Cannes We Steele be Friends? Part 2
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Okay fine listeners. I have taken some of your advice and completed part 2.
Let me know what you think and remember this is an ongoing experiment. I need you to tell me where to take it from here.....

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(part 2)

Again he was reminded that she did not trust him, would not confide in him about things and snapped back to reason for his visit...

"Laura, I wanted to stop by to tell you I'm going away for a long weekend."

"I take it your date went well then?" her lips quivered with a forced smile, bravely trying to show him she was still okay with her decision. The sadness in her eyes betrayed her however, and at that moment he was regretting even making up that whole story about having a date yesterday.

"Actually, I'm meeting Daniel in New Orleans."

"I've always wanted to go there." she realized that sounded too much like she wanted to go with him and quickly corrected herself, "I mean...maybe... someday I'll...I'll go, you know when I can get myself."

"Would you like to go with me?"

"What's the point of you getting away from me if I went along?" she smiled nervously again trying to hide her hurt.

"Laura, I'm not going just to get away from you." (a small lie)

"Aren't you? C'mon be honest, I know I've been a bear lately and ...." she shook her head and quickly changed topics, "besides, Daniel's never cared for my company."

He too tried to change the subject. "So what did you do to your arm? Were you on a case?" He asked, in an accusing tone.

"No, I told you it's nothing.... It's none of your business."

"None of my business? Need I remind you that you are business to me, only business I might add." In Cannes, he estimated that only a week would pass before they realized the futility of trying to keep it just business between them. Now that it was almost a month, and his frustration level was escalating.

"I don't think we should get into THAT again."

She cut him off and started to walk away when he seethed, "You're right Laura, heaven forbid, that we try to actually talk about anything personal." She turned. This time she heard the distress in his voice and saw the despondency in his eyes.

"I generally don't like to admit when I do something completely stupid....especially to you." she confessed not looking at him.

He had hoped she was referring to her Cannes decision. However, she pointed to the cast on her arm. "I locked myself out this morning. I tried to climb back up the fire escape and I slipped. I should have called a locksmith or something."

Laura, Why didn't you just call me?"

She wrinkled her nose and shook her head, "It was too early to call. I didn't want to bother you at that hour." That wasn't far from the truth. Actually she couldn't face the possibility that his "date" from the night before might still be in progress.

"What if the situation were reversed and I was locked out, wouldn't you help me?"

"Mr. Steele, when have you ever needed keys to open a locked door?"

"That's not the point Laura... flat tire, dead battery, traffic accident...take your pick of misfortunes... truthfully, are we or aren't we more than BUSINESS associates?"

They stared at each other. Both felt compelled to fall into each other's arms. They inched towards each other. Just as they were about to surrender, the cabbie laid on the horn reminding Remington of his presence. Laura walked over to the door and slid it open for him. "I guess it's time for you to go."

"I'll be back sometime next week."


"Harry! It's so good to see you my-boy," Daniel greeted with his usual beaming smile. "I'm glad to see that leash is removable afterall."

"Daniel, if you're referring to Laura....." Remington quickly defended.

Daniel put up his hands to quell Harry's obvious offense to his remark. "Fair enough....fair enough, but remember you're the one who called ME. Now are you ready to see what kind of sinful diversions this fine city has to offer?"

"By all means, Daniel, by all means."...

End Part 2
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