Steele Connections part 2
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000
By SJ <>

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Twice he resisted the urge to blurt out a movie title, cast and year. The second time he was certain she was intentionally goading him. It doesn't take a sharp detective to see through her lame trap. *Well little miss, two can play at that game.* After dinner HE got out the laptop and decided to do some tempting of his own. The thought that he could be screwing up all her settings and files was killing her. Out of the corner of his eye he would see her shift behind the book she was reading and peek over the binding. He uttered an occasional "shit" or "damn it" just for good measure. It took every ounce of self control she could muster to not go over to there when she heard the chime of an error message.

"You better not be visiting any movie entertainment sites" Laura cautioned.

"Don't worry I can't get past all these fatal error and illegal operation messages."

A horrified look washed over her face. She leapt from the sofa. Before she got to him, a rather satisfying grin on his face told her that he was just provoking her. Laura did NOT appreciate the joke. She threw her book at him. "You're a dead man".

"Just a taste of your own medicine, my dear. I knew what you were up to today. ..

This morning, you intentionally parked in front of that video store when we went to Sherman Oaks to meet with Mr. Perkins. At lunch, you chose Planet Hollywood, thinking all that memorabilia would affect me. Well, I passed all your little tests didn't I?

Just then her laptop announced, "You've got mail."

They looked at each other like two engaged in a duel. Laura was waiting for Remington to state the obvious, Tom Hanks- Meg Ryan citation. Remington likewise was looking for Laura's resolve to weaken.

Laura was determined not to give in. She wasn't sure if was her competitiveness and desire to beat him or the fact that she would be disappointed in herself for failing. She calmly walked over, picked up her book and announced, "I think I'll read in the other room."

She closed the bedroom door behind her, retrieved her cell phone from her purse and started to plot the downfall of the almighty Remington Steele. "Mildred, it's me, Laura. I need your help."

Remington turned off the computer a bit dismayed that his plan didn't work. He walked over to the chair, put his feet up on the ottoman and turned on the TV. He found that scrolling through the menu was just too much torture. Then an idea struck him. A wonderfully, wicked idea. He glanced at the closed bedroom door. It's not the first time he concocted a case to try to manipulate Laura. He picked up the telephone and whispered, "Mildred it's me, Mr. Steele. I need your help."

Mildred was always dumbfounded at the ridiculous dance they did around each other. She thought that the fact they were finally together would have put an end to all the silly games.

Once again, however, she was caught in the middle. She was torn. She harbored a motherly bond to Mr. Steele. She also felt a gal-to-gal connection to Miss Holt. Maybe it was time to have a strategy of her own. It was her turn to pick up the phone....

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