Steele Holting Out For You 6/9
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2001
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Well, here's part six, it's a bit longer and the explanation of certain people mentioned in this section is at the bottom. -Breezy
Part Six

Murphy paced the length of his hotel room. He knew something was amiss, but he couldn't see what it was that was nagging at him. Boston seemed to be a strange destination, but there was something he was forgetting. As soon as he could figure out why it seemed so logical he could get Laura back here.

There was something else. Did he want her back? Earlier this evening he was a very happy man. They didn't get as far as he usually would in two hours with a woman, but the territory was very rough. Every time one of them wanted to take another step it seemed the other would find a way to slow down the exploration.

There wasn't a lack of passion, just the opposite, but when he realized Laura had her hand on his thigh he felt like jumping and dancing for joy. Laura had noticed his withdrawal and stopped her assault on his lips and her ascent up his leg. When he noticed that she had stopped he was pushed back into reality, but it was too late, they had to get back into the mood again.

This seemed to happen again and again, was this fate telling him to give up? No, that's just the rejection from when you left before, Michaels.

"We're going to be great together, Laura. We have to just get over this just friends awkwardness," he sat back down and went over the facts one more time in his head.


"Come along Laura, we're going to miss the flight! They already announced final boarding," Remington pushed his feminine companion along with an overly eager force.

"Mr. Steele, if you push me any harder I'm going to be on my face," Laura was trying to match her taller cohort's stride, but was failing miserably.

"I'm sorry," he slowed a bit and tugged on his ear, "I just want to find her. I want things back to the way they were. Everything," he stopped for a second and looked around, "the terminal's this way," he turned and walked over to the counter to check in and catch the flight.


Mildred was watching the in-flight movie, Muppets in Space, when it donned on her that she had no clue as to how she was going to explain what she had done when they found her. Could she just tell them the truth? If all went according to plan maybe they wouldn't notice that there wasn't any problem. She doubted it, but it was worth a shot. Now is not the time to worry about it. Mildred had a more pressing matter at hand. First she had to figure out who that man was in Laura's apartment, and then she had to explain to Laura's mother what was going on.

She knew flying in any closer to Connecticut would have been curious, so she decided that Beantown was going to be her final destination. Abigail would be meeting her and they were both going to do some sightseeing while they were there. If they were going to be working for a common goal they might as well bury the axe and starting today would hopefully mark the beginning of a friendship, well, a partnership, at the very least.

Now, what was it that Gonzo was doing? She hadn't paid much attention until now...


Laura and Remington had settled into their seats on the plane and were ready for departure. "I've never been to Boston, have you?" Laura looked over at her travel companion for an answer.

He, however, was busy wondering about Laura and never heard her question. She tapped his shoulder, "Is something wrong?" He questioned.

"I was just wondering if your mysterious past ever brought you to Boston."

"It did for a very small amount of time. There's a wealth of art, but I didn't have the heart to do anything. It was far to easy," he shifted a bit to look at Laura.

"Can you think of anyone who would drag Mildred there? I mean there must be someone we're not thinking of," Laura shifted to put a bit of distance between her and Mr. Steele.

Noticing her move he sat back, "We'll worry about it when we get there, Laura, now I'm going to catch a nap and I think you should do the same," he closed his eyes and didn't wait to see if she followed suit.


"Miss Krebbs, over here!" Abigail Holt waved her daughter's associate down in the busy terminal.

"Ahh, Mrs. Holt, thank you for meeting me here. This might be one of the most important things either of us will ever do. Would you like to grab something for dinner? It's been a very long day for me, making plans, avoiding capture, catching the flight."

"It sounds like you've had a busy day. Why don't we drop your things at the hotel, excellent choice by the way. It's beautiful. Where did you get the money to book the Colonnade?"

"Right now, is not the best time to ask that particular question. I don't know yet, but I thought we should do this in style."


"Welcome to Boston, Laura. I hope you brought your coat; it can get pretty cold here in the winter. Nothing like Los Angeles, but I'm not complaining," he shot her one of his fabulous grins.

Laura couldn't fight the smile that she gave him in return, "I just happen to have my goose down with me for that very reason. So, where are we staying?" Laura had left the hotel reservations in Remington's hands because she had no idea of where to book them.

"Now Laura, please don't be upset, but I booked us at The Four Seasons. It's the best as far as I know. I don't believe that much has changed since I left. They still use old cow paths for streets," he gauged her reaction and when he didn't see any he pushed onward, "I also booked us for a late dinner at the Top of the Hub, it has a great view. I hope you brought a dress."

Laura grimaced a bit, but she was too tired and distracted to fight right yet, "I did. Which way now?"

"That's the spirit Miss Holt."


After an amiable dinner Mildred and Abigail went back to their room to discuss what was going on between Laura and Remington. Abigail had explained to Mildred who Laura's earlier companion had been and had assured her that Murphy was not a threat to the situation.

