Fantasy - NC17
Date: Wednesday, June 07, 2000
Tracy E. Aiken <>

Fantasy NC 17
By Tracy E. Aiken

This is definitely alternate universe and isn't a part of my series, Changes. Special thanks to Jax who took time on her day off to beta read this for me-thanks so much-you're the best!

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Now-on with the story-.

Laura was sitting on the couch, going over a file, in the office of Remington Steele Investigations. Harry was behind his desk, with his feet propped on a desk drawer, reading the paper. Mildred had gone to run errands and wouldn't be back for several hours.

When she looked up, Harry was staring at her.


He just smiled at her and shook his head a little, indicating he was just watching her.

She returned his smile and shifted on the couch. The split in her skirt revealed her milky thigh to his wandering eyes. Laura tried to adjust the skirt, but with the look he was giving her she decided to let him look.

"Will you answer a question for me, Laura?"

"Of course, what's the question?"

"What is the first sexual fantasy you had about me?"

She choked a bit on the coffee she had just taken a sip of and quickly placed the cup back on the side table and wiped her mouth.

"Excuse me?"

"Will you tell me, please," he asked. He knew he'd shocked her from the dazed look on her face. "If you're not
comfortable doing so-."

"I didn't say that, I'm just a bit shocked, that's all. Why now?"

He smiled at her and got up from behind his desk and moved to sit on the coffee table in front of her. He took her hands in his as he sat and brought them to his lips to kiss. "I was trying to figure out when I fell in love with you. I was thinking back over all the cases we've worked on and I can't pinpoint an exact time that I can say, 'this is when I fell in love.'"

"I don't think it works that way, Harry. It's a process, at least for me it is. I didn't just wake up one day and say, 'today I think I'll fall in love.' It took quite a while for me to admit, to myself, that I had feelings for you. Admitting that to you was completely different. I had been hurt so many times by men, I didn't want to get hurt again."

"Have I ever hurt you, Laura?"

"Sometimes, but not like I think you mean, and not for a very long time. I finally realized that it takes two people to be in love, not just one and when I saw those feelings returned, I felt more secure in opening myself up to you."

"Will you tell me your first fantasy about me?"

He looked adoringly at her. She could tell this man anything and he'd still be by her side, he was that committed to her.

"The very first fantasy I had about you was during that first case. You were so mysterious and charming. I hadn't dated anyone for a while and you looked so good."

He smiled and lowered his head so she couldn't look into his eyes. But she'd not have that. Cupping his chin, she raised his head so he was looking into her eyes. "I love you, Harry. I did then and I do so even more, now." She leaned forward just enough to gently kiss him. She continued her fantasy as she pulled out of their kiss.

"I imagined making love to you, in every way, in every place we were. Simply, I just wanted you. I didn't care about any consequences or anything like that. I imagined us making love on the beach, in the limo, here in the office-everywhere."

He was concentrating so hard on her; he didn't realize she had moved her hand from his. Until, he felt her caress the bulge in his pants. "Oh, yes," he said sitting up and closing his eyes.

"Does that feel good, Harry?"

He was beyond words at this point. "Does my telling you about how I wanted you to make love to me make you this hard?"


She undid his belt and opened his trousers so she could more easily reach his cock. "I imagined taking you in my mouth and making you come so hard you passed out."


At his pleas, she eased his boxers down to allow his cock and balls to be free from their confinement. He was very aroused with a pearly drop of semen on his tip.

"I wondered what you would taste like? Would you be salty? I knew you would taste incredible, of that I had no doubt," she said, collecting the moisture on her finger and brought her finger into her mouth.

He could only watch, mesmerized.

"You do taste so good, Harry."

His breathing had gotten faster since she had tasted him.

"I didn't know if I could take all of you into my mouth, you're so large," she said caressing his length. "But I wanted to try, so desperately."

She eased down onto her knees, between his legs and took all of him into
her mouth.

"Oh, yes, Laura-oh god," he said arching his back.

She took hold of his balls and gently rolled them in her hand, letting one finger slip behind and caress his perineum. He jerked when he felt her caress him, not because it was an unwelcome feeling, but just one he wasn't expecting. Letting him slip from her mouth she looked up at him. His eyes were focused on her and what she was doing to him.

"I love making love to you this way. It's not about control, but it's about the trust between us. I love making you feel so good," she said running a nail, very gently, along the underside of his cock.


Leaning down she lifted his cock and licked from base to tip. Running her tongue around the head, especially. From there she moved on to his balls. They were getting drawn up toward his body, but she didn't want this over too soon. She squeezed, easing the need so she could prolong his pleasure.

"Fuck," he whispered, "so close-."

Standing up on her knees she whispered into his ear, "not yet."

"Got to-."

"Do you want me to let you come, Harry?"

He just shook his head, "ye..yes."

She knelt down again and took him into her mouth. If he wanted to come, he would come, and come hard.

He was straining not to thrust his hips. She eased him part way out of her mouth and grasped his base with one hand, while the other was rolling and caressing his balls. Her touch was first firm, then he could barely feel her touching him, she went back and forth until she felt his balls draw
back toward his body once again.

Removing her hand from his shaft, she took him all the way into her mouth and began sucking soundly. Her ministrations on his balls continued, and she again began caressing his perineum. She could tell he was extremely close to coming and all of a sudden he was spurting into her mouth with
pleas of love being shouted.

When he opened his eyes, she was leaning back against the couch, watching him recover.

"That was incredible, love," he said and leaned down to kiss her, tasting himself in her mouth.

"For me, too, sweetheart. I love that I can make you feel that way."

"From the beginning you felt this strongly?"

"Yes, but probably not consciously. I was really good at hiding from myself. I know now that I don't have to hide and I have you to thank."

"You are a remarkable woman, Laura and I love you so much."

"I love you, Harry."

He stood and put himself back together, then pulled Laura up and onto the couch, where he could hold her.

"Will you tell me your first fantasy, sometime," Laura asked?

"I'd love to," he said with a smile.
The End?