H.O.L.T. Blue 2/?
Date: Friday, January 12, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>


(Part 2)

"Can I help..." she started then stopped when she realized. "Gosh, Miss Holt, I hardly recognized you in that." Mildred stood to get a full look.

Laura took off her hat and pulled the pin from her hair to let it cascade to her shoulders, "Is he in his office?"

"Take him home, hon, he's been grumpy all day. He'll never admit it, but I think he's missed you not being here today."

"I think your right, Mildred......he'll NEVER admit it"

Laura closed the door behind her as she entered Mr. Steele's office. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled several hidden sheets of paper from within. Remington watched with shameless attention. He noticed that she was wearing the delicate, lacy, navy blue number he gave her. He was hesitant to call it a bra. A bra implies that it covers or supports in some way. That skimpy wisp of fabric would fail on both accounts. He couldn't wait until that evening to peel off her uniform layers to see if she was wearing it's panty counterpart.

When she rebuttoned her shirt, he noticed.

"Be nice to me, I gave blood." Remington read the sticker displayed on Laura's shirt. "They had you give blood too?"

Laura laughed, "No. Jarvis stuck that on me this morning. He said no one would question me riding a desk all day if I wore this." She peeled the sticker off. "It was either that or pretend to be suspended."

He pointed to the crumpled papers, "What's that?"

"It's the role-call roster, the duty assignments and the radio dispatch transcripts from the day the cocaine disappeared. I need you and Mildred to cross-reference the three and eliminate the cops who were accounted for that day."

"But Laura, thats...."

"Work ?" Laura hit the nail on the head. "Let me give you a choice then, Mr. Steele. Either I spend the evening going through all of this or the two of you tackle it tomorrow."

"If I choose the latter, does that mean your free this evening?"

Laura nodded, "You're so perceptive."

When they arrived at his apartment, Laura placed the bag of take out on the table as he went to retrieve plates and utensils. "Why don't we just eat from the cartons?" Laura suggested.

"How barbaric. Besides, I'm sure it's cold by now." He placed two tapered candles by their crystal stemmed holders on the center of the table and picked up the bag to take into the kitchen. "I'm going to heat it a bit first, then we'll eat like proper, civilized people.

"Well, while you are playing Martha Stewart, I'm going to take a shower."

When she returned to the dining room, the lights were low and the candles were lit. China and silver adorned the table.

"Are you sure Mr. Wong's warrants such extravagant treatment?"

"Mr. Wong doesn't but, you do?" He pulled a chair out for her.

"I'm afraid I'm a bit underdressed too." Laura admitted tugging on her sweatshirt.

"No such thing at Che' Steele. In fact you don't have to wear anything at all."

"I don't think I was wearing anything the last meal I had at Che' Steele." Laura reminded him, blushing.

"Ahh yes, that was the 'naked breakfast in bed' special wasn't it?" He winked. "We still have that on the menu if you're interested."

"I guess the grand slam name was already taken wasn't it?"

Remington smiled wickedly at the intonation in the way she said 'grand slam'. He wasn't sure if she was referencing her satisfaction in their lovemaking or alluding to the sexual meaning of hitting a homerun. Ever since that case at the Golden Dugout, he'd always wondered what exactly Doc meant when he joked about getting to second base with Mickey Boggs. All the adolescent snickering from Slats and Chubby gave him a clue that it was sexual. He was fairly sure that when someone hit a homerun meant they had intercourse. What constituted first, second and third were still a mystery to him.

Like many other evenings, dinner was followed by watching a movie on the sofa. And like many other recent evenings, watching a movie on the sofa was followed by prolonged kissing, intimate fondling and more. Laura was working down the buttons on his shirt. Remington's hand slid down the back of her elastic waistband where he encountered her cotton underwear. Cotton? His hands were expecting dainty lace or sleeky silk. She wore next-to-nothing lingerie underneath that uniform all day and for him it was an ordinary cotton French-cut. Slightly perturbed, he pulled back.

"What's wrong?" Laura asked, pulling his shirt from the waistband to get at the last buttons.

"It's just.... well, I couldn't help but notice this afternoon, you were wearing that alluring blue undergarment and now you have on...." He pulled her waistband down her left hip and peered over her shoulder to check, " white!.... white! cotton briefs."

"What's the difference? They'll be history within the hour."

"I'm just wondering..."

"Wondering why I wore the exciting ones hidden under a uniform for no one to see and the boring ones for you?" Laura finished for him.

"Something like that," he admitted.

"Promise not to laugh?"

Remington nodded and Laura continued, "You gave me the blue ones so when I wear them it's like you're with me."

"Like I'm touching you." This time he completed her thought.

"But since you're here in person, you can do the honors... yourself."

"Oh, I like that," Remington whispered then lifted her shirt over her head. She wore no bra so there was no obstacle blocking his lip's path to her breasts. He paid abundant attention to those before traveling lower. His hands returned to working the sweatpants down her hips and doing his best to make her clothing 'history', as Laura predicted earlier. He knelt on the floor to slip the panties down her legs and off. Unexpectedly, Laura stood up. She hooked her finger in the beltloop of his pants and led him to the bedroom. She pushed him back on the bed. Straddling his knees, she undid the hardware of his pants and removed them along with his briefs so she could get to the hardware hiding beneath. She caressed and handled for a short time before leaning forward to work her mouth over him. Fearing this little escapade was going to end too abruptly, Remington sat up, wrapped his arms tightly around her and pulled her into his lap. Face to face, they leaned in. As if to start foreplay all over, they kissed slowly and tenderly. At first, their hands and lips played by the rules. Stroking the hair, rubbing the back, careful to stay away from any danger zones. Little by little, the boundary lines blurred until there were seemingly no boundaries at all. His right thumb circle her nipple and lips gently sucked the left. Laura's hand reached down between them to stroke him. Her maneuvers left him dizzy. He leaned back on the pillows

Grinning, he laid back and pulled Laura on top of his body. She leaned down to kiss his lips and began to scoot her rear down his body to finally connect in the most intimate manner. He grabbed the back of her thighs and muttered, "Not yet." Instead, he pulled her hips forward as he slid off the pillows, underneath her. With a firm grasp on her soft behind, he brought his lips to her moist mound. With Remington's tongue gently coaxing her she began to sway, rising and falling in waves of rapture. It was the first time she came like that. Normally her orgasm was like the striking of a match. A brilliant burst of fire at first followed by a slow flickering with the flame slowly diminishing.

This time it was like a thousand tiny sparks firing at random in all directions. Laura wanted desperately to return the favor. Descending down his body until she felt his erection at her entrance. Laura enveloped him, rotated her hips slowly, then rocked forward until she almost disengaged. She repeated her actions over and over, increasing the tempo with each movement. Laura could tell from Remington's ragged breath and panted moans that he was in a similar state of bliss. However he pushed back on her thighs to hold her in place and began to thrust on his own with determined insistence. Laura recognized his need. She rolled to her back and reached out to pull him on top of her. With his arms outstretched at her sides, he settled between her legs. Laura locked her ankles at the small of his back and rubbed his chest, content to be along for the ride. Remington plunged repeatedly until he craned his neck, biting his lower lip. He then exhaled an 'oh dear God' and stilled his body. He came, throbbing inside her. Their eyes met. He whispered an inaudible "I love you" before lowering himself for a kiss. He rolled to his side, embracing Laura against his chest and collapsed, still gasping from the exertion.
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