Steele a Long Way To Go(Part 2)
Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2000
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(Part 2)

Without even opening the envelop, he had an idea what it contained. Remington slipped his finger under the flap and slowly opened it. After reading it a third time he regretted how he treated her. The letter dropped from his hands and he cradled his face in remorse. Remington raked his fingers through his hair and quickly glanced at his watch. He raced to the airport only to find an empty gate with the plane already enroute to LA. Part of him wanted to purchase a ticket on the next available flight. The defensive part that devised the whole plan to push her away, made the decision to return to the Ashford.. One thing for certain, that afternoon when he signs over ownership of the castle to the staff, he gladly be rid of it. It would only sadly remind him of his one night with Laura.

Remington entered the grand hall looking quite depressed. In his hands he still held Laura's letter. His fingers caressing the folds absentmindedly. Mildred remained at the castle oblivious to everything that transpired between Mr. Steele and Miss Holt. When she didn't see them about, she just assumed they were 'honeymooning'. She greeted him somewhat surprised by his demeanor, "Boss?"

"Ah, good morning Miss Krebs" he did his best to perk up.

"Is everything all right? Where's Miss Holt?"

"She decided to return home. You know how she hates being away from the office for so long."

"Why didn't you go with her" Mildred scolded him.

"I need to dispose of this castle and go to London to settle Daniel's estate."

Mildred could sense his agitation and her instincts told her something was up. "I guess I should head back too. She'll probably need some help"

"That's an excellent idea Miss Krebs"

"Do you know when you might come back?"

Remington thought for a moment whether to tell Mildred the truth of what happened between him and Laura The truth that he might never go back. He was certain Laura would tell her soon enough what a bastard he was. Like a coward, he simply said, "I'm not sure".

Laura tried to use the plane as an opportunity to get some sleep. The bizarre wedding followed by the globe -trotting marathon honeymoon took its toll on her. She mistakenly assumed that after the night they made love, they could relax, spend some peaceful downtime before returning to work. The next morning however he abruptly avoided her like the plague. She didn't see that coming at all. She also felt stupid that she insisted that he tell her that he loved her. She further chastised herself for writing that letter.

She arrived at LAX very early in the morning. She just wanted to go home, soak in the tub and sleep....for a week. When she exited the tunnel she heard a disturbingly familiar voice call her name.

"Tony?........My God, what are you DOING here?" Laura sighed thinking this whole situation couldn't get any worse.

"I told you I would never give up on you" He extended his hand holding a small bouquet of roses.

"How did you know I was coming home?" She ignored the flowers.

"I have a friend at the airline" he smugly replied as he relieved her of her carryon bag.

She grabbed it back from him and started to walk away. He followed after her, "Laura, at least let me drive you home."


"Where's your ....." he spit out the word with mix of disdain and arrogance, "husband?"

She stopped in her tracks, turned and bluffed , "He had to finish some personal business. In fact, I should call him and let him know I landed." She walked over to a bank of phones and pretended to engage in a conversation while Tony stood nearby.

"Hi sweetheart............I just landed.........It was the longest flight of my life without you........Yes..........mmmmhummmm....(she giggled for added effect).........Me too.......... .........Call me tomorrow at the office..........I love you too, bye."

Laura reluctantly mused that she would likely be doing a lot more phantom calls to the elusive Mr. Steele. She was a bit out of practice, but she and Murphy pulled it off several years ago and she could do it again. This time however, it wasn't her boss that was always unavailable, she would have to fabricate excuses for her 'husband'. That would certainly put an end to any chance of her having any other boyfriends or relationships. Given the fallout of the current one, that was the least of her worries at the moment. In fact that could work in her favor right now with Tony hot on her heels.

Tony followed her to the baggage claim. This time, too wore out to argue, she allowed him to carry her bag to the curb where she flagged a cab. When she arrived at her loft, her message light was blinking. She skipped past several insignificant messages only to be disappointed again by no message, let alone any kind of apology from him.

Remington fought the urge to call her. He thought it was best to end it quickly. Like removing a bandaid from a wound. He couldn't explain it to himself, how could he explain it to Laura? He had to get past the anguish of Daniel's death. Indulging in a loving, physical relationship with Laura right now seemed somehow inappropriate and selfish. Remington felt guilty and undeserving of such happiness.

Once in London, Remington arranged a memorial service for Daniel. It had been a long time since he spent time in Daniel's house and fraternized with his friends. Even in the midst of his old cohorts, he still found himself looking for Laura throughout the room. A disturbingly familiar voice called his name.

"Felicia." He nodded his head in her direction.

"Michael, it's been too long, and now to meet again under these circumstances is so dreadful," She kissed him on the cheek and pressed her body against his side. Remington wiggled out of her grasp.

"What ?.......Afraid Lulu might see me with you......" She looked around the room. "Tell, me where is your little assistant?"

"She went back to LA already, duty called." Remington tried to shake her by mingling with the other guests. Felicia was intrigued by Michael's revelation that Laura went home without him. She continued to follow him, "Michael, dear, don't be upset with me, when she was the one who left you".

"Felicia, not now.......I'm in no mood ."

"Oh my! I must have hit a nerve..........So she really left you?"

"You are the last person I'm going to confide in about this," Remington stormed out the door.

He walked the streets for hours. He heard nearby church bells chime the hour. He checked his watch, did the math and decided he should at least call her. His heart raced as he dialed her number. Anxiously he waited.......two rings.....three.....He rehearsed saying that he missed her and was sorry how things ended between them. .....four....... Her machine picked up. While he half-listened to her greeting, he looked again at his watch. He recalculated the time zones and confirmed it was past midnight in LA. *Where is she.?......Maybe she is screening her calls*. The beep roused him from his thought and he fumbled with an alternate message, "Laura? Hi it's me....I just wanted to check that you made it home.... I'll try again some other time.... bye".

Laura was actually in the office at that hour. They had a temp service taking messages and sorting mail in their absence. Laura was wading through the huge pile they left behind. Focusing on work kept her mind from rehashing the whole castle ordeal. She was paying the bills when she realized she had a whole new problem on hand. She was supposed to be married to Remington Steele. Most of her clothes were still at his apartment. Too many memories prohibited her from even going there to get her things back. She couldn't stay at her loft while supposedly being married to Mr. Steele. She would have to find a neutral place to live. 'Mr. and Mrs. Steele' would have to buy a house.
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