Lost Art of Steele - Part III-NC-17
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2000
Lauryn Poynor <lpoynor@zebra.net>


by Lauryn Poynor
Many thanks to Anne Rose, wise beta reader and NC-17 guru for invaluable help with this one.
Rated NC-17
"Where do I want you? What a question, Laura," he said with a teasing light in his eyes. "Let's see. Almost anywhere, really." Steele leaned closer, lowering his voice seductively. "My office, your office, the elevator, the kitchen, the floor, the bedroom.."
She rolled her eyes. This was not going to be easy. "How about the sofa?," she offered.
"The sofa it is. I'm yours to command, love." She crossed to the sofa and sat down.
Putting his drink on the coffee table, he gathered up the pad and pocketed several charcoal pencils. He moved the coffee table aside and went into the kitchen, returning with a wooden stool. He glanced at the lamps and toward the window as if checking the light. He centered the stool several feet away from the sofa and then sat on it.
"How is that distance," he asked. "Comfortable?"
"Fine," she said. He moved toward her. She jumped at his touch. He positioned her, drawing her knees up and shifting her until she rested lengthwise with her feet on the sofa. He took off her shoes, reset her feet and then placed her hands so that they rested on her shins.
"This is just a start, he explained. "You can move around a bit when you need to. As I'm drawing, you'll see me turn the page. Then you can move into another position. Whatever you wish. You lead, I'll follow, eh?" It sounded simple enough. Laura calmed down a bit. "Back in a flash," he said. He returned with a metal easel. He set it up, securing the pad in place. From her angle she could only partially view the surface of the pad. He perched back on the stool and began.
His pencil moved in quick, sure strokes, his gaze shifting easily from her back to the page before him. Laura could see the bold outlines of her figure taking shape and substance. She, who had never seen him work, watched curiously. He sketched quickly and skillfully, his long, sensitive fingers curved in concentration, his body at a three quarter angle to her line of vision. His loosely belted robe had fallen open at the waist, revealing the dark, curling hair of his chest. She took pleasure in the view. She caught a glimpse of his thigh as he shifted position slightly. She wondered if he had anything on under his robe. He pushed a stray lock of hair from his forehead. His blue eyes stared at her with complete concentration, unnerving and exciting her at the same time. She had never been the object of such total attention. She sensed his enjoyment and gradually allowed herself to relax .
Close to ten minutes had passed when he removed the pad from the easel, turned to a blank page and re-secured the pad.
She tried to read his expression for some hint of what to do next but he gave nothing away. Gathering her courage Laura pulled her sweater over her head. She unclasped the front of her satin bra and let it fall to the floor. Only a brief flicker of his glance betrayed his surprise. Icy calm, our Mr. Steele, she thought. Maybe he sensed that any reaction would panic her. But despite her earlier fears she was finding it oddly comfortable, as if there was an unspoken trust forming between them.
Absorbed in the moment she committed his image to memory as he in turn recorded hers. With each of Laura's movements the silent communication between them never wavered. The turn of the page came again. She stood up, unzipped her shorts and stepped out of them. She saw him tense and heard the slight quickening of his breath. She reclined before him, her hair tumbling over her shoulders. Her recumbent form took shape under his mobile fingers. She saw his concentration waver slightly. There was an almost imperceptible hesitation as he turned the next page. She removed her panties and stood naked and completely still before him. He held her in his gaze, almost unbelieving, as if she were a mirage that would suddenly vanish. He stopped and stood up, hardly daring to breathe, and watched her walk towards him. When she was inches away she spoke.
"Is this where you want me?"
"Yes." The word seemed to catch in his throat as if her oxygen were burning up his lungs. Without touching him she crossed the distance to his lips. When that distance closed there was no restraint. They sought each other, touching, tasting, exploring - anticipation and hunger making them breathless. Laura slipped her hands inside his robe, feeling the warmth of his chest and the pulsation of his heart against her palms. Insistent, his arms circled her waist, pulling her against him. She felt his erect length press against her body. The heat of his lips moved to the hollow of her throat, then down her shoulders. A stifled cry escaped her as he moved to her breast. He sucked her nipple, drawing her left breast into his warm mouth. He teased the right nipple into hardness with a light touch of his fingers. Longing made her head swim.
She pulled almost desperately at the belt of his robe, pulling it free, needing to feel the heat of his skin against her own. Steele shivered as the robe fell away and her hands slid slowly down his body. Her fingers began at his chest and continued exploring, trailing across his flat belly, then downwards. Finding his erection she caressed the smooth flesh, feeling its hardness against the sheath of her hand. Her lips trailed wetly down his hip as she bent to take him into her mouth. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as she encircled him, her palms pressed against the backs of his thighs, holding him. She relaxed her throat to take him deeper into her mouth. She felt him lean slightly away, as if trying to curb his response. She took him deeper then, from root to tip, teasing the underside with her tongue. Breathing hard he gripped her shoulders, clinging to her as she drove away all thoughts of resistance. Her rhythm continued to work him. She felt the muscles tightening in his thighs and knew he was close. He took what she offered until he knew his own flesh could not contain it and all of him spilled into her. Near collapse, his equilibrium failed and his knees sank to the carpet.
Steele fell onto his side, Laura moving with him, and he pulled her close, gasping. His eyelids fluttered open as she touched the side of his face and smoothed back a damp lock of hair. She held him until the rate of his breathing subsided. Kissing her swollen lips, his hands stroked her skin, barely touching the surface. She rolled on her back feeling almost weightless as his touch meandered across her curves. Wanting more contact she pulled at his fingers. They moved lower, skimming her navel, then tangling in the soft curls below. She felt his warm breath against her skin as his lips continued their descent. She was already wet and parted when he placed his head between her legs. She felt the wet friction of his tongue, up and down, pressure changing with her response. Pleasure pulsed through her like static electricity. She thrust against him as his lips explored her and his tongue teased at her entrance.
Steadily he gave her more until the contact overwhelmed her. Tears filled her vision. Her thighs gripped him and finally she spasmed against him, dizzy with sensation.
She fell back, her legs releasing him. Gradually Laura's breathing slowed and became more relaxed. He watched her in fascination. In a slow progression his hands moved up her body, his strong fingers kneading and soothing her muscles.
"You're so beautiful, love," he said. More than I had imagined."
"It's enough? Just the real Laura, in the flesh?", she asked.
"Oh, yes... Well, never just flesh." Steele replied. "But it is such lovely flesh." His lips and tongue teased her earlobe. His breath made her shiver and she turned to kiss him. Pulling him in, they lay side by side. Her hands traversed him, seeking and finding, traveling from his back and shoulders to the taut, smooth skin of his buttocks. Wanting more, her fingers teased the curve of his hip. She reached between his thighs, testing his readiness for her. He became easily aroused and ready, she found, whenever she touched him.
Rolling back, she pulled him on top of her, lifting her hips to bring them skin to skin. He was large and his first strokes slightly uncomfortable, but soon his hardness glided like silk inside her. Her channel felt incredibly tight and wet to him as he moved in and out of her. He quickened his rhythm as she engulfed him. They moved together, each infused and stimulated by the other's pleasure. She pulled him sideways, still linked and he rolled on to his back. Laura straddled him. She lowered herself down his length, enclosing him entirely. He could sense from the eventual quickening of her movements that she was close and he pushed up with his hips trying to drive her to release. He reached down to their joining, his hand on her, to find the center of her pleasure. Steele heard her cry out and felt her press and contract, her heat surrounding every inch of him. After a few final thrusts, his hands gripped her waist and he pulled the length of her body tightly against his own. Soon, they slept.
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