Mildred still wasn't sure, but she told herself to ignore the feeling for now. They decided to leave a message for them at their hotel. Mildred had planned on taking a few hours to check for reservations, but hit pay dirt on the first try. Abigail was in shock at the extravagance that the two were demonstrating, but realized that wonderful Mr. Steele must have made the reservations.

"Yes, please leave a message that says, 'Mildred is safe for time being, meet us at the Fens tomorrow night at 10. Me.' That should do it. Thanks."

"Miss Krebbs, you're a romantic genius. Hopefully this will work.


"Well Laura, it looks like we have a day to work on this. I suggest we get up early and get acquainted with the criminal element in the area."

"How do you suggest we do that, Mr. Steele?" Laura wondered.

"The easiest way I know of is to buy the morning paper and watch the news in the morning."

"Oh, ok," Laura had hopes of meeting another of Mr. Steele's friends, but then she realized that maybe, for once he was telling the truth. He hadn't been there very long and he hadn't the chance to make any friends, "If we don't have anything else we need to do tonight I think I'm going to turn in."

"Good night Miss Holt," Remington wasn't sure if he should approach the other subject that was bothering him or if it could also wait until morning.

She smiled at him and shut the door. Well, so much for that idea. Maybe the news tonight would turn something up.

He turned on the set and was greeted by a bald man parasailing across the screen. He wasn't sure of how he was supposed to react to this, so he changed the channel only to be greeted by a man who looked curiously like the man on the previous channel. The only difference seemed to be that this man's dome was a bit taller and his beard had a few flecks of grey. Amazed, he went back to the other channel, but the man was gone now. The anchors, Tom Ellis and the woman who's name he missed, were bantering about something called Celebrate New England, this wasn't helping him one bit, so back to the other channel.

These anchors must have been married, they were too perfect and friendly, this was odd. Chet and Natalie, they sound like a set of dolls that should be marketed to little girls.

But they gave him a little information. Some woman had disappeared. She seemed to have a tie to the Boston mafia, maybe he could get some names in the morning or if he changed the channel.

A man named Joe Day was reporting the same story, this guy's name sounds like an action figure. Where did they find these people? Now the weather, who was this guy? At least his name seems to be a little less peculiar, Harvey Leonard. He looks like a physician. Maybe he can call a storm, who knows?

It was time for bed.


Laura woke up early and turned on the television. She flipped through and found that there was only one local program on. A children's show called Ready To Go. It looked sugar coated, but there was a news report by a woman named Katie Abel, was this a stage name? Laura hoped the woman was capable of giving some real news in this kiddie show format.

She found herself becoming enthralled by the pace that the hosts Liz Calloway and Scott Reese set. They had all sorts of things going on. There was a call in segment with trivia; a man who looked like one of the kids, Todd Gross, announced the bus stop weather, there were two little blonde girls who were beating up Scott when he was introducing the segments. Then there was a segment dedicated to building a go-cart, the "experts" looked vaguely like the two blonde girls. The teenage boy and his father looked very similar, except for the father's baldpate and beard.

After the kid's show was another show called Talk of the Town. This seemed to be your basic morning talk show with a host, Matt Lauer, who Laura found to be very attractive. Today's show had a children's theme. There was an information session with Dr. T. Berry Brazleton and then a fashion show and those same two blonde girls were on, they eerily resembled the children of the corn. She found out that they were the daughter's of one of the technicians at the station. Then there was a knock at the adjoining door.

She shut the television off and walked over to let Mr. Steele in. "Morning, morning, morning!" He was grinning from ear to ear and Laura just didn't know how she should react.

"Good morning, have you been watching the morning programming? It's addictive."

"Did you notice that there's a lot of strange names and similarities between the people? I was watching one station last night and there was a guy who was parasailing and he looked almost identical to another guy on the next."

"Really? There were these three kids and, who I assume to be, their father on two shows this morning it was a little strange."

"Mmm, yes, well freaks and oddities aside, I think we need to start working on where to find Mildred. The only information I can find about the organized crime in the area isn't going to help. I think if we were to go exploring we might have a little more luck."

"I guess so, maybe we should make a plan.


Mildred and Abigail were held transfixed by the sight of the host on the screen. He seemed to be very comfortable and very, very attractive. He also seemed to have a sense of humor. He kept reverting to the nickname of the older of the blonde girls and, in doing so, was making the commentator of the fashions very angry. As the show came to an end both women sighed.

"He's going to be someone. If this doesn't work out maybe we can hunt him down for Laura."

"Abigail, honey, this is going to work out. Now, why don't we go find someplace to eat?"


Laura and Remington ordered room service for breakfast and plotted their path for the day, starting at the old state house on Beacon Hill and moving their way over to the North End making stops at some historical sites and of course Fanuel Hall Marketplace for a little shopping.


