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This site is for the archiving of FanFiction posted to old SteeleFiction mailing list and to the still running RSFic list about the 80's television series "Remington Steele", which starred Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan.
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If you've ever been part of a fanfic mailing list, you know how easy it is to miss a chapter, or forget what's happening in a particular story between posts. It's my intent to catalogue and link all of the various RS fanfic stories posted on the RSFic list to this page for easy access. If you're a fanfic writer who does not want your work posted or linked here, email me and I'll remove it.
*WARNING!* Some of the stories archived here may contain ADULT CONTENT. If you are under the legal age of consent in your country, please don't go any further. Read at your own risk.

The File Cabinet: Archived FanFic from the RSFic mailing list
25 October 2012: New storys posted by Debra Talley!
The Rolodex: RS FanFic Links
11 October 2009 - Added 1 new site link

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