and please, please do archive. :)
And it's Steele the same rating as before.


After the appointment, which was to close the case, Laura had taken care of the entire thing the night before, she stared off in front of her into space.
"How about lunch?" Remington asked as he crossed over to the edge of his desk.

"Hmmmm? Oh yeah, lunch. Sounds great," Laura was blatantly lost in some thought. Steele and Mildred, who had just stepped into the office, were hoping it was thoughts of Remington and Laura.

Laura regrouped, "How about the new deli down the street? Frances said it was excellent," she was silently contemplating why she hadn't gone for Mr. Steele when she had the opportunity.
His waking had confused her and she thought it was a dream, but professionalism was the keyword she kept in mind, not to mention Murphy. He'd been out of the picture for so long, then all of a sudden all those late night phone calls. She knew she shouldn't have felt anything. Forget about it, him, remember Steele, you know how you feel about him, is he really the safer choice? Geeze, she figured she must be loosing it. But that kiss would've been nice either way, "Next time."
"What was that, Laura?"

"Nothing, just pondering," Laura finished saying and quickly changed the subject, "I think the deli would be perfect, I'm dying for ham and cheese with honey mustard."

Mildred smirked, noticing immediately what Laura had done, "So what is happening next time Miss Holt. I don't think I follow," she was going to have no secrets between her kids.
Laura stood slack-jawed for a split second, then replied, "I had also considered pastrami, but as I said, next time," she wore a mildly triumphant smile as she conquered Mildred's challenge.
Mildred walked out of the room with a bemused smile on her face.
*Soon,* she thought, *very soon. * If only she knew.

Remington brought his sandwich up for his first bite of a Thanksgiving sandwich. He thought it was worth a shot if it had both Mildred and Laura reconsideringtheir decisions. As he swallowed he grinned, "This is great, now I understand your dilemmas."

"I don't understand why you asked for your cranberry sauce on the side, Boss," Mildred shook her head, "that's what completes the whole thing. What is Thanksgiving without the cranberries?"

"Well, since Thanksgiving as a whole is still pretty new to me and I haven't ever liked the buggers, I decided the side was where they belong. But I did get it on the side so I could share," he gave Mildred a slight wink and started to offer her a bite when his sleeve caught on his drink, spilling lime flavored seltzer all over Laura's front. She jumped a little and started dabbing with her napkin. Remington gently took her hand to stop her, "Allow me," he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped her white shirt hoping to dry her so she could get back to the office without drawing too big of a crowd.
Mildred started chuckling. She hadn't ever seen a person's face grow as red as Laura's was, just from blushing, right that moment. Finally Laura cleared her throat and realization dawned on the blue eyed man of mystery.

"Laura, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't even think... I was just -- you're all wet!"

"It's ok, Mr. Steele, umm, why don't we forget about it," she suggested. *Good one Holt, just forget that his hands were all over you ... all wet, he's right,* she blushed some more, *But Murphy...dang it woman, make up your mind!*

Mildred looked at her watch, "Looks like it's time to head back, Laura you had another appointment you penciled in, in 15 minutes!"
Laura thought again, *Oh God! Murphy! He's coming to visit and ... this is really good, come back to the office soaking wet and explaining that to Murphy. Then explaining Murphy to Mr. Steele and Mildred without giving myself away. *
She thought fast, "You two still aren't done eating. I need to change anyway, why don't I just head back and I'll see you when you're done," good save, she patted herself on the back.
"You're sure, honey? We can get this packed up if you want--"
"That's ok, enjoy your lunch, it's nothing important, really," Laura answered Mildred with a little too much enthusiasm for both of her dining companions, but they let it slide and Laura left.
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