H.O.L.T. Blue 6/6
Date: Monday, January 22, 2001
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>


"Oh Miss Holt, that's ridiculous, how could standard issue equipment be responsible?"

"The dense fiber mesh that makes up the filling must have some magnetic properties that renders the sensor tags inactive." Laura put on the vest explaining, "I bet Simpson simply stuffed the evidence bags under his shirt, covered his torso with his vest and simply walked out the door unnoticed."

"Unbelievable," Jarvis exclaimed. Laura began to pull the velcro straps to loosen it, "Leave that on, lets go to the precinct and see if you're right."

Using her credentials provided by Jarvis, Laura gained access to the evidence lock up. She took a bag at random, concealed it under the vest and left the room without tripping any alarms. She walked into Jarvis's office, yanked the evidence from underneath and placed it on his desk. "Piece of cake," Laura proved her theory.

"Piece is right, Miss Holt, we are still missing the accomplice piece and the motive piece. I need the whole cake on this one."

The next day, Laura ran into Jarvis just as he was leaving for a meeting, "The commissioner is very interested in your little discovery, I'm on my way to his office right now."

"Call me when you get back. I'd like to check Simpson's apartment again."

"Could you do me one favor? That slug, Hammond called, he said he has our report done. Would you have time to pick it up?"
"It's done? Already? After all that bellyaching yesterday? I didn't think we'd see that report this century."

"I'm not one to question miracles, Miss Holt."


Driscoll dropped an envelop into the outgoing bin and began to log that on the roster. He noticed the entry on the line above. "Hammond!," he called out. "You already signed out Sedona?"
"Yeah, that cute brunette that was with Jarvis yesterday picked it up about an hour ago. She was going to meet Jarvis at that dead cop's apartment."

Driscoll was curious to see if Hammond had done his 'job'. He waited for him to go to lunch then he searched through his stack of filing that would likely never see the inside of a file drawer. Satisfied that Hammond successfully changed the date and the signature as needed, he sighed contentedly. Just as he was about to put the file back, he was struck by a significant oversight. "Shit," he muttered. "I have to get that report back." Driscoll destroyed the lab's copy. Hammond's complete lack of organization could easily be blamed for the lost report, if anyone ever dared to search the mess in his office. Driscoll checked the log again, confirming Laura's name. "Laura Holt," he said over and over committing it to memory.

Laura went to the office to pick up Mr. Steele. She was no longer working in uniform undercover and wanted to include him in this case. She missed working with him. Yet again another case and ensuing argument disrupted their personal time. Remington too, continued to moped about the missed opportunity last night. He literally had Laura underneath him, naked, in his grasps and she managed to wiggle away. He missed playing with her. He wanted nothing more, but to finish this case and get back to that massage.

They ducked under the yellow police tape that spanned the door to Simpson's apartment. Laura walked to the window to get a closer look at the lab's analysis report. Remington poked around in the bedroom closet.

"Laura, have a look at this," Remington said holding Simpson's bulletproof vest. Walking back towards Laura he bumped into a chair slightly moving it aside, revealing a noticeable quantity of white powder not recovered by the crime scene investigators.

"The inside seams are cut. He must have hid the bags in the openings...." Remington began to demonstrate, but Laura's attention was focused on the middle of the room. "What is it, Laura?" He took off the vest and held it in his hands.

"That," she pointed to the cocaine on the floor. "Both lab reports state the weight as 96.827 ounces. It can't be the same with all of that left behind."

Laura walked across the room to take a closer look. She knelt, pinched a small amount between his thumb and forefinger. She cautiously sniffed them tasted a trace amount. "I don't know much about drugs, but I'd be willing to bet this isn't the premium goods those reports attest. I bet if we did a test of our own, it would show that this isn't the original stolen cocaine."

"That won't be necessary," a voice came from the door way. David Driscoll held a gun. "I need that report, Miss Holt."


"Who's Driscoll?" Remington asked.

