A Good Night's Steele- Scrap
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>

(I know, I know that my occasional raids at the PAX editing room have been few and far between lately. What you don't realize is that I was caught . The building was uncommonly crowded at that hour. There was some sort of late-night emergency meeting of the discussion group moderators. They were all in a tizzy about something and not in the most forgiving of moods. I tried to explain my pure and altruistic motives but they weren't so inclined to absolve me of my sin, especially since I was one of the(and I am quoting here) "depraved Remington Steele dissidents". I was sentenced to a 6 month probationary period. So now that I have served my time, I am back.

A Good Night's Steele (Scrap Scene)

by Suejue

My initial observation about this episode was that this is the first one without even an appearance by Murphy or Bernice which prompted this little-known discussion between L&R after the doctor and Ivan left.


Laura folded her coat over her arm and clutched her purse in right hand.

"Going so soon, Doctor Holt?"

"You need some rest," she patted his arm.

"Weren't you going to administer some physical therapy?"

"Maybe some other time," her hand slipped down his arm to grasp his hand as she chastely kissed him goodbye.

She released him, but he gently placed his hand at her waist and cautiously brought up something he had on his mind since that Sunday afternoon when his duck was shot down. "This was rather nice."

"Dinner? ...Yes, it was rather nice."

"No I mean the case..... just the two of us. No Murphy. No Miss Wolf."

Laura thought for a moment then graciously admitted that he was considerably valuable at the sleep clinic, "If I agree, will you promise not gloat and tell them?"

"That would be asking for an extraordinary display of restraint on my part, Laura."

"So, does your Remington Steele have that sort of self-control?"

"For the right incentive, you will find that Remington Steele is a man of incredible ..." he pressed closer and whispered soothingly, " ... willpower."

Laura had a momentary thought of tossing her coat , purse and willpower aside too, but wiggled away. "I should go." She unfolded her coat and swung it around her shoulders to make herself go before her willpower waned any further.

"We should do this more often." He obligingly assisted with her coat.


"Well that....and the cases. No Murphy, no Miss Wolf."

"How on earth could I possibly run the agency alone?" she asked, too distracted by searching for her keys in the bottom of her purse to realize what he was implying.

"Technically, Laura when there are two," he pointed to her, then himself, "it doesn't qualify as alone."

"You mean you and I run the agency together?" She snickered and scoffed at the notion, "Sometimes, Mr. Steele, you have an absurd sense of humor."

He laughed along, effectively covering the fact that he wasn't joking.

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