elementary(my version)
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:34:42
"sue hantak" <hantaks@mtco.com>

Elementary Steele(unedited)

by Suejue

(Again, due to their policy of sacrificing romance for revenue, PAX cut out the REAL ending for Elementary to squeeze in more advertisements for insurance and tap lights. I rescued the following scene is from the editing room floor at PAX )

He reclined in his swivel chair, feet propped on the desk. Laura slowly enters carefully creasing a single sheet of paper, "AH Miss Holt, any progress at unmasking your secret admirer?"

She waltz closer to his desk as he stood to meet her in front of his desk, " I had Mildred and her trusty computer check out some of the better florist of the city"

"OH yes oh yes and what did it come up with, eh?"

"A bill...for three thousand dollars...charged to the agency...signed by you," she flung the paper in disgust. He snatched the paper off the top of his desk, "Oh really Laura, why would I do that?"

"So you could become jealous and fight for me. So you could REALIZE how much I mean to you. What better way to have your cake and eat it too?"

"Aren't you in the least bit flattered that I care for you so much, to go through such an elaborate ruse?"

"Not three thousand dollars worth." She smacked the printout with her left hand.

Just as he was attempting to explain, Mildred enters with a large bouquet in her hands, "These just came for you Miss Holt. (Laura rolls her eyes exasperatedly) There's bushels more outside." As Mildred she hands Laura the flowers, Laura grabs them and unceremoniously shoves them at Mr. Steele, "Oh really, hasn't your gambit gone far enough?"

He pulls on her sleeve, "Laura, I swear to you, I didn't send these to you."

She smiles as she toys briefly with the idea that someone else sent them. Then she gives him a look telling him that she doesn't believe that for a minute.

Laura turned and walked into her office. Steele was close behind, flowers still in hand, "Laura aren't you even going to read the card?"

She took the flowers from his hands. He smiled, thinking she was now accepting them, but instead, made a beeline for the outer office and instructed Mildred, "Call the florist and ask them to take all of these to a nursing home or something. They are cluttering up the office."

He tried again calling after her as she disappeared into her office again, "Laura....wait. Aren't you being a bit rash?"

"If they aren't sincere, then I don't want them." She took the high road.

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"You said it yourself, that it was a ruse..." She grabbed the dictionary from the top of the file cabinet. Flipping hastily through the pages. "AH here.. ruse,(n) a trick, stratagem, artifice. The flowers were just a device in your little scheme, a means to an end. And what was with all those little smutty notes? Trying to gauge my reaction to your x- rated suggestions?"

"Oh and you weren't affected by those? Don't pretend you weren't a little turned on by some of the content, I saw that delicious smile of yours."

Feeling cornered and not about to admit he was right, she abruptly ended their conversation, "Mr. Steele, your expensive little game is over, you've managed to make a fool of me, not the goal you were hoping for, but accomplished none the less. There are two doors in my office, now please choose one."

He opted for the door leading to the reception area. Laura angrily shut it behind him.

A few moments later Mildred cautiously opened the door carrying the same bouquet she had before.

Seeing the flowers again, Laura huffed, "Mildred, I thought I asked you to.."

"But Miss Holt, I really think you should keep these. The gentleman insisted that you read the note." She laid them on her desk with a hoping, sympathetic smile. Mildred left, closing the door behind her. Instead of the usual small square card, there was a legal size envelop on top, their own stationary no less. Inside, on company letterhead, in Mr. Steele's handwriting, it read:


Sincere: (adj) pure, unadulterated, unmixed, unfeigned, genuine.

At least allow me to give you one bunch that show my real feelings for you.


P.S. The lewd and indecent suggestions made in previous notes were sincere as well. Turn the page over for an additional erotic message.

Just as Laura was flipping the page over , he silently appeared in her doorway connecting their offices. Arms folded, he cleared his voice, "Looking for something, Miss Holt?"

She chuckled to herself, knowing she had been caught in the act. Standing, she tossed the note on her desk and went to meet him. Rising on her tiptoes, she pulled on the lapels of his coat to kiss him. His arms unfolded to encircle her in a locking embrace. After a prolonged and passionate French kiss, their lips had parted, but he held her still in his grasp, he asked apologetically, "Does this mean I'm forgiven?"

She reached higher to pull on his tie in a threatening manner. "Well you still have a three thousand dollar expenditure to reconcile."

"I'm willing to(he pressed his lower body into hers and cleared his throat again) <put in> the extra hours. You know, even an all-nighter or two if necessary, to reimburse my debt to the agency." He offered with his usual playboy charm

Laura reached up with her other hand and began to loosen his tie. "I think we could work out a repayment schedule." She kissed him again as his hands drop out of camera range to clutch her hips and pull her even closer.