H.O.L.T. Blue 4/?
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>

Part 4

Remington followed a few cars behind. Suddenly the lights and siren came on and the police car sped up, making a hasty right turn on the next available street. Driven by an uneasy mix of curiosity and concern, Remington accelerated and maneuvered through traffic to keep up. Jarvis' car pulled to a stop aside another squad car. Mr. Steele passed them and turned one block up to circle back and park.
When Mildred's nondescript sedan went by, Laura did a double take almost as if she sensed his presence. Jarvis noticed her lagging behind, "Holt? You coming?"

"Yeah, I'm right behind you." Laura looked one last time but the car had already turned before she could make out the driver or the plates.

A handful of crime scene detectives were already dusting for prints and taking photos. When Jarvis entered the room, one of them straightened up and addressed him, "Simpson bought it... eight, maybe twelve hours ago. Four shots to the chest. His own weapon was found over there. Four rounds missing from the magazine. Eight empty evidence bags marked 'Sedona' by the coffee table, sensor tags are still attached. I would guess that the snowstorm on the floor was once in those bags. Looks like your basic drug-deal-gone-bad."

"I want to see the report as soon as you have it." Jarvis commanded. When Laura and Jarvis were walking back to the car, she caught a glimpse of that same car parked across the street and half a block away. This time, she was able to make out the license plate. Vanity plates. DRGNLDY1. "I can't believe he's been following us." Laura said to herself, but loud enough for Jarvis to ask, "Who's following us?"

"I'll be right back, Jimmy." Laura scampered across the street in heavy traffic pulling her nightstick out of its hold. She rapped several times on the half-open window, shouting, "All right, step out of the car, sir."

He lowered the newspaper he was hiding behind, protesting, "Now Laura..."

"I said out of the car!" she demanded.

A nervous smile emerged. He had hoped she was merely roleplaying, but his instincts told him that she was angry with him for following her around. His instincts were right.

Remington tried once again to speak, but as he took one step out of the car, Laura spun him around, "Hands on the car!" she barked. He placed his palms on the roof of the car. Laura began to pat him down as if she were really arresting him. Under any other circumstance, he'd enjoy Laura's lovely hands roaming on his chest, clenching his backside and creeping up his inseam. But this was definitely not any form of foreplay.

"Laura what are you doing?"

Without answering, she grabbed his left wrist from the top of the car and wrestled it behind his back attaching one metal link. She reached for his right hand.

"Laura, when I suggested we put the handcuffs to use, this isn't what I had in mind."

Still in a professional stance, she began to read him his rights, "Remington Steele, you are under arrest for partner mistrust. You have the right to remain silent, but it really doesn't matter what you say, because I'm not listening to any lame excuses anyway. You have the right to an attorney, but a doctor might be of more use once I get through with you." She shoved him from behind and ushered him back across the street and into Jarvis' car.

"I apprehended this suspect on a twenty-dash forty subsection C" Laura made a bogus charge explaining to Jarvis.

"Good Morning Detective, I seem to have committed some egregious infraction in Miss Holt's eyes. Would you mind releasing me?" Remington pleaded as Laura bent his head into the back seat.

"Sorry Mr. Steele, I'm assigned to a special task force. Corporate squabbles really aren't my jurisdiction."

Jarvis smiled as he started the car, "Going to throw the book at him?"

"The fattest, hardbound one I can find." Laura confirmed.

They pulled up to the station when Remington tried again, "Okay Laura you made your point, I'm sorry I followed you. Will you please let me go now?"

Laura dragged him into the station. She fingerprinted him first. She showed no consideration for the amount of ink she got all over him or the pain she was inflicting on his fingers as she pushed and rolled them on the paper with much more force than was necessary. When Remington realized she was intent to teach him a lesson, he merely let her continue her tantrum. He knew she was doing her usual overreaction, she would calm down and let him out soon enough. Then it would be his turn for contrition...or revenge.

About an hour passed when Laura came to his cell. She asked the guard to open the door then give them a few minutes alone.

"A twenty-dash forty subsection C mandates a one hour...
umm(she looked at her watch)thirty-three minute jail sentence. So you're free to go. But you have to abide by the conditions of your parole."

"Which are?"

"A promise to trust my judgment, to not second guess my abilities."

He opened his mouth to defend his noble reasons, but Laura stopped him, "Plus a fabulous dinner and full body massage this evening."

"I'm getting off rather easy." Remington concluded.

Laura looked around to make sure they were still alone. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her body close and whispered seductively "No, You have that all wrong. You're supposed to get me off."

"I'll do my best to satisfy the conditions of my parole....or should I say...satisfy my parole officer?"

"I have a few more things to go over with Jarvis. I've called Mildred already and you still need to pick up her car from Church Ave. Your place? Around seven?"


Remington had a bit of shopping to do for the evening. He stopped at a market to get the necessary ingredients for dinner as well as a bouquet of repentant roses. At the checkout he handed his credit card to the clerk. She swiped the card. An overly loud beep seemed to announce to everyone in line behind him that his card was not accepted. A nervous smile apologized to those waiting as the cashier tried again. Again the machine beeped a resounding refusal. He then reached into his shoe and pulled out a hundred dollar bill to settle his bill. Ever since that Pick Six debacle, he made it a point to always have some cash on hand, more specifically on foot. He had another stop at The Body Shoppe to pick up some lotions, oils for Laura's massage, plus a few aromatic candles for the proper mood. Remington stopped at an ATM machine to replenish his cash supply. This time, his bank card was denied. "That woman! She cut off my credit again!" he seethed.
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