Long Time No Steele
Date: Thursday, November 30, 2000
Andrea <LCHAnne@hotmail.com>

by Andrea

WARNING: Adult Content

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is part of the Silver Lake Universe.

Laura's stomach lurched in anticipation as she watched the stream of passengers coming up the jetway. She craned her neck around the larger bystanders, watching for the one person that she so desperately needed to see.

There he was. In the midst of a knot of six or seven other travelers, she saw the dark head looking out over other heads, scanning the crowd.

Laura elbowed her way through without so much as an 'excuse me' and plowed her way to him. He saw her coming, and tossed his carry-on aside. Without a word she was in his arms.

"Laura!" He held her tight and lifted her bodily off the carpet. He kissed her repeatedly and then reluctantly put her down on solid ground.

Laura did not care that they were disrupting the flow of traffic in the concourse, or that people were glancing over at their public display. She held him tight, her cheek to his chest. "I'm so glad you're home," she sighed into his shirt.

Steele pulled back a notch. "Why? Olivia keep you up all night? Toilet backed up? Clients overflowing in the waiting room?"

Laura grabbed his lapels. "No, you tease. I missed you - I was lonely. I missed...you know." She smiled coyly and kissed him again.

"Believe me, the feeling is mutual. I think this is the longest we've been apart in years."

Laura did not have to be reminded how long it had been. She had awakened that morning tingling with anticipation of his return. Not long after Olivia had been born Steele had received the invitation to participate in a panel discussion at the national private investigators' meeting, and Laura, not yet in the mindset of a working mother, had cheerfully agreed to five days in Atlanta. But the moment she hit 'send' on the email accepting the offer, it occurred to her that there was no way that they were all going.

For years Laura was so accustomed to their going everywhere together that she had never stopped to think that she would be either staying home or leaving Olivia behind. True to his nature, Harry had gallantly insisted that he not go, but when Laura read the conference information and saw that a tour called "Margaret Mitchell's Atlanta" was included in the agenda, she insisted that he go.

Above all, Laura knew that she had one shot at motherhood, and she was not going to jeopardize anything that she had control over. As long as Olivia wanted to breastfeed, Laura was going to be available. If she left the baby for five days, she feared her milk supply would be jeopardized, and then her nursing days would be over.

She told herself that five days without Mr. Steele wouldn't be so bad...would it?

On Tuesday morning Fred took Harry to the airport after an extended farewell at home. Laura had at least anticipated the necessity of staying busy to keep herself distracted, so Mildred had packed the calendar. In the evening Olivia spent a couple of hours with Auntie Mildred while Laura and Micah followed the miscreant son of a wealthy dot.com entrepreneur.

On Wednesday she again stayed busy all day and in the evening rearranged the linen closet. Then she attacked the kitchen junk drawer.

On Thursday as Fred drove her to Long Beach, Laura attempted to study her notes before her meeting with her client. A glance at the empty portion of backseat cast her mind back to Los Amantes lookout, where not that long ago she and Harry had continued their tradition of "christening" their cars, as he referred to it. Starting years ago with the Auburn and most recently the Crown Vic, each car had been to the lookout for what Laura explained to him, in the American vernacular, was known as "fogging up the windows."

On Friday evening she gave serious consideration to going to the video store for something adult to relieve her worsening condition, but decided that the possibility of seeing a friend (or worse yet, someone who knew her from media publicity) made the risk unacceptable.

By Saturday afternoon Laura was one giant hormone. She got the baby ready, completed her arrangements for the day and was on the freeway to LAX with plenty of time to spare. In fact, more than she would need even if she were going to run into weekday traffic.

When Laura pulled into the garage Harry glanced at his watch. "Good Lord, Laura, I didn't realize that after flying from Atlanta you were going to fly us home, too. Forty minutes - that must be a new record."

Laura did not reply but unlocked the back door as Harry maneuvered his luggage in.

He sniffed the air appreciatively. "Something smells fabulous."

"That's dinner."