"It was you, wasn't it?" Laura slowly stood up. "You switched the cocaine at the lab. When the defense attorney requested a sample to have independent tests run, you had to get it out of the property room, so not to expose your substitution. But why put cocaine back in the bags at all?"

"Two different narcotic cops, at the scene already testified that it was cocaine. If I put anything else back in the bags, all fingers point to me."

"Why not let the defense run their tests?" Laura was trying to buy some time until Jarvis could show up.

Remington answered for him stepping farther away from Laura, "Sedona knew what was in those bags. You couldn't risk having his associates figure out what happened to their stuff either."

He held the gun steady in front of him pointed directly at Laura. Remington continued to move slowly widening the gap between himself and Laura. He knew Driscoll couldn't effectively cover both of them. "Stop moving!" he ordered, shifting his aim from Laura back to Steele. "And now I can't afford the two of you knowing what happened either." Driscoll returned the barrel in Laura's direction and raised it. Remington held the bulletproof vest firmly in front of him and rushed towards Driscoll. The gun swung back in Remington's direction just as Driscoll squeezed the trigger. The vest effectively shielded Mr. Steele as his momentum sent him crashing on top of Driscoll. He wrestled the gun from his grasp and tossed it aside in Laura's direction.


(The next evening in Laura's loft)

"Thank God this one is over," Laura packed the remaining uniform items in the box on her bed. Remington lifted the handcuffs from the box when Laura had her back turned toward the closet.

"Can't forget this," she took the bulletproof vest from a hanger. She closed the box and set in on the floor.

Remington closed in on her, "Turns out that had quite a bit to do with the case afterall." She took a few steps back, retreating. Laura also had a fairly good idea that an 'I-told-you-so' was about to come out of his mouth. She took two more steps back, and ran out of room. He had her backed up against the nightstand. He pressed even closer until she was leaning on the bed. Remington eased her down. He covered her body with his own. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"I'm waiting for an apology."

"Me apologize to you? You're the one who accused me of messing with your credit cards."

"Yeah but I'm the one with the handcuffs this time." In a swift move he locked her left hand to the pipes that comprised the headboard of her bed.

"What are you doing? Let me go." she demanded.

"Sorry.... that didn't sound like an apology." He trumped his statement with a satisfied smile and bounced off the bed, leaving her fuming. Laura's door buzzer sounded. Remington started to walk toward the door, Laura protested, "You can't let anyone see me like this, get these off of me. " She sat up and futilely tried to unlock the cuffs.

"Ah Detective Jarvis! Come in, come in." Remington invited.

By now Laura had turned several shades of red. A few from sheer embarrassment and one or two shades brought on by her anger at Mr. Steele.

"I thought I'd drop by to pick up the uniform and thank you once again for all of your help."

Laura was tried to hide her predicament from Jarvis, but Remington seemed to want to broadcast it. "Laura, sweetheart, why don't you bring Jarvis that box that's on the floor?"

"You know I can't do that right now," she grit through her teeth.

"Oh that's right, you handcuffed yourself to the bed, didn't you?" He turned to Jarvis with a hint of lewdness, "You wouldn't have thought it eh? That our all-American Miss Holt, dabbles into the whole bondage.... kinky S&M thing now and then."

"I do not!" Laura adamantly denied. "Jarvis, could you please get these off me?"

"Sorry, Miss Holt, I don't get involved in other people's sex lives. I'll just take that box and leave you two alone." He laughed, knowing the whole time that Mr. Steele was just having some fun at Laura's expense.

Remington stood behind him with his tongue in cheek, "Are you sure you can't stay, Jimmy? Laura's always wanted to have a threesome."

Laura was mortified that he would actually say something like that.

"Ah no thanks..... Goodbye, Mr. Steele." He shook Remington's hand. "Have fun, Miss Holt." He waved in her direction. Remington walked Jarvis to the door. Before he slid it shut, Jarvis reached behind him. He handed Remington another pair of cuffs suggesting, "Here, try it with both hands."

The End.