by Andrea
As a reminder to those who know this episode well, this addition takes place early in the episode, so the identities of Berkholzer, Clarissa, Sam and Langston are unknown to Laura and Steele at this time.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only. I do not own the rights to the characters of Remington Steele, Laura Holt or any others used in this story. I am not attempting to make any profit from this. WARNING: This story is
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Remington Steele was on the verge of pain. He struggled to reach just a little farther under the driver's seat of the Auburn, trying to grasp a small piece of paper under the seat. He turned toward the car door and stretched his arm just a littler farther between the steering wheel and column, grunting with the effort. Whatever it was they were hoping to find, its value had better be worth all this trouble.

Laura Holt struggled, too, but with her smaller size and no steering wheel to impede her, she was able to grope around under her seat more easily. Right now her larger struggle was inside her head. Ever since this car had violently thrust itself into her life, she had felt like she was coming under some kind of powerful magic spell. The longer she sat in the Auburn, the more it was affecting her. She was just beginning to understand what Dr. Harvey had meant. Even so, her intellect still tried to talk her out every impulsive thought that this car put into her head. But her intellect failed to stop her from imagining, repeatedly, what Dr. Harvey and his lady friend might have done in similar circumstances.

In retrospect Laura could not imagine what had gotten into her when she suggested that she and Remington "neck" on the street corner in Bel Air. Out on the sidewalk, for God sakes! But it had been very pleasant, and of course there had been little resistance from Mr. Steele -- but now she recognized the narcotic effect of this car.

She smiled to herself as she remembered Remington's reaction when she suggested that they drive up here. Since her high school days Laura had heard stories about Los Amantes lookout, but since none of her boyfriends in school had had cars, she had no personal experience. And it had never entered her mind to suggest that Wilson bring her here.
Laura snapped back to the reality of the moment and glanced at her partner. His body was still twisted toward the door, and he looked to Laura like he was trying to fold himself in half.

Steele got a grip on the piece of paper and felt the edge of another. As he worked he thought again about what had transpired in the past day. We definitely need more picnics, he thought, as he recalled their hide and seek chase in the park. Laura was laughing, running, keeping just a pace ahead of him until he had successfully outmaneuvered her. And then she hadn't resisted as he kept her in one place for a moment with the help of a tree. Laura had kissed him with carefree abandon, and had even come up with a movie reference on her own.

He was taken aback when Laura had suggested that they drive to Los Amantes, a place he had heard others talk about, talk that was always accompanied by knowing looks, obscene laughter and elbows poked in others' ribs. After getting over his surprise, Remington had thoroughly enjoyed the drive up the winding canyon road, guiding this powerful vehicle through the sharp curves as the sun set over the hills. Now he recognized the gathering darkness and solitude of this location as definitely working to his advantage, especially considering the rather impulsive mood that had suddenly overcome Laura.

Remington straightened up and tried to work the kink out of his back. "Any luck?" he asked.

Laura had a magazine between her teeth for convenience. "Last Nov-" Steele took the magazine out so he could understand her. "Last November's issue of Psychology Today and a parking ticket, what about you?"

"Six parking stubs and an aspirin. Doesn't seem like the sort of things the letter had in mind, does it?" he asked.
"You know, we still don't know if the letter has anything to do with the car coming after us," Laura said. She could not stop the urge the giggle.
Remington did not find anything amusing about a large vehicle trying to run him down. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing, I -" Laura laughed again, tossing her head back. Should she admit the crazy mood this car was putting her in? Oh, what the hell. "I just can't help thinking of Dr. Harvey's libido getting the better of him in here." Or hers, for that matter.

"Ah, or Vanessa welcoming Wesley Poon into the million dollar club," he added. Laura laughed again. "Although it does seem an awfully tight space to trip the light fantastic, doesn't it?" Remington moved fractionally closer, testing his limits.

His movement toward her did not escape Laura's attention. "Well, where there's a will?" she started.

"There's a way?" he finished. He gazed steadily at Laura, trying to read her better. The light was fading fast and he didn't want to miss any signals. "Laura, this afternoon when you suggested that we, uh, neck?" he began, "was that really to avoid the policeman?"

Uh-oh, Laura thought, looking away to avoid that blue gaze. Time to give him an opening, or string him along a little more? She couldn't bring herself to tease him - she was too ready for something wonderful to happen. But maybe just a little tease? "Yes," she smiled at him. "And no."

"Yes and no," Remington whispered. You may never get a better chance, old boy, he thought. He curved one arm around her shoulder and with the other hand framed her face. He kissed her firmly, leaning into her.


