Bonds, Lame Bonds (finale)
Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2000
SJ <>

(Part 6)

Normally she scampered up the stairs in a flash. When she was in her tennis shoes she would leap up them two at a time. Today, however, she double stepped on each one. Feeling nauseous and winded, she paused at each landing in between flights. Sliding the metal door also required a great amount of effort on her part. She placed her takeout dinner on the counter, no longer having any interest in eating it. Just as she sprawled on her bed in a less than graceful manner, he gently knocked on the metal door.

*Ignore him, tell him to away or let him in.* She pondered her choices. The first two were equally appealing, but either would just delay the inevitable confrontation. She weakly moaned "Just a minute,"

She unlocked the latch and only pushed it open slightly before she felt a sharp pain in her side.

"Oww Damn it." she cursed involuntarily.

Remington also thought he heard the never-used f-word. For Laura to say that, she must be in considerable pain.

He pushed the door open in a hurry to help her. She was on the verge of collapsing near the piano, holding her side.

"My God! Laura!" he shouted. He tossed aside the bag he was carrying and rushed to her aid. Remington scooped her up and carried her back to her bed. "Tell me what to do.......Can I get you anything?"

"I thought you were the medical professional here."

"You and I both know why I volunteered to take care of you."

"To aggravate me?"

"NO, so we would have some time together to work things out..." He reclined next to her laying on his side pressed very closely near her body supporting his head with a bent elbow, "...You do want to work things out, don't you?"

"Of course I do...I was trying your kitchen. All I did was messed up everything, again. You were right that night when you said I don't have a clue when it comes to us. I'm sorry I blew up at you then, I was mad at myself not you."

"You were right too... We don't do enough other things together. But, I thought of quite a few more than your short list, " he reached into his pocket and handed her a small note, "Here...these are all the activities I could think of that we enjoy doing together."

She unfolded the paper to check his list. "I wouldn't say eight is overwhelming proof that we're compatible."

"Oh, wait a minute...I thought of another one," he said excitedly


"This." Remington placed his left hand below her right jaw. With his fingers disappearing into her hair, he bent forward to meet her lips. Sensing no objections, he opened his mouth, running his tongue along her lips silently coaxing her lips apart in search of its counterpart. Laura complied. Soon their tongues were engaged in an intimate game of cat and mouse. Laura tried to maneuver closer but was interrupted by a painful twinge. Remington pulled away, realizing this wasn't a good idea, "Your doctor said no fooling around."

"He also said no steps and I ignored that." she reminded him, not wanting him to stop.

"I think we should check your stitches." He rose from the bed and retrieved the bag from the floor near the door.

She made her way to meet him in the living area, insisting it wasn't necessary. "Mr. Steele, I'll just go to one of those walk in clinics, it's really no problem."

"Laura, now is not the time to be modest, now take off your shirt."

She turned her back to him and started to pull up her tee shirt when he grabbed the hem, "May I?" he asked as he replaced her hands with his own and slowly lifted it over her head. He unwound the elastic bandage and peeled away the covering from her stitches. He never imagined that his first time taking off Laura's shirt would be under these circumstances, but thought she was beautiful nonetheless. Laura was mortified. Standing there in her bra, in broad daylight, bruised and feeling extremely unattractive, she wanted to crawl somewhere and die.

"Now that doesn't look so bad," Remington knelt and assessed the injury.

Laura crossed her arms uncomfortably, "Could you just please hurry." He applied a tender kiss to her wound and replaced the bandage. "What are doing?" she asked, obviously annoyed.

He stood up and whispered close to her ear. "Kissing it and making it all better."

He further commented as he rewrapped the elastic. "I don't recall you doing that to me when the situation was reversed during the Courtney Doll case."

"I guess I have a more comprehensive medical plan," Laura teased as he move around to face her. He helped put her shirt back on and wrapped his arms lightly around her body.

"This does sort of remind me of that time, you know...rib injury... Ace bandage... kissing and making up."

"Well we did the first two, I guess that just leaves this." Laura added as she leaned into his body.

Like that evening several years ago, they cautiously touched, testing, gauging each other's reaction. When they both realized it was mutual, they inched closer and gave in to their desires.

Remington pulled away and looked into Laura's eyes, "Shouldn't the phone ring about now?"

"I'll let the answering machine get it this time." They kissed again, even more ardent than before. Laura suddenly became very serious, "Can I ask you a question, Mr. Steele?"

"Hmm mmmm," he assented with his lips against her neck.

"Why do you put up with all my crap?"

"I hope it's the same reason you put up with all mine."

"And that would be...?"

"Now that brings us to my second list," he retrieved another small piece of paper from a different pocket and handed it to her, "This is the list of all the things I THINK we'd enjoy doing together."

Laura quickly scanned the list, "Aren't number one... number five, number six...and numbers nine through fifteen technically all the same?"

"I suppose I could have lumped them under one category of making love, but I assure you, they are not the same."

"It's not that I disagree, Mr. Steele, but I worry that being intimate is just going to give us another thing to fight about."

"I happen to believe just the opposite."

"That we'll argue less afterward?"

"Don't you think that our frustration is manifesting itself into other insignificant arguments?...My God, Laura, last week we squabbled about what grade of gasoline to use. Before that, we did speak to each other for an entire day because I made that comment about your shoes. How many other countless scraps do we have because of all these feelings and urges that go unfulfilled?"

"So, you're suggesting we should have sex to get along better? That isn't a very convincing reason to go to bed with someone."

"That certainly isn't my primary reason."

"I don't suppose you would tell me what that reason is, would you?" she probed.

"If you answer one question for me first." he proposed.


"What are planning for the July 4th weekend?"

"A very secluded cabin for the two of us at Big Bear Lake."

"So the fireworks are not intended as a public display?" He guessed hopefully.

"Nope," Laura confirmed while running her fingers across his chest. "Still don't think I know what I'm doing when it comes to us, Mr. Steele?

He smiled broadly at the implication. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her toward the door.

"Well then, you need to come back to Steele's Rehabilitation Center for round the clock care to promote healing."

"Wait a minute, you didn't answer my question...your primary reason?"

"It's because I love you, of course." He said that with such a casual flair. His devious smile and a hint of sarcasm left Laura wondering if he really meant it or not.

The End