Steele Haunted by the Past 2/3
Date: 8 Jan 2000
By Katherine Simone <>
Rated: NC-17 Slash, m/m,m/m/f
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WARNING: If the idea of two adult men having sex bothers you, do not read this.
And if the idea of Laura and Tony having sex bothers you, don't read it.

Laura Holt-Steele entered the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor, smiling as she thought about how surprised Remington was going to be when she showed up early. She had gotten a chance for an earlier flight and taken it, then only arrived half an hour ahead of the original one. She hadn't expected him to be at the airport yet, so she rushed into a cab and had it speed her homeward.

The elevator doors opened, depositing her in the corridor, and she quietly let herself into apartment 3A with her keys. As she removed her coat, and dropped it on the couch, she heard noises from the bedroom. It sounded like someone moaning. But it DIDN'T sound like Remington. She approached the open doorway cautiously, peering around the corner.

*OH MY GOD!!!!* she thought to herself, barely managing not to make a sound at the sight of her husband and Tony Roselli on the bed, both naked.

"You like that?" Remington asked, and Laura moved back into the dark corner so they wouldn't be able to see her. From this vantage-point, she was forced to watch them in the mirrored doors of the closet.

"Fuck me, dammit!" Tony said, pushing back toward her husband's cock.

Remington told him to turn over, and when he had, Laura watched in horrified fascination as he shoved that magnificent cock into Tony's ass, then grabbed Tony's cock- which, Laura couldn't help but notice- wasn't shabby either. *Dear God*, she thought. *How long has this been going on?* She couldn't decide if she was sickened by the display or not. She'd never thought that Remington was attracted to other men. He'd never given her any real indication that he was- but now that she thought about it, she'd noticed on a few recent occasions that his glance would linger a bit on the ads for men's underwear, little things that she hadn't picked up on. Had he been pretending all this time? She wondered as Tony cried out that he was about to cum and Remington's hips began to move in tempo with his hand on Tony's cock.

No, he hadn't been pretending. She'd stake everything she knew on the belief that he ENJOYED women. Especially HER. Brixton. Is that where this had begun? Not Remington and Tony, of course, but Remington's- bisexuality?

It was kind of a turn on, she realized. God, she was horny as hell! She'd abstained from taking care of herself- well, except for that night when Remington had called her at her mother's in the middle of the night and they'd masturbated together over the telephone. Tony had been attracted to her and Remington was too- the idea of these two men fucking each other's brains out was making her so damned HOT! She'd read somewhere that a lot of women had fantasies of making love to TWO men at the same time.

Tony groaned as cum sprayed over Remington's hand, and Remington grunted, shoving his cock to the hilt in Tony's ass, his hips bucking. Finally he released Tony's legs and collapsed on top of the other man, giving him a kiss. Laura was surprised she'd never realized how incredible a turn on watching something like this could be. She bit back a moan, feeling the warmth, the wetness between her legs.

She backed off another step upon hearing Remington's concern about not meeting her. Right now, all she wanted was to jump his bones- but she wanted to make him worry a little first.

"What the HELL am I going to tell her?" he asked.

"How about the truth for once?" Laura asked from the doorway.

Both men turned to face her, as Remington rolled off of Tony. "Laura." Two sets of eyes were on her. The blue ones were filled with a myriad of emotions- shock, guilt, fear, and shame. Tony's brown eyes were the opposite. He just lay there, his eyes on hers; spread-eagled on the bed, not moving as Remington hastily rolled to his feet. "Laura. You're early."

"I took an earlier flight," she told him, trying to ignore the hungry look Tony was giving her as an idea began to form. "I thought I'd surprise you. Obviously, I did!"

"I can explain, Laura," Remington began. "Antony was just leaving-," he said.

"I'm not going anywhere," Tony corrected him, reaching down to stroke his recovering cock.

Laura forced her eyes away from that cock back to Remington. "How long has this been going on? Since London? Is THIS what you and your- MATE here were up to there, as well?"

"Laura," Remington said in a sincere voice, "I swear to you- before today, it's been ten years since I-" he paused, as if uncertain how to continue.

"Fucked another man?" Tony finished for him with a wry grin in Laura's direction as Remington shot him a look that clearly said "Butt out."

Laura took a deep breath. "I never realized that you-you-"

"Liked men?" Tony suggested. "Hell, Laura, just because a man likes to fuck other men- that doesn't mean that he can't appreciate and fuck a woman with as much enjoyment."

Her eyes fell to his cock again, saw that it was lengthening, and she wanted to take him into her mouth, to suck him dryInstead, she turned and went into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

Through the door, she heard Remington speaking in a low tone. "I think you'd better go, Antony."

"Why? I don't think Laura wants me to go. And even if SHE leaves, well, there's always-" she heard a slap.

"Stop that, Antony. I think you've done more than enough, don't you?"