Joe Berkholzer raced up the canyon road to Los Amantes as fast as he dared, tightly gripping the steering wheel in his determination. Why were those two so interested in the Auburn? They were really throwing a monkey wrench in his plans, and they needed to be slowed down. He couldn't let them interfere with everything he needed to clear up before the wedding.
Berkholzer knew that he needed to make his point immediately. He thought that a good scare would put them off any more snooping around. Keeping his distance, he had followed the Auburn around Los Angeles until those two had headed out of the city and up toward Los Amantes. He had almost lost them twice, but fortunately it was not difficult to pick out such a distinctive automobile. Now that they were on this road he was fairly sure he wouldn't lose them again, even though it was after sunset.

He slowed for an uphill curve, careful to stay on his side of the road. He certainly wouldn't want to have to explain to Janette why he had an accident on this road, at this time of night.

As he came out of the curve, Berkholzer heard a sharp bang and felt the back end of the car drop sharply. He hung on tight and steered the car to the shoulder, yelling a stream of foul language as the car stopped. He reached under the passenger seat for a flashlight, got out of the car and walked around to the rear, knowing exactly what he would find. He shined the light down the road, where the beam glinted off a jagged piece of beer bottle about 100 feet away. He looked at the tire as it gave a last quiet gasp and sank to the rim. He kicked it hard.

Berkholzer threw open the trunk and removed the spare, tire iron and jack, tossing them on the pavement. He tore off his jacket and yanked away at the four lug nuts, anxious to complete the dirty job as quickly as possible. He swore to himself as he worked, cursing his bad luck.


Remington gently eased Laura back toward the door, not wanting to lean his full body weight on her just yet. This is progress, he thought, if she doesn't get scared.

Laura turned her head toward the seat back as his kisses moved from her lips to her cheek to her neck. Her body and her mind seemed to be moving farther apart with each kiss. This car was acting like a drug on her conscience, pushing rational thought farther into the background.

Remington's kisses reached her right ear, where he tentatively tickled her earlobe with the tip of his nose, deeply breathing in the scent of her hair.

"Laura," he whispered in her ear, sending a series of shivers through her body. Without conscious thought Laura's arms went around his neck, her hands caressing his hair at the nape.

Interpreting this as a signal to continue, Remington turned his body toward Laura, half of him in his seat and the upper half leaning into her. His progress was stopped, however, by a sharp pain in his left side. He realized with great annoyance that the car's stick shift was jabbing him in the ribs. Oblivious to his dilemma, Laura's kisses were moving from his lips to his neck.
"Laura," he whispered again. He shifted his weight slightly, but that only caused Laura to grip the shoulders of his shirt.
Now the hand brake dug into his hip. "Laura," he whispered with greater urgency.

Laura finally came out of her reverie and caught the tone of his voice. Looking toward him, she relaxed her grip on the fabric and returned to reality.

"What's wrong?" Laura suddenly realized how fast things were moving, but in her present state of car-induced euphoria, it was a fleeting thought.

"Uh-- don't take this the wrong way, but --- get out."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Please, uh, get out of the car, before I'm run through by this shifter."

Running her hand down his left side, Laura finally found what the problem was and straightened up in her seat, helping Remington get himself out of his cramped position. She popped open the car door and stepped out, watching Remington maneuver himself to the passenger seat.

"Now what?" Laura asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

Remington smiled expectantly.


Berkholzer was beginning to sweat as he struggled with the uncooperative tire. He tried to hold his flashlight with his chin so he could at least see what he was doing. After considerable effort he loosened the lug nuts and set the slightly rusty car jack under the rocker panel. Slowly Berkholzer jacked the tire up off the ground, stopping long enough to take the lug nuts off completely and remove the ruined tire. He paused for only a moment to examine the two inch long gash in the sidewall.


Laura stood beside the Auburn, her right hand on the open car door, contemplating her next move. Well, control freak extraordinaire, she thought, what now? For a split second her mind tried to override her hormones. It's too dangerous, it's too soon! her mind said. Hurry up, before it's too late! her hormones argued back.

Laura could see that Remington sat with his arms slightly outstretched, as if to welcome her. Fortunately it was too dark for her to see how his face fell when she hesitated.

C'mon, Laura, he thought, seize the moment. He smiled again, hoping against hope.

In the next second the argument in Laura's head ceased. The same impulse that had driven the others overcame her own misgivings.

Laura climbed over Remington's knees and settled herself in his lap, kicking off her heels and putting her feet up in the driver's seat. Remington shut the car door behind her and wrapped his right arm around her shoulder.

Well, old chap, you're the one who enjoys impossible challenges, he thought. Where do we go from here?

