RSFic Challenge #3

This one is a bit different. In order to include some of the readers in things, we asked them to submit story titles, then doled them out to the writers. These are the results.


1. Steele Screamed in Silence (Linked from offsite- the link will open in a new window.)
Title by : Karen
Story by: Nancy Eddy
Rated PG-13 for implied violence
2. Steele's Midnight -
Title by: Karen
Story by: Nancy2
3. Steele and Steele Again -
Title by: Nancy2
Story by: Suejue
4. Cold Hard Steele -
Title by: EmilyAnn
Story by: Lauryn
5. We Can Steele Be Friends -
Title by: Joerg
Story by: Jax
6. Steele Fragile
Title by: Joerg
Story by: Susan Deborah Smith
7. Holt Steele, This Won’t Hurt. . . Much
Title by: Michael
Story by: Anne Rose and Linda Bonnell
8. Steele Forgotten Memories
Title by: Lorie
Story by: Adriana
9. A Steele Walk Through Fire-Added 4 Nov
Title by: Karen
Story by: Carla
10. Beneath Steele's Skin-Added 4 Nov
Title by: Karen
Story by: Suejue