Changes 2 (1/1) NC-17
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000
"Tracy E. Aiken" <>

This is a sequel to my story Changes. It is necessary to have read that to understand this story. If anyone needs a copy of that story, please email me at and I will be happy to forward it on to you.

This section is rated NC-17.

No infringement is intended.

Laura and Harry were in what would shortly be his office.

Mildred was first following the electrician and then she was talking to the construction foreman. She was in her element with so many things to manage at once. She loved every moment of the frenzied office.

That was more that either Laura or Harry could say. They were ready for the office move to be over. They were living out of boxes in the old office, and the new office wasn't ready to be moved into just yet. They were stuck in limbo and the new office wouldn't be ready for at least another week.

Mildred could tell they were ready for everyone to leave them alone for a little while. So she announced that she had to take care of some things at the old office and that then she would be leaving for the night. The electrician would be finished in another five minutes and the construction crew was on their way out the door.

Harry walked Mildred to the door and said, "thank you," and then kissed her cheek.

"I know you two need some down time, don't worry about it, Chief," she said walking out the door.

When he walked back into his future office, Laura was sitting in front of his wall of windows and was staring at the lights of the cars on the streets below. He came to sit behind her and pulled her back to lean against his chest. She was sitting in between his legs.

"Everybody gone?"

"Yes. We're all alone," he said moving her hair off her neck and began kissing her there.

"Mmmm, that feels good."

"It's supposed to," he said with a smile. He moved his ministrations from her neck to her ear. He took her lobe between his teeth and nibbled gently, then laved the shell of her ear.

She arched back against him and felt how hard he had become.

"Harry," she sighed, laying her head against his shoulder.

"I love you, Laura."

"I love you, too."

His hand came up to hold her breast while his thumb rubbed her nipple. His other hand was on her inner thigh, caressing gently over her pants.

He slowly moved to unbutton and unzip the fly of her pants and then slipped his hand inside. He felt how wet she was becoming from his seduction.

She reached behind herself to find his hardness and rubbed his erection.

"Oh, God, Laura…."

"Feel good," she asked and then moaned from his movements between her legs.

"The best. Shall we christen this office?"

She laughed and said, "we have to start somewhere."

"We've so much christening to do, too," he said smiling.

She pulled his hand out of her pants and turned to face him, placing her legs over his thighs. Bringing his hand to her mouth, she suckled his fingers. Her other hand was busy unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. Once done, her hand slipped inside his boxer briefs to fondle him.

Her touch, unencumbered by clothing, was too much. He had to close his eyes at her touch.

"You don't know how good that feels," he said.

"You know what makes it even better…love. The love between us makes it so much better."

"You're incredible," he said taking his hand from hers and began undressing her. First he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her pants. He then began working on removing her pants. She lifted herself so he could pull them down. He brought her underwear down with her pants and threw them behind himself.

"You're so beautiful, you take my breath away. And you know what, knowing that you're carrying my child, makes you even more beautiful."

There were tears in her eyes from his words.

Moving closer to him, she said, "you're the incredible one. You amaze me, every day. I know you weren't born into this, but you manage to carry this role with such class…you really have become what I envisioned Remington Steele to be."

"You'll never know how much that means to me, Laura," he said leaning in to kiss her.

As they were kissing, she was working on removing his tie, shirt and pants. When she finally had him undressed, she leaned him back to lie on the carpet and straddled his hips, so her center rested just below his erection.

Both of his hands came up to cup and play with her breasts. She was slowly undulating her hips over his hard cock. Then she moved off of his cock and reached down to take him in her hand. She began stroking him slowly, trying to increase his pleasure. Leaning down she took the head into her mouth and suckled him. She tasted his pre-cum on her tongue and the next thing she knew, his hands were on her shoulders, easing her back. When their eyes met, he said, "I'm so close."

She smiled at him and rose on her knees then sank onto his erection. When he was fully inside her, they remained motionless, savoring their coming together.

"I love you, Harry, god, so much. I need you like my next breath."

"You are my life, love, you and this person inside. You feel so perfect. This is what love feels like."

They began moving together, furthering each other's pleasure through thrusts and touches.

He could tell she was close to coming and wanted to give her, her release. Reaching between them, he stroked her clit until she came, screaming his name.

She collapsed onto his chest. He just held her until she came back to herself. She lifted her head and smiled at him. "Your turn," she said, rolling off of him and then pulled him onto herself.

He began thrusting faster and faster. She could tell he was very close and from both his movements and the sounds he was making.

"Love you, love you, oh, yes, Laura," he exclaimed and then his orgasm overtook him.

His head was resting against her breast then he kissed the side of it and then lifted his head so he could look into her eyes. "I believe this room has been sufficiently christened," he said with a smile.

She laughed and pulled his mouth to hers. Then pulling back she said, "I have to agree with you Mr. Steele."

He smiled and turned them over so he could hold her to himself before they had to dress and go home for the evening. From her breathing he could tell she was almost asleep. "I love you," he whispered and kissed her temple.

The End, for Now