Steele in the Dumps 1/?
Date: Saturday, September 07, 2002
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Steele in the Dumps 1/?

J. Evans

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It was quiet in the castle when Remington awoke. There was no light
in the room and he didn't feel the need for one. He felt the warmth
of Laura's body next to his in the bed and smiled. It had taken a
long time but he had finally experienced that full connection with
her. He was elated that their lovemaking had been so passionate. They
had both admitted their feelings for each other and released the
desire that had been held back for four years. Yet somehow, he still
felt a hole inside. There was an empty space and he didn't quite know
what belonged there. Laura moved in the bed to get closer to his
warmth and slightly opened her eyes.

"Go back to sleep love." Remington whispered. He kissed her forehead
and she hugged him, returning to her slumber. He wanted to get up but
didn't want to leave Laura so he lay in the dark with his thoughts
and his feelings.

*Oh Daniel, all those years you were there and I never knew. I'm glad
you found me. I just wish we'd had more time to talk about the things
I didn't know." Maybe Daniel couldn't have helped him anyway. But he
had a nagging feeling that after missing out on so much as a child
that he was missing out all over again.

Laura yawned as she stretched and reached up to kiss him.
"Good morning. You're awake early aren't you?"
"Yes, just enjoying you next to me and thinking about Daniel."
"I'm sorry."
"Laura, there's nothing for you to be sorry about. I had more time
with Daniel as an adult than the years I missed as a child. I really
knew him and yet I didn't."
"I know. I `m just sorry that you won't have more time with him. I'm
glad he found you, that you found your way to me. Somehow though, I
feel selfish. All of that was for this moment, this time to be with
"Selfish, eh? Well, I know how you can give something of yourself and
make that guilt go completely away." He pulled her closer and kissed
her deeply. Their kisses turned into passionate expressions of all
the pent up feelings from the last four years. Laura pulled away
breathless. "So last night wasn't enough for you, your lordship?"
"I'll never get enough of you, Laura." Remington whispered as he
resumed kissing her, planting small kisses on her neck and moving
"I must admit Mr. Steele. I seem to have a voracious appetite my

Laura and Remington met Mildred for a late afternoon lunch to discuss
their plans. Remington suggested that Mildred look over the
arrangements for meeting with Daniel's solicitor and plans for their
return to LA. After much thought, they decided that Mildred would
return to LA while they began their real honeymoon to return two
weeks later.

Their time at the castle was so pleasant they promised the staff
they'd return another season. Remington quietly thought to himself
that returning to the castle would only remind him of Daniel's death
until he saw Laura walking across the grounds. Laura had changed his
life and given him an identity that gave him a sense of security. And
finally she had given him her love. He smiled as he realized the
castle would always have a special place in his heart for it was
where he and Laura had finally consummated their love.

Laura could see Remington sitting in the flower garden from a
distance. The scenery enhanced how handsome he looked. His coal
black hair was shining in the sunlight. His wool sweater fit him
perfectly, showing off his form. He looked so serene. Laura's heart
took a leap. She loved this man with abandon. She noticed his mood as
she got closer. He had been quiet since breakfast. While Laura and
Mildred reviewed arrangements for getting the agency in order, he'd
made some excuse about needing to pick up something from the village
chemist. She knew he hated taking pills. Perhaps his time alone could
use an interruption.
"Penny for your thoughts?" Laura asked Remington as she walked up to
"Hmmm? Just thinking about Daniel. C'mere, what flights of fancy have
you found to amuse yourself?"
"Oh, just going over things with Mildred. I thought we'd be ready for
a normal life after lounging around here for a couple of weeks. Could
I interest you in a walk?"

"Hmmm. Why don't we just sit here for a bit? I thought we might
dispense with the usual activity and catch a nap before a quiet
dinner. Maybe we can wrap things up here and head for London soon.
I'd like to show you around while we're at --- Daniel's ---flat."

Laura heard his hesitation. The look in his eyes was far away. She
wanted to take him in her arms and soothe him, but she didn't want to
intrude. He seemed determined to work his way through the grieving
process alone. Their relationship had finally gotten to the point of
shared physical intimacy, but they hadn't quite worked out all the
emotional boundaries.

"Of course, Mr. Steele, London with you sounds wonderful. Believe it
or not it will be wonderful to have a few slow days without so many
twists and turns."

They sat silently, Laura wrapped in Remington's arms leaning her head
back on his chest." I'm sorry that you didn't have more time with

The silence had grown and when he spoke it was as though his
breathing was labored. "So am I. I had so many questions. I did have
time with him. If û if only I had known. I should have suspected it,
should have looked for something. How's that for the great Remington
Steele. Mystery of my life under my nose and I don't have a clue."

"You can't blame yourself. He took great pains to keep it from you.
Perhaps some things are best left in the past."
""Is that my Laura speaking? Are you so ready to forget the past?"
"People can change can't they Mr. Steele? As long as your past
doesn't come to bother us, I don't see why we can't leave it
aloneà.for now."
"That's what I love about you Laura always leaving room for change."
He kissed the top of her head and held her close, almost desperately
it seemed to Laura, and as though somehow letting her go would change
"What's say we retire to one of these drafty rooms, your ladyship?"
"I am at your service your lordship."
"Really? I like the sound of that."

Mildred saw them come quietly into the main foyer toward the
staircase and was about to interrupt. They were both holding their
heads down in thought, holding hands walking gingerly up the stairs.
She thought better of it. The plans would keep. They needed time to
adjust to each other with all the changes of the last few weeks.
Mildred headed to her room to pack. She was about done with the
appointments she could schedule for the Steeles. They could wrap up
their excursions in Ireland. She was ready for a little relaxation

It was late morning and Mildred was packing to leave when she heard a
rap on her door.
"Mr. Steele! How are you boss? Isn't it a little early for you?"

"Morning, Mildred, I just wanted to take time to thank you for all
you've done. If it hadn't been for you, I might have missed those
last few moments with Daniel. You're a sly one when you want to be."

"Oh, boss, he loved you in his own way. It didn't matter that you
didn't know he was your father, he knew you were his son. I just
helped you find that part of you that remembered you cared for him,
that's all."

"Well, I don't want to miss the people I care about, anymore. You're
a dear to me and I appreciate it. I just wanted you to know that."

Oh, thanks, Mr. Steele." Mildred blushed and gave him a squeeze on
his arm. "Maybe you can convince Mrs. Steele to take some time here
to relax. It'd be good for you two to have a real honeymoon."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Believe me, Mildred, I'll use all my
powers of persuasion."

Laura and Remington saw Mildred off to the airport.
"Well, there should be fewer interruptions," Laura mused. Tony's
calls had ceased and with Mildred gone, they should have some time to
Remington broke their silence, "For the first time, I don't think I
mind Mildred's interruptions."
"That's because she's leaving and we're not kissing," Laura quipped.
"That can be easily rectified, Mrs. Steele," he replied as he took
her in his arms. She was surprised at his unabashed public display of
affection, but she welcomed his affection. They shared a brief kiss
then headed to the castle to pack for London.

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