"R. Jonathan Bertier" <rjbertier@gmail.com>
For Harry, With Love and Steele, pt 6
Sunday, August 21, 2005

Right, so I know I haven't been around much recently, or updating
this, just a bunch of other things got in the way.. I'm still alive,
and all that good stuff. Finally got around to writing chapter 6 and
actually know where the rest is going.

"Arrgh! Where is he?" Laura Holt barged through her office with a
credit card bill in hand. "Two hundred and fifty dollars for LUNCH."
She stormed into the one door to find it empty. "Mildred, where is

Mildred tried to look as if she didn't know, but Laura saw right
through the act. "Mildred, are you going to tell me or aren't you?"

"Mr. Steele said that he's going away to visit an old friend and that
he'll be back by the end of the week." Laura's eyes narrowed, not at
the receptionist and friend, but at the thought of the way that he had

"Did he say where this old friend was, or who it was?" Mildred shook her head.

"No Miss Holt, the man who called said he was Sam Bisbee." Laura
rolled her eyes.

"No idea where he's going whatsoever?" Mildred melted under her bosses' glare.

"He told me not to tell you." Laura wanted nothing more than to rip
the man to shreds at the moment.

"Where did he go Mildred?"

"Boston." The blonde woman said, and that just seemed to make Laura
more mad than she was before.

"Boston?" She exclaimed and Mildred merely nodded.

"Would you like me to get a plane ticket for you Miss Holt?" She asked
and Laura nodded, storming back out to pack and think of various
painful ways to kill the man that had become her boss.

She hated him when he did things like this, running across the country
to help one of his shady friends from his past. She had no clue who
this man was and what illegal activities he was going to wind up
involved with in helping him. Odds are that something illegal was
going to happen and hopefully like every time before, that he would
weasel his way out of it, but there were so many chances one could

She hated the waiting, both at the airport and on the plane. All she
could think of was ways that she was going to physically harm him once
she found him in Boston. She had called ahead to find out that there
was in fact, a Remington Steele staying at the Mariott and it didn't
take her long to book the connecting room to him, ready to barge in
and scream at him.

The look on his face when she finally caught up to him in the lobby of
the hotel stopped her, just a bit though. "What the hell are you doing
here?" She asked him and he looked her over.

"One could say the same for you." He replied, holding the door to the
hotel open for her and helping her with her bag.

"I'm here because you run up a three thousand dollar credit card bill
and run off again."

"Laura, Laura, please, at least wait until we're in private to scream
at me, you don't want to tarnish Remington Steele's wonderful
reputation here in Boston now do you?" She glared at him, seething to
herself until they reached her hotel room.

"You!" She screamed, the word conveying all of her emotion. "What are
you doing here?" At that moment the hotel room door opened again and a
voice called out.

"Mick, you in here?" Harry called as he walked in. "Well hello there,
you must be Miss Holt." Harry easily shook her hand, being ever the
charmer. "I'm Harry Macy, a longtime friend who's gotten myself into a
bit of a pinch, and Steele here was kind enough to help me out."

Laura looked at the two men and sat down. "You two better tell me
what's going on, now."

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