Dancer Scrap Scene
Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2000
sue hantak <>

Dancer, Prancer, Scrap Scene

by Suejue

Remington waited for Mildred to leave his office before extracting the business card from the inside breast pocket of his jacket. He hated that she was right. He was grumpy. He didn't do his shopping yet.

A cheerful voice greeted, "Happy Holidays. Thank you for choosing Saks. How may I assist you?"

Remington read the name on the card, "Ah yes, can you connect me with Cecilia Chips in fine jewelry?"

He couldn't decide what was worse, the infernal party going on in the outer office or the festive jingle playing in his ear. A moment passed when the young sales clerk picked up his call. "Season's Greetings. Thank you for choosing Saks, This is Cecilia, how may I assist you?"

"Miss Chips, Remington Steele. I came by several days ago...."

"Of course, Mr. Steele." she interrupted. "I tried to call you earlier. I have a bit of bad news regarding the bracelet."

"I was afraid of that. I guess I shouldn't have waited so long in getting a custom piece made."

"Our master jeweler, can duplicate your ID bracelet but to produce a quality piece with the proper proportions for a woman, Charles isn't comfortable just using the Polaroid we took when you were here. He would like to have your bracelet for a day or two to replicate the fine detailing in your piece and get accurate measurements. If you need something on short notice, we have a wide assortment other bracelets to choose from."

Remington silently weighed his options. He could get another bracelet, but the whole point was that they be the alike. He thought a perfectly matching bracelet for Laura engraved with her name on the outside and his on the inside would send her the message that they were a matched pair. He also intended to have Laura's name engraved on the inside of his to make them identical. The only problem was this stroke of genius only came to him a few days ago. She would be skating through the agency doors any moment with an armload of gifts and all he had to offer was a good intention.

"Mr. Steele?.......Mr. Steele?" Cecilia prompted.

"Oh sorry, I ummm." He stammered still uncertain of his next shopping move.

"If you prefer, you may leave your bracelet with us, Charles assures me he can have it done in ten days to two weeks."

Remington glanced at his watch. He was dangerously running out of time. "I'll be by in a bit to drop off the bracelet. Her birthday is near the end of January. I'm going to need something for her for Christmas though."

"I'm here until seven this evening, Mr. Steele. We also have a very fine selection of watches. I could even have it wrapped for you." She offered.

He exited his office trying to make a beeline for the elevator.