Diced Scrap
Date: Tuesday, July 03, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>

(permission to 'file', Krebbie)

Diced Scrap Scene

by Suejue

On their way back to the Desert Inn, Laura linked her arm in his, allowing the gusts of wind to sway her body against his without much resistance. Once inside, they bypassed the casino and went back to the suite. Normally Remington would be thrilled at Laura's suggestion that go back to their suite. <their suite...their suite ...God, how he savored the way she said that>. He was certain, however, that she would have nothing but packing on her mind. Steele regretfully began to place his toiletries into a small leather bag. With Mildred already on her way back to LA, he wasn't about to just leave the posh surroundings, with Laura all to himself, without even giving it a shot. He peeked his head out of the bathroom door when Laura came down the hall.

"You know, Laura...We could always rummage through the sofa cushions, find you some change....let you work your magic on another craps table. Who knows, you could win enough for us to stay the weekend."

"What will it take to persuade you to forget my little incident in the casino?"

He smiled playfully, "Ohhh....Now that is a loaded question if I ever heard one."

"You're right. I should know you well enough by now not to ask such things."

"What would it take?...mmmm what would it take?" He began to muse tapping his index finger against his lips.

"Actually, don't even bother to answer because I never plan to behave THAT way ever again."

"Never?" he tempted in a charming tone.

"Never." She stated adamantly.


Laura turned around and began to walk away but was intrigued by his response, "What?" Laura turned, her tone softening considerably.

"Well I can think of at least one occasion that you might enjoy...you know(pause) losing a little control." He took an deliberate step toward her, "your heart racing?" Another step closer, "...caught up in a moment of uncontrollable emotion?" He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close, "...screaming something... my name perhaps, with thoughtless abandon?"

"Oh? And what occasion might that be?" Laura inquired, despite knowing exactly what occasion he had in mind.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "An occasion where I might even appreciate you biting me."

"And do you think this occaaaa-," He then playfully took a bite of her earlobe which temporarily derailed her thought process. Then, as if to alleviate the injury, he kissed her lightly. Remington moved down her neck tantalizing her with a feathery pattern of nibble then soothe.

Laura pushed away slightly to regain a moment of clarity to finish her thought, "Do you think this occasion can measure up to sixty thousand dollars?"

"I would be willing to wager all that I have." His eyes met hers in a serious moment that pushed all the playful innuendo aside.

"Would you really risk it all, just for such an occasion?"

"I already have, Miss Holt....I already have."

(Fade to black- that damn Wilford Brimley and his diabetic supplies interrupts another romantic moment)