Steele in the Chips(scrap scene)
Date: Sunday, October 15, 2000
sue hantak <>

Steele in the Chips (unedited)

by Suejue

More from the PAX editing room floor. From the fragments I could piece together, this takes place the same evening as the beginning (while the bidders are meeting in the park) Remington is taking Laura home. This might help shed some light on why there is so much tension in this episode between L and R and why R does so much shameless flirting with Miss Dalrymple(spelling?)

In the cool, brisk night air, Laura crossed her arms, tucking her hands tightly against her body.

"Would you like me to put the top up?" Remington offered.

"That's okay," she replied shaking her head.

<Stubborn. Always so goddamn stubborn,> he thought to himself.

"Hold the wheel a second," he shook off his suit coat while still cruising in the left lane and held it out to her.

"What's that for?"

"Laura, Must you fight me on everything? I know you're cold, just put it on."

She snatched it from him and draped it around her shoulders. With her arms crossed again, she held the jacket in place. Even with his eyes straightforward, he could sense hers firing at him. When he turned to glance in her direction, she promptly looked forward. She relented a soft, almost inaudible, "Thank you."

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" He casually rested his arm on the seat behind Laura's back.

When they arrived at the loft, Laura pushed open the passenger door. She turned when she heard him switch off the ignition. "You don't have to walk me up."

"Well, I'm going to. You're getting the whole chivalrous package this evening."

"You have been trying to turn this into a date the whole night ." she accused.

"Forgive me, Laura, but where I come from, when a man and a woman go out for the evening, it's considered a date."

"We got those tickets before we went to Europe. If you would have asked me last week, I would have said no."

"Oh, so we're still on that kick, eh?"

"It's not a kick," Laura defended. "I did the office romance thing before. I like to think I learned from my past mistakes. I thought you were willing to respect that?"

"You did the office romance thing before?" That got his attention.

Laura ignored him as she bound up the stairs. Remington hustled close behind.

"What do you mean, you did the office romance thing before?" He asked again only to have Laura disregard his question. She kept her back to him as she unfastened the padlock and slid the door open just a few inches. When he pried a third time, she had enough. "I don't ask you about all your past affairs, and I couldn't care less about your present of future ones either." Laura grabbed the handle of the door, "Now....Good night, Mr. Steele." She closed the door with a decisive slam and accentuated it with the sound of the interior latch. Steele stood there for a moment with his tongue in his cheek. He then pursed his lips and spoke to himself, "Fine...let's see how little you care when I pay some extra attention to the next woman through the agency door."

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