Double Breasted (Part 2/?)
Date: Monday, May 15, 2000
sue hantak <>

(Part 2)

"Laura?... Come on in," A woman in her late forties wearing a lab coat with the name Dr. Renee Mitchell stitched above the pocket motioned for Laura to enter her office.

"Thanks for seeing me on such short notice." Laura sat in the chair opposite the doctor's desk.

"Is everything alright?...The Demulen working out okay?"

Laura laughed to herself thinking of the unopened birth control pills in her medicine cabinet. Maybe she'll have the courage to actually take them before they expire.

"I came for another reason...not me. I have a client who was considering having breast implants. She was given a number for Dr. Stanley Davis. She was actually seen by an alleged Dr. Larson who took advantage of her both physically and financially. I told her I'd look into it."

"Given the reputation and accolades of Dr. Davis, I can't imagine that he is involved."

"I didn't mean to imply that. Obviously this Larson character hijacked her as a patient. I was wondering if you ever heard of such a scam in the medical community."

"Believe me there is an incredible amount of fraud and improprieties, but this is news to me."

Laura stood up to leave, "I appreciate your time" She extended her hand to Dr. Mitchell.

Before Dr. Mitchell shook her hand she pointed her finger up, "Oh wait a minute, I do have something that might help." She reached over to the credenza behind Laura and handed her a couple of pamphlets on breast surgery. "These brochures are fairly commonplace. Maybe this so-called Dr. Larson targeted some of the other physicians listed as well."

"Thank you." Laura folded the leaflets and put them in her purse.

Laura flipped through several magazines before she got to speak to the anyone at Dr. Davis's office. Dr Davis was a charming man. No wonder he was so popular. Of course he had no idea that his referrals were sent elsewhere.

He circled her eyeing her critically as he spoke, "Miss Holt, if you ever consider having augmentation surgery, please keep me in mind."

She was quite embarrassed, "Oh, thank you,"

"Just let me show you what we can do...This is an amazing technological advancement." He rolled a small computer outfitted with a camera out from the corner. He powered it on and aimed the camera at Laura. Her image appeared on the screen. With a few keystrokes he altered the image showing her what she would look like at several different cup sizes. He printed them out and handed them to her. To appease him, she took the photos and put them in her purse.

"Doctor, please, do you have any idea who might behind my client's problem."

"No, but maybe my office manager or the appointment desk would know"

The office manager did reveal they had a problem several weeks ago with their after-hours message service. Laura quickly called Marla who confirmed that she did indeed call the after-hours number when she made her ill-fated appointment. That was the lead she was looking for. Laura decide to swing by the office to get the printout directory of plastic surgeons. She made a plan to pick up some Chinese takeout and spend the evening doing legwork or more specifically, finger work. By calling the after-hour numbers, Laura was trying to see if she would get rerouted to Dr. Larson or whatever name he might be using currently.

"Good God...LA must have the most plastic surgeons on the planet" Laura said to herself as she dialed yet another number. Two hours into her project and she wasn't even half way through the B's. She heard a knock at her door. "Who is it?" she shouted from the sofa, her lap buried in plastic surgeon names.

"It's me, I've been trying to call you all evening." Remington bellowed from his side of the door.

Quickly Laura shoved all her paperwork under the sofa. "Just a minute, my hands are full". She hastily turned on the stereo and snatched the book from her nightstand threw in on the couch to make it appear that she was reading. She slid the door open to let him in. "Hi" they said in unison.

"There must be something wrong with your phone," he walked over, picked up the receiver to check for a tone.

"Would you like something to drink?" she offered from behind the counter.

"Sure, anything is fine," He picked up the book from the sofa, flipped a few pages before tossing it to the coffee table.

Laura sat on the sofa next to him as she him his glass, "What brings you over?"

"I was concerned, the last thing you said to me was that you were going to the doctor. Is everything alright?"

She patted his thigh assuring him, "Of course...routine exam...just the joys of being a woman."

"So you went to your..." he was uncomfortable asking "...that kind of doctor."

"Yes, that kind of doctor."

"So...what shall it be this drive through the canyons?

Laura knew her plans for the evening had to be scrapped, "I want a backgammon rematch."

"Really Laura, you were such a sore loser last time, I don't think I care to see that ugly side of you again," he smugly challenged.

"I don't plan on losing this time."

"Care to make a wager?...merely to make it more interesting."

"I know I'm going to regret asking, but what are the stakes?"



"How about an hour for every stone."

"An hour for every stone?"

"Winner is awarded an hour of the loser's time for every stone left on the board. Of course the doubling cube will be used as well."

Into their fourth game Laura was already losing badly, "How do you do that!...Getting doubles that many times is mathematically improbable...I'll calculate it if you like."

"I happen to be a very skilled player."

"Skilled, my ass. You are a very LUCKY player."

"Call it what you like, but it appears you owe me somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 hours."

"This isn't over yet. You are not leaving until I at least win one game."

"And I thought you'd never ask me to spend the night." He arched his eyebrow in a flirtatious manner.

Just past one in the morning Laura finally won a game. By then, she owed him 262 hours however.

After many hours of sitting on the floor, she was quite stiff. Laura reached up with both hands high above her head, clasp them together and arched her back in a long stretch. Her chest thrust forward in plain sight, reminding him of the ridiculous notion Mildred had this afternoon. He reached out and helped her up.

He moved behind her to gently massaged her shoulders. He looked from his vantage point down the opening of her blouse. Her chest silently rose and fell giving him a slight glimpse of her satiny bra. Again his thoughts drifted to the idea that she was considering having breast implants. He wanted to reassure her somehow that he was satisfied with her natural beauty. Her size doesn't make any difference. While his mind slipped into those thoughts, his hands stopped movement. Laura looked back over her shoulder and caught him staring at her chest. With her awareness heightened by her current case, Laura misconstrued his gaze as tacky voyeurism . *Men are such pigs...they're all the same...they are only interested in one thing...correction make that TWO things*. She stepped out of his reach, "Mr. Steele, it's late." Laura closed the backgammon case and placed it up on the shelf.

"Let me help you clean up," he picked up their glasses and headed towards the kitchen.

"That's not necessary," she took the glasses from him set them on the counter. She led him by the hand to the door. "Good night, Mr. Steele".

End of Part 2
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