Have I Got(scrap scene)
Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2000
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>

Have I Got a Steele for You(Unedited)

by Suejue

(I know, I know, they cut most of THE KISS, but they had to since the end of that scene references an entire scene PAX also omits. )

"Beginnings of a thaw? " They kiss again and the phone rings. Reluctantly they part. Remington suggested, "Of course, you really you should think about getting an answering machine.

While still in his arms, Laura picks up the phone, without breaking eye contact, "Hello?... Oh hello Mildred. Mmmm hmmm, oh all right. Yes well be right there." Hanging up the phone she turned her attention back to him, and puts her arms around his shoulders "That was Mildred, she just finishes the work on Mulch's financial records. She says its very important."

Remington agrees grudgingly and sighs, "Sometimes that woman's efficiency can be highly exasperating."

Laura replies, "For once I have to agree with you., Mr. Steele." They briefly kiss again before heading to the door. Laura stopped and grabbed her purse and keys. She turn to find Remington hampered by his injuries, struggling putting his jacket back on. Laura returned her items the counter to help him. With Laura once again within clutching distance, he took the opportunity to hold her close, desperate to reacquaint his hands with her form. Laura smoothed the lapel of his jacket . Her hands lingered against his chest and pressed longingly. Feeling it rise and fall with a noticeable pounding on his left side, beating in tempo with her own. Again, they were drawn into together, connected intimately at the lips and wrapped in each other's arms. Laura mumbled against his lips. It was completely garbled, but he had a pretty good idea it had something to do with stopping what they were doing. He loosened his hold around her but before he left go of her entirely he tempted, "Laura, what are your plans after Mildred enlightens us?"

Laura once again picked up her things and pulled him by the hand, "I think we should get you home."


"C'mon Mr. Steele, Mildred awaits."

(Scene continues in Steele's office. Mildred and Mulch are gone.)

"It's quite an ingenious scam," Remington remarked with a tinge of jealousy.

"Brilliant I'd say."

"Now that we're off the clock, so to speak, and it's safe to say that we can see each other outside business hours, why don't we..............?" He didn't finish his question, he just motioned toward the door and Laura obligingly turned off the lights.

They arrived at Steele's apartment. Pulling off his jacket, he winced with the same discomfort as when he tried to put it on. Laura again came to his aid, "Here, let me help."

Laura stood behind him and peeled the garment from his shoulders. She carried it into his bedroom and found an empty hanger in the closet. Sitting on the bed, he gingerly tugged his shirt from his waistband and undid the buttons in a slow, labored fashion. Laura again noticed his pain and like the suit coat, she helped him off with the shirt. "Mr. Steele, I think we should get you to a doctor at least for some x-rays."

"You?.... in my apartment?.....in my bedroom? ...... taking my clothes off?..... Not a chance."

"Mr. Steele don't get your hopes up... or anything else UP, for that matter." Laura winked mischievously. "You need to rest and heal those ribs," she further reminded him.

"Massage therapy might promote healing," he added hopefully.

"I think that can be arranged," Laura assured him. She sat on the bed next to him and rotated her upper body to face him. She looked at him pensively. Her right hand lightly traced the bandage on his forehead before running her fingers through his hair, "I'm sorry about what I put us through these last few months."

He put his left hand under her jaw. His thumb outlined her lips then pressed lightly to stop her apology.

"Shh, Laura, that's not necessary." His hand moved behind her ear coaxed her face closer to his.

Before their lips met, Laura asked, "So you're not mad?"

"You?.... in my apartment?.....in my bedroom? ...... making out on my bed?....." Their lips met as he muttered unintelligibly the last few words. Laura was fairly certain he said, "Not a chance."