"What's wrong, Steele?" Tony taunted. "Afraid the little woman might think that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander? That it's okay to let me fuck her since you fucked me?"

"You don't know, Laura, Antony," Remington insisted. "Fidelity's important to her-"

Laura opened the door, quietly posing in the doorway as she told her husband, "But truth's more important, Rem."

Remington's jaw dropped as he realized that she was as naked as he and Tony. Tony leered appreciatively as she moved sinuously toward the bed. Remington touched her arm as she would have passed him, stopping her. "Laura?"

"Is this a private party?" she asked in a low, seductive voice her eyes fixed on Tony's, "or is there room for one more?"

"Laura," Remington said, trying again. "You can't-"

She smiled up at him, touching his still flaccid cock. "Just watch me," she said, and raised on tiptoe to give him a lingering kiss. She squeezed his cock. "If you're a good boy and don't interfere, I might even let you join in," she promised. Another squeeze, and this time she felt his cock begin to respond to her touch before she released it and continued to the bed. Tony still lay there, his penis now rock hard. Laura knelt beside him, replacing his hand with hers. "Does he taste as good as he looks, Rem?" she asked, glancing to where Remington still stood, disbelief on his face, then back to Tony's cock. It wasn't as long as Rem's she decided, but it was thicker. She touched her tongue to the drying cum on Tony's stomach. "Mmmm," she sighed. Tony's hand touched her back and moved down, caressing her soft skin, her hips drifting over her asshole, before finally finding her center. Laura shivered as his hand touched her. "Ohh," she sighed.

"You like that?" Tony asked.

"Don't stop," Laura told him as she lowered her head to kiss the tip of his cock, unknowing repeating Remington's actions in running her tongue into his slit.

Tony grinned at Remington. "You taught her well, Steele," he said as his hips lifted from the bed. "That's it, Laura. Suck it. Ahh, yeah," he moaned as her lips moved down his length as far as she could go. Yes, Rem HAD given her a few "pointers" when it came to giving head. Now, she knew it hadn't been so much from others giving HIM blowjobs as from his having sucked other cocks. She relaxed her throat, ignoring her gag reflex- and took him as far as she could. "Ohhh, yeah! MMMM." Laura looked at Tony as he brought his fingers from her moist cunt to his lips. But he wasn't looking at her. His eyes were fixed on Remington as he slowly licked Laura's wetness from his fingers. Laura glanced at Remington, and could see that the sight of her sucking Tony's cock was turning him on. Well, she reasoned, if her sucking Tony's cock got him horny, then seeing her with Tony's cock up her cunt would drive him insane.

She raised up, straddling Tony, and slowly lowered herself over his cock, pausing a moment to become accustomed to his size. Tony's hands went to her breasts, pinching and squeezing the tips into hard buds that begged for his mouth to suck them. He raised himself on his arms as she fully sheathed him inside her and nibbled first at one tit and then the other. Laura ground her clit into him, cradling his head against her chest. "Oh, he's so big, Rem," she panted. Tony's hands were on her hips, and she felt his fingers probing her ass. The touch caused her to move closer to that touch, knowing Remington was watching, then back to bury his cock again. "You're lucky he didn't fuck you," she told Remington. "He'd have split your ass wide open."

"I'd have made sure he was ready for me," Tony assured her as he lay back, taking Laura with him, keeping her knees drawn up to his side. She could see that he was looking at a spot beside the bed and turned her head to find Remington standing there, fully erect cock in hand. Reaching out, she grasped his cock and pulled him to his knees on the bed beside her. As Tony continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy, she took Remington into her mouth, sucking him. His hand moved over her back, joining Tony's hand on her ass.

When a finger entered her, Laura gasped, and Remington's hips stopped moving. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Laura released his cock, shaking her head. "It's just been -so long- since-" She looked up at him. "You remember the calc professor in college? The one that I wore the glasses in order to get his attention?" Her smiled widened. "He was an ass man. Broke my cherry. No one else has ever fucked my ass since I stopped seeing him." Her eyes met his as Tony's hips picked up the pace.

"Get back there, Steele," Tony managed to say. "We're gonna make a Laura sandwich."

"I don't-"

Laura grabbed Remington's cock. "You fucked Tony's ass, you can fuck mine while he fucks my pussy," she told him. "You know you want to."

Remington was on automatic as he moved to pick up the oil and slathered it onto his cock again, not bothering with a condom this time. He warmed the oil as before and began to massage Laura's ass, reaching farther down occasionally to grab Tony's balls, to feel where Tony's cock met Laura's cunt. He used his other hand to probe the tiny rosebud of Laura's asshole.

God, he thought. It was so small, and when he inserted a finger, he found it tight. Gently, he inserted a second finger, reaming out the hole in preparation for his cock's entry. Laura's ass pushed against his hand. "Oh, YES! Fuck me, Rem! Put your cock into my ass and fuck me!"

