Double Breasted Steele (finale)
Date: Thursday, May 18, 2000
SJ <>

(Part 5)

Monday, Laura brought Marla along and watched the address from a safe distance until Marla identified Dr. Larson. Remington in the meantime, dressed in workman's coveralls posed as a repairman to see the inside of the building. That evening they broke into the office and installed the inconspicuous cameras and microphones. Laura stayed in the office while Remington went to the van to check the focus and sound level. Over walkee-talkee he directed her, "Okay, a bit to the right...there. Now down just a shade...more... perfect." He zoomed in on Laura standing there. Vulnerable. Anxious. He imagined her again, bare, with some strange man touching her. Sickened by that image, he had a better idea.

"Okay...let's check the sound level."

Laura started a mock conversation strolling about the room, "So Dr. Larson, you plan on taking my money and my dignity along with it?"

"Heard you loud and clear, Laura, let's get out of here."

It took several phone calls to track down Clarissa. It would have been easy to just call Mildred, but he didn't want to perpetuate any more misunderstandings where Miss Krebs was concerned.

He would be in huge trouble with Laura alone when he pulled this off. Clarissa sent over the most petite associate she knew to Remington's apartment. He discussed her assignment and agreed on a price.

Laura's appointment was for 10:00 AM. She and Remington arrived in the van by 9:30. They turned on the equipment and just as Laura was about to exit the door, Remington pulled her back in, "Wait, this is not a criticism of your abilities, but, the part of Laura Holt is now being played by Jacqueline." He pointed to the screen as the woman introduced herself as Laura Holt to the doctor on the videotape.

Laura was livid that he took it upon himself to make this decision. She completely missed the point that he was saving her from a humiliating scene. "HOW DARE YOU! WHO IS THAT?"

"An associate of Clarissa's...she's more accustomed to taking off her clothing for strange men," Remington pointed out.

Again she overlooked his noble intention, "This is my case, I spent God knows how many hours finding this guy and you decide unilaterally to take me out of the game!"

"Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures."

Laura sat fuming as they both watched with nervous anticipation. When Jacqueline disrobed, it finally sank in why Mr. Steele hired a "professional". Laura couldn't bring herself to admit to him that she was grateful for his decision, but gave him a thankful pat on his back. They heard a soft knock on the van's door. Remington opened it, "Ah...Detective Jarvis, just in time..." When Jacqueline's exam was over, he radioed officers to arrest Dr. Larson. Remington handed the videotape to him as evidence as well.

"Thank you, Mr. Steele...Miss Holt...I'll let you know what happens to him."

Remington put the newspaper aside when Laura entered his office. She leaned against his desk and hung her head as she confessed, "I guess I really should thank you for recasting my part."

"Not necessary...I have to admit I had my own selfish reasons."

"Really?...and what would those be?" she knew, but wanted to hear him say it anyway.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his lap and whispered, "the only doctor who gets to examine you will be the infamous Dr. Arthur Bellows."

"I heard he committed suicide," Laura replied teasingly.

"Vicious rumor...actually he opened a practice in Napa and schedules new patients on the weekends"

"Do you think he could see me on such short notice?"

"Next weekend? Napa? Was that just to placate me at the time, or will you really go?"

"If you can put up with my morning crankiness..."

The End

(Special thanks to Linda for proof reading.)