Laura answered Remington's unspoken question as she sealed his lips with hers. No longer wondering whether Laura was going to suddenly change her mind, Remington drew her closer, his left hand pulling her hip over. He pressed her upper body against his as he gently coaxed her teeth apart, their tongues meeting tentatively.

Laura slid her right hand inside his shirt, spreading her fingers around his warm side. Her fingernails lightly grazed his skin, and she felt Remington jerk and try to squirm away. She smiled to herself as she realized that he was ticklish, there at least. Rather than torture him anymore, she moved her hand to his smooth back. Their tongues danced more intensely.

The darkness was almost total now, and Laura wished she could see Remington's face better. However, the rest of her senses were overcompensating for her inability to see. She could feel the warmth of his skin and taste his delicious mouth. She could here her heart hammering in her head, and smell Remington's intoxicating blend of his cologne and a little perspiration. All of this only added to Laura's arousal.

Remington pulled away a fraction, gasping for breath slightly. "Laura," he panted. "Laura, never have I been one to miss any opportunity, but?"

"But--- what the hell has gotten into me?" Laura finished.

"Well," he said tentatively, "in a word, yes."

Laura paused for a moment. "Wesley and Vanessa, Dr. Harvey and his lady friend. I can't stop thinking about what other people have done in this car, and I don't mean driving," she whispered.

Remington considered her meaning. He could barely see her face, but her tone of voice carried all her intent.
"Laura, if you're sure you want us to be the next…….."

His reply was cut off by Laura's renewed assault on his lips. She moved her hand from his back to his neck, working her fingers under his collar and holding him there.

Remington slid his left hand up Laura's side, and then up and down her back. Laura reached down to pull his shirttails out and finished unbuttoning the shirt buttons. Remington found the hem of Laura's blouse and pulled it out from her pants. Now having some room to maneuver, he quickly unclasped Laura's bra and ran his fingertips up and down her uninterrupted spine. Not bad for left-handed, he thought.

Laura's entire body shivered at his actions. Her center of desire flooded with warmth as Remington's left hand moved to cup her breast. She knew that he was similarly affected, as his hardness pressed into her hip. She ran her tongue around his.
Remington wanted to proceed further, but his arm had been pressed between the car door and Laura for several minutes now, and he could feel his fingers going numb. Fantastic!, he thought, what else can this car do to slow me down? He hated to break the mood, since things were going so well, but now he felt shooting pains up his arm because of his ulnar nerve pressing into the door.

Wincing slightly, Remington broke their kiss and gave Laura a little push to sit her upright. She rested her hand on his shoulder and turned toward him.

"What's the matter?" she asked, hoping that nothing was going to get in their way now.

"Arm's fallen asleep," he said apologetically. Laura considered this for a moment, and then took his arm in both hands and began rubbing it briskly. The pins and needles feeling in his fingers was almost unbearable as circulation returned.

"You know," she said, "this would work a lot better without this shirt in the way." She hooked a finger into each of his braces and slid them away, then pulled on the cuffs until his arms came out of the sleeves. Freeing the shirt from behind him, she tossed it on to the driver's seat.

Not wanting to have one of her arms pinned uselessly underneath her from now on, Laura grabbed the steering wheel and pulled herself onto her knees. Turning toward Remington, she moved to straddle his legs, a knee on either edge of the seat.
Remington felt like he was sliding farther and farther into some fantastic dream. He desperately wanted this to be the real thing, but his recollections of Laura stopping short of moments like these kept a kernel of doubt in his mind. He certainly had been more than ready any number of times, but had always held back in deference to Laura's misgivings, regardless of how wrong those misgivings were. But this couldn't be a dream - Laura's presence was too close and too real, and the building pressure in his groin too great, for this to be anything but reality. Nevertheless, he still could not reconcile the intense nature of Laura's passion right now with past experience.

Laura held Remington's face in her hands, feeling the day's stubble that grew there. Her kisses moved over his cheek and around to his ear, where she gently sucked on his earlobe. Her hands moved down his neck to his shoulders and on to his chest, where her fingers lingered to play with his chest hair.

"Fair's fair," Remington muttered as he found the edge of Laura's shirt. With both hands he quickly moved up the line of buttons, slid off her blouse and bra together, and tossed the mass of fabric on the driver's seat.

Remington's warm hands moved to caress Laura's breasts, his thumbs causing her nipples to harden instantly. Laura drew a sharp breath at his touch. The wetness between her legs increased as her hands moved from his chest to his erection, gently pressing his hardness through the pants fabric.