Remington found he was shaking as he pressed the tip of his cock against Laura's asshole and allowed Tony's momentum to push her into it. He heard her soft gasp. "If it hurts too much, let me know," he told her, gritting his teeth to keep from blowing his load too early. "I can stop." He only hoped he could. The idea of fucking Laura's ass was the one thing he'd kept buried in the dark corners of his mind, something that he had never in his wildest dreams thought would come to pass. Now, here he was, just bare millimeters away from it becoming reality.

He wanted to take it easy, be gentle. If she hadn't done this since college, it was bound to be painful for her. He pushed slightly forward, heard her gasp again. "Do it," she hissed, letting our her breath as he felt her relax. "Do it!"

Remington placed his hands on her hips, and on Tony's upstroke, he pulled her closer, pushing his cock into her ass. Laura cried out softly, and went still for a moment, then Tony began to move again, and within moments they had established a rhythm, with Laura grunting and murmuring to them both. "Ohhh, Laura, love. I love you. You're- so damn- tight," he said between thrusts. In fact, she was so tight that he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. Reaching around her, above Tony's cock, he began to pull and rub at her clit.

"I- love you," she replied. "Oh, yesss," and then her words were stilled by Tony's mouth on hers.

Remington knew how vocal Laura was when making love. How many times had her words, words he'd never thought to hear coming from her lips, sent him over the edge? It wasn't long before she tore her lips from Tony's. "Fuck me!" she cried, and both men increased their pace.

Sensing that Tony was trying to hold out as well, Remington placed his other hand beneath the man as he lifted his hips, then found Tony's asshole. It was a stretch, but he managed to get a finger inside as Laura continued to pant and cry out. "That's it, baby," Remington said to her. "That's it. Just let it go." He bent over her, licking her back with his tongue in long strokes. "Let it go, Laura, love," he said again, and felt her stiffen.

"I'm cumming!" she shrieked, panting heavily. "Ohmigod, Ohmigod, OHMIGOD!" She reached an arm back and twisted around to give Remington a long kiss as Tony grabbed her hips and pulled her back down to his cock as he began to cum.

"Yes! Laura, I'm cumming! Yes!!!!!!!!!" he called out, and Remington frowned at the tone and look in his eyes, but he was too far gone to say anything about it. His own cock was giving up its load of cum, filling Laura's ass, dripping out around the edges.

"Ahhhhh!" Remington thrust his cock into Laura's ass as far as it would go, then collapsed to the side, taking Laura with him, the three of them still connected, a tangle of legs and bodies.

Their breaths came in short gasps as all three struggled for air. Laura's hand came to rest on Remington's hip, caressing it, only to be pulled away by Tony, who pulled her back into his arms, releasing Remington's cock from her ass. "Oh, god, Laura. Didn't I tell you we'd be great together? You should have listened to me."

Remington went still. Now that he had a moment to think about it, he recognized what that look earlier had been. Triumph. Pure, unadulterated triumph. "Let her go, Antony."

"What if she doesn't want me to?" Tony asked, his eyes narrowed into slits as he held Laura, who was still dazed from an overload of sexual frenzy.

"You bastard," Remington ground out, rising from the bed and pulling Tony with him. "You bloody bastard!" Seeing Laura's confusion at his sudden about face, Remington explained. "He USED me! He used my bloody past to get to you! He found out about my life in Brixton and what happened ten years ago and USED it to get you into his clutches! Admit it!" he yelled, grabbing Tony's discarded clothing as he spoke.

"What if I did? I didn't force you into doing anything you didn't want to do, Steele. You were a willing participant. Hey, I'm willing to share-" Remington's fist came up and connected with Tony's jaw, sending the other man sprawling.

"Rem!" Laura shouted, kneeling on the bed, watching with a shocked expression on her face.

"You want me to go, Laura? Or stay?" Tony asked her, placing a hand to his jaw as he sat up.

Remington turned to look at his wife. She was kneeling there, naked as a statue, as naked as he and Tony were. "Laura?" he said.

Laura didn't look at him. Her gaze was on Tony, on his cock, before she lifted her eyes to his face. "I think you'd better leave my husband and me alone, Tony," she told him in a quiet voice. "There's no room in our lives for someone who uses people the way you do."

Remington breathed a silent prayer as he threw Tony's clothes at him. "Get out," he said. "Before I throw you out."

"That'd look really good in the tabloids, wouldn't it?" Tony taunted him. "'The great Remington Steele tosses male lover into street.' I can just see the headlines now."

Remington started forward again, but Tony scrambled to his feet and grabbed his clothes before vanishing out of the apartment. Remington followed him to the door, this time fastening the chain and all the locks before taking a deep breath and returning to face his wife...

To Be Continued
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