"Now Laura, how did you manage to make dinner and whisk me home all at the same time?"

She smiled knowingly. "John and Paul from across the street got everything ready. You know how Paul has been bugging you to let him cook for us since he started culinary school."

He glanced in the dining room to find the table elegantly set, the champagne open and on ice, the candles already burning. "I thought it was my imagination when I heard the front door slam just as we were coming in. But it wasn't my imagination - we've had recently departed company."

Laura laughed. "They had the best time planning all this. I hope you're hungry. I know I am." Laura slid Harry's jacket off his shoulders and attacked his tie.

He grasped her around the waist. "What kind of hungry, Mrs. Steele?" He pulled her close and kissed her. When he came up for air, he glanced around with the sudden realization that someone was missing.

His eyebrows knitted in mock consternation. "What have you done with my child?"

"She's with my sister and will be back first thing in the morning." Laura removed the tie.

"And the answering machine-."

"Is on." She popped his collar button.

"How long have you been working on this orchestration, hmm?"

"Since my first night alone, which would have been Tuesday." Another shirt button.

"Didn't sleep much?"

"Not at all, to tell you the truth." Another.

"Olivia keeping you up in the wee hours?"

"She slept straight through every night." She slid her hand inside his collar.

"No late night excursions with Mr. Sims?"

"Not that late." Her other hand slid up his back.

"No anxious clients needing to be soothed at odd hours?"

"We took care of them during the day." She planted a kiss along his jawline. "Don't you dare stand there and tell me that you slept peacefully every night alone in your hotel room."

Steele took her face in his hands and his expression softened. "Laura, believe me, I was as miserable as you were. Honestly, do I look as well rested as usual?"

Laura knew he didn't. "Let's eat and then we'll do something about both of our problems."

After a simple but delicious dinner Laura tossed her napkin on the table and got up. "Give me about five minutes head start," she announced.

"What about cleaning up after dinner?"

Laura went to the dining room light switch and flipped it on and off several times. "All taken care of."

Harry laughed. "I believe John and Paul love a good conspiracy as much as you do."

"Well, since they have no interest what so ever in what goes on behind our closed doors, I figured I'd let them take care of all of the mundane details." She bent over and gave Harry a lingering kiss. "Five minutes. You can time me, if you like." She took off up the stairs.

Harry took one last sip of his champagne and sent up a short prayer of thanks that the love he and Laura had waited so long to share had not lost any of its fire with the passage of time.

He stopped in the foyer to pick up his discarded jacket and tie and hung them on the banister post. Slowly he climbed the stairs, his heartbeat quickening in anticipation.

When he peeked into their bedroom it glowed with dozens of flickering candles scattered all around the room. Laura stood beside the bed in his favorite nightgown, her hair cascading around her shoulders.

Laura slowly walked up to him, her gaze locked with his. "Let's keep this simple, shall we?" She pulled his shirttails out of his pants and worked her way up through the remaining buttons, then ran her hands lightly down his chest. "I am so hot for you I can barely stand it. I can't wait for a lot of preliminaries." She pressed her satin covered breasts to his chest and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her tongue moved assertively between his teeth, searching wildly.

Harry grasped her silky behind and pulled her hips against him, his excitement clearly evident against her belly. He kneaded her buttocks, gradually working the nightgown hem up her legs. He stroked the backs of her thighs but avoided touching her 'there' just yet, knowing that it would take very little to produce the enthusiastic cries of Laura's orgasm that would put him over the edge as well.

Laura stepped back half a pace and attacked Harry's belt and zipper. He slipped off his shoes as Laura shoved his pants and boxers to the floor. She took another step back and slid her gaze up and down his slender form, as if recommitting to memory the beauty of his nakedness.

Laura crossed her arms in front and grasped the sides of her nightgown, pulling it over her head in one fluid motion. Tossing it to the floor, she took both of his hands and moved backward to the bed.

She stopped when she bumped up against the mattress, then slid up to sit on the quilt, her gaze never breaking. She reached down and gently stroked his erection. Harry had to eventually close his eyes at the overwhelming sensations of her touch.