The two women found their way to a small restaurant called The Metro. It was a clean place and there seemed to be a large crowd. A man at the door greeted them, "Good morning ladies," he said with an Indian accent, "I am the doctor, and the proprietor of this establishment. Please come in, have some fruit, and have a good morning."

Mildred nodded, smiled and stepped up to the counter with Abigail in tow.

"Isn't that sweet, the owner of the place greets you at the door and he offers you fruit."

"Abigail, look over in the dining area, do you see anything that's a little off kilter," Mildred asked in a stage whisper.

"It's those children from the TV shows and the hosts too. That is a little strange."

"We must be near the station. Think we might be able to get some pictures with the hunk from the talk show?"

"There's no harm in asking."

"Abigail, why didn't we do this before?"

"Because we hated each other."


Around noon Laura and Remington arrived at Fanuel Hall and were shopping.

"Mr. Steele, look over there," Laura motioned with her head.

"What," he looked up from the postcards of the skyline he had been studying, "That's one of the bald men from the news last night!"

"Those are the children and their father and, I'm guessing, their mother from this morning. I didn't think that Boston was that small, but things seemto be proving to be that way," Laura shook her head.

"Maybe we should go over and ask them for some information about the area. Especially some place to hit for lunch, I'm famished."

They walked over to the family and introduced themselves.


After their encounter with the local celebrities, Mildred and Abigail went wandering about town, drifting from different sites, the New England Aquarium, the Public Gardens, the Skywalk in the Prudential Building, and several of the different cemeteries.

By five they were back in their room resting for the night's big event. They turned on the news and immediately went searching for the station they had watched earlier hoping to see some more visual stimuli, but instead, they encountered Paula Zhan. She seemed to be very intelligent, but she just wasn't the same, so they opted to look and see what was on HBO.


For lunch, the bald man had recommended a pizza place in the North End, Georgio's, where they had, what Laura had considered to be, some of the best pizza she had ever had. Even the gourmand, Mr. Steele, had agreed that it was excellent. The father had also offered to give them any information they needed about the crime scene in Boston and invited them to take a tour of the station, which was almost right across the street.

"So, Laura, now that we have a few leads to help us along I'd like to ask you something."

Laura hid behind her soda, knowing what was coming next, she eyed him, but didn't say anything.

"I just want to know, where have you been these last few weeks?" He put his pizza slice down and started to take Laura's hand that was on the table before she pulled it away, "Laura, don't hide on me, I need to know," he bored into her eyes with his.

Laura looked at Remington, then she started playing with a piece of tomato that had fallen off of the pizza, "If I tell you, you have to promise not to be upset," she looked up again with what he could only decipher as the beginning of a storm.

"I can't promise I won't be upset," he laughed nervously, "my heart's involved on this one," he picked up her hand and started playing with her fingers, not allowing her the chance to get out of his grasp this time. He cleared his throat a bit, "I just don't see what I did wrong this time, I thought we were getting better."

Laura looked at their hands, "It's not you, but that's all I can say right now. I need to do some searching on my own before we can move forward. I'm sorry."

He put her hand down, "Alright then," he said with a terse smile, "I understand, but please remember, it's my heart, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Holiday Inn, 1942, Paramount Pictures."

End Part 6
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The local celebrities mentioned in this part are real people from the era that this story takes place.
At the time the main station was a CBS affiliate which is where Paula Zhan became the morning host when she left Boston.
Tom Ellis is now an anchor on the New England News station and Celebrate New England was a tour that the news crew took in the summer of 1985. (This is going on the fact that I seem to remember that my sister and I both were served hot dogs for the entire summer when we visited our father on the tour.) They showed pieces of the tour through out the year to make it pay for itself.
Chet Curtis and Natalie Jacobson have been a staple in the Boston area as the anchors of the local night news. They recently made national news when they announced that they were getting a divorce after 20 some odd years.
Joe Day is a retired (I believe) reporter from the area.
Harvey Leonard is a highly respected meteorologist who has worked in the area since the week before the "Blizzard of '78" at which time he was the only person to predict the storm and very accurately.
Ready to Go was the kids show to fulfill the FCC requirements. It was also quality programming that was created by the producer of the PBS show Zoom.
Liz Calloway, who was a host of the show, is now performing on Broadway. Last I had seen of her she was Grizabella in Cats, but now I think she's performing with her sister Ann Hampton Calloway.
Scott Reese was the other host of the show and a heck of a nice guy.
Todd Gross is another amazing meteorologist. He is best known for being the guy who predicted "The Perfect Storm." He makes a small appearance in the movie and the character who predicts the storm is supposed to be him.
And Matt Lauer hosted a morning talk show for several years and now is the male co-host of NBC's Today Show.
Any other information for clarity that may be needed, just e- me. -Breezy