hounded(my version)
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000
sue hantak <hantaks@mtco.com>

Hounded Steele(unedited)

by Suejue

As I was watching "Hounded" today, I couldn't help but notice an appalling lack of romance. I happen to believe that PAX omitted the following scene:

(Thanks to Nancy's site for the snippet from the transcript)


Mildred, dripping wet, runs up. "Arrest this man!" she says.

Blaylock snaps, pushing Mildred into the crowd gathered around them, and takes off. Masters grabs the dog and sends him down the street, yelling, "Dolittle! Tango!" The dog grabs Blaylock's pants legs, tripping the man. He reaches for his gun, but Steele kicks it out of his hand and the police grab Blaylock.

"Take him away!" the lieutenant orders.

"Well," Steele says, "I suppose that dog is good for something after all."

Laura grins. "Uh, Mr. Steele," she points down and laughs as Steele grimaces.

Steele stepped out of the elevator and instead of going straight to his door, he turned left. Laura was unaware that he was no longer behind her. "What are you going to put in your scrap book about this one?" She turned her head, "Mr. Steele?" She found him halfway down the adjacent hall, taking off his shoes and deposited them along with his socks in the trash chute, "I guess I should be honored, being marked repeatedly by the great Dolittle, but that little accomplice has cost me three pair of shoes, Laura... three!"

"A small price to pay to work with such a legend." Laura reminded him.

Steele unlocked the darkened apartment for Laura and motioned for her to precede him through. Laura took the keys from the lock and spun to hand the keys to Remington who was much closer to her than she expected, "Oh, my," she exclaimed. "Here are your keys."

He wasn't interested in the keys. His eyes remained fixed on hers barely visible in the dim light borrowed from the sconce in the hall. He took the keys from her left hand and tossed them behind him. They obviously hit the glass tabletop, skated across it until they softly clanked against the wall. Next he grabbed the side of the door above Laura's head with his left hand. Laura stepped aside to accommodate the swing of the door. In doing so, she stepped into his right hand which held her in place at her waist. Again, without a word and without looking, he engaged the lock and turned the deadbolt. Once his left hand accomplished their tasks, he stepped closer to Laura and wound it around her waist as well. Now in complete darkness, he pulled her up unyielding embrace. His hands caressed the tight material covering her back. With slight insistence, he pulled her up to meet his urgent kiss.

Laura's arm moved around his shoulders and she buried her hands in his magnificent hair. It seemed like an eternity since they did this. Battered and buried in work following the lavulite case, they found very little time to be alone. Mildred was right earlier today when she said at least they had each other. If only they could really have each other.

Bodies pressed together, tongues tasting, testing, teasing, they succumbed to the private moment between them. He gently lowered Laura against the wall, but not to break contact, he lowered his head to nibble at the right side of her neck. Using his right hand he placed his thumb by her ear and gently angled her head back to achieve better access. Laura arched into him and shuddered her appreciation. His lips ascend back up to her lips where they were once again fused. Once they had spent a small portion of their sexual energy, they separated. "Not that I'm complaining Mr. Steele, but what was all that about?"

"I fully intend to spoil you, Miss Holt. I do not intend to retire to a trailer, giving priceless jewelry to a dog."

She smiled warmly at the confession, "I just hope I won't have to beg and sit on command."

"You know, you said you had a soft spot for charming men with mysterious pasts," he lightly ran his slender fingers of his right hand from behind her ear down her jugular to trace the neckline of her v-neck top, "Now, where might that soft spot be?"


(afterall network television in the 80's wasn't that risque')