Laura lay back on the bed and Harry opened his eyes. He climbed up on the bed, kneeling between Laura's legs. In the warm candlelight, her entire body radiated desire.

"Feel how wet you make me," she whispered. He gently stroked her delicate folds, moist with her arousal. Laura drew a sharp breath at his touch, hovering on the brink.

"Indeed," Harry whispered, dropping to his elbows over her. He bent to slowly suck her erect nipple into his mouth, her body squirming in ecstasy beneath him. Laura's hands moved to his back, her nails gently scratching his smooth skin.

He moved to the other nipple, and Laura could not control herself now as her nails bit into his skin. Harry jerked a bit and looked at her.

"Now, now, let's not get violent," he cajoled. Laura tried to undo the damage and gently ran her palms over his injuries.

"I'm gonna get violent if you torture me much longer," she said huskily.

"I'm ready if you are," he teased.

"You know how ready I am, I need you now," she begged.

Wordlessly, slowly, Harry thrust himself into the realm of ecstasy that was his alone, gradually filling Laura with his arousal. Laura's legs came up and around, her ankles locked and pushing against the small of his back. When he was fully inside her, he straightened up from his bent position, sliding his hands under Laura's hips and lifting her up with him. With just her shoulders on the quilt, Laura spread her arms out at her sides for balance and gripped her legs tighter around him.

He moved slowly in and out of her musky portal, bringing himself out almost to the tip before thrusting in again with an added push from Laura's ankles. Although he knew from experience that they could physically continue in this position for some time, tonight there was no denying how very close both of them were to the edge. All of Laura's signs were building -- the brow clenched in concentration, the hands clutching for a grip, the increasing volume of her moans.

Bending over her again, he slid his arms under Laura, and with an ease borne of much practice, flipped them over without breaking their joining, so that Harry was on his back. Laura sat up. Her hands on his ribs and his on her breasts, she moved up and down with greater urgency as they leaped closer and closer.

Laura clenched her muscles with each upward motion, tiny beads of sweat popping out on her forehead with the effort. Harry was so very close, but tried to hold on just a moment longer, wanting there to be no delay in their simultaneous arrival. He reached down between them and stroked Laura's bud, and with a reaction as hair-trigger as pushing a button Laura froze, her ecstatic moan caught in her throat for a split second before she cried out.

Watching Laura reach her orgasm pushed Harry's button, too, and after a short series of rapid thrusts, his back arched up as he strove to drive himself even deeper into her. He froze for a moment as well, loudly moaning her name, then dropped back to the mattress, physically and emotionally drained.

Laura flopped down on top of him, her heart racing as wildly as his. She lay there for several minutes, spent but recharged all at the same time. When she felt her grip on reality returning she slid off his damp chest and curled up beside him, one leg draped over his.

Although the welcome home had been all she had told herself it would be, it was still preferable to not have to ever plan an occasion like this again, and she told him so.

"This time apart was certainly more difficult than I had anticipated myself." He shifted over onto one elbow and looked at Laura, smiling. "But then, if I had known it would make you such a wild woman, I might have tolerated my hotel room better."

Laura ran her fingers lightly down his body but stopped just short of her ultimate destination. "I can be a wild woman just about anytime you need me to be."

Harry covered her hand with his and guided it down. Laura gently cupped his balls, still wet from their actions. He moaned appreciatively and ran his hand up and down her arm.

"A hotel room is a dark and lonely place at night."

"So is a two story five bedroom house with double garage."

"Indeed. This week has given a new meaning to the burning in Atlanta."

"You mean the burning OF Atlanta."

"You heard me. If it's within my power, I don't want to burn for you like that again, ever."

Laura kissed him gently. "If I ever have the bright idea of one of us going out of town alone again, stop me."

"Without a doubt." He studied Laura's face, her brown eyes glowing in the candlelight. "I love you, Laura."

She brushed his hair back from his forehead. "Not as much as I love you, Mr. Steele."