Remington gasped at the realization that Laura was finally touching him, his nerve endings overloaded with the sensation. With what remained of his presence of mind he realized that it was not going to be easy continuing from this point. He felt like an Olympic runner, racing around the track, trying to overcome each hurdle as it was put in front of him. Laura's pants had to go, and now.

His hands moved down to undo her pants button, and then the zipper. Her hands on his shoulders, Laura waited with bemusement as she realized Remington didn't know what to do next. She would wait another moment and let him work this out on his own.

"Laura," he begged. "Help."

Laura had an idea what to do, so she slid her knees off the car seat and behind her, her feet on the floorboards and back under the glove box as far as she could. Remington hooked his thumbs into her waistband and pushed her pants and underwear as far down as he could reach. Laura shook one foot and then the other out of the pants legs, leaving a pile of fabric at Remington's feet. She returned to her previous position on his lap and pressed her naked body against him. Remington's level of arousal went up another notch.

The scent of Laura's arousal filled the air. "Anything to help the cause," she whispered. She put enough space between them to unbuckle Remington's belt, followed by his pants button and zipper.


Berkholzer rolled the donut sized spare up to the car and heaved it into place. In his haste his foot slipped in the gravel on the shoulder and he heard the metallic ping of one of the lug nuts escaping. He fitted the spare on the car and grabbed his flashlight. In a high temper now, he swept the beam across the gravel, hoping that he did not kick the lug nut very far away. He made an arc several feet from the car, not seeing the dark metal. He stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. Slow down, he thought, or you'll never find it.

He forced himself to look more methodically, bending over and examining the ground carefully. After about five minutes he practically stepped on the nut about 10 feet from the car. He ran back and began to spin the nuts back on. Working fast, he tightened up the spare and dropped the car back to the pavement, throwing the jack and tire iron in the trunk and abandoning the ruined tire beside the road.

The gravel flew as he spun his tires pulling back out onto the pavement. It can't be much farther from here, he thought, and then the message can be delivered.


Laura slid her hands inside the waistband of his boxers, working her way around to his back. She began to push his trousers down as far as she could. Remington took the cue and lifted his hips up off the seat a few inches. Laura kept pushing, taking a moment to fondle his buttocks. "Mmm, very nice," she whispered.

Laura moved around to his front to free his erection from the elastic. She raised herself up on her knees to get his pants down the rest of the way. Remington sat in the seat again. He couldn't have cared less that his previously crisply pressed trousers were now in a heap on top of his shoes. He pulled Laura against him and kissed her hard, one hand tangled in her hair and the other squeezing her buttocks.

Laura reached between them and gently cupped his balls in her hand, pressing his hardness with the heel of her hand. Remington moaned loudly. He was quickly approaching the point where what little control he had left would soon be gone.
Still sealed in their kiss, he moved his hand from her butt to her upper inner thigh, running his fingers along her silky soft flesh.
Laura knew that in a very short time she would go over the edge. The combination of her prolonged celibacy, this automobile and this incredible man taking control of her body were quickly pushing her arousal beyond the limit.

"Please--- touch me," she breathed into his mouth. She wrapped her hand around his hardened penis and gently squeezed it to emphasize her plea.

Remington's fingers obligingly slide over Laura's swollen labia. She moaned loudly, grinding her hips down on his hand. His thumb grazed her bud and she responded by pressing her torso against him again, still gripping his penis.

Laura couldn't wait a moment longer. She had to feel Remington deep inside her, now. She inched forward and guided him to her opening, rubbing his tip against her. Slowly she eased herself down on him, savoring the sensation of his entry.

Remington could barely hold on as Laura's tightness surrounded him. He tried to concentrate on keeping some control, but all of the blood flow to his brain had gone elsewhere now and he was unable to think about anything else except what Laura was doing to him. Placing his hands on her hips, he slid forward in the seat a couple of inches to change the angle of his body, allowing him deeper penetration. Laura gasped as he did so, clinging to the edge between sanity and ecstasy.

Laura moved up and down, finding her rhythm, his chest hairs tickling her breasts. She held on tight to the back of the car's seat, her climax building steadily. Beads of sweat began to run down her neck.

Remington placed his hands on the seat on either side of Laura's knees, locking his elbows to give himself some leverage to push up with his hips and provide some rhythm of his own.

That move soon proved to be enough to send Laura over the edge. As the first wave of her orgasm crashed over her, she gripped Remington's shoulders and cried out in pleasure. The overwhelming sensation flooded her senses, and she came close to passing out.

The sound and feel of Laura's orgasm put Remington into high gear, causing him to thrust himself into her even harder. A moment later he exploded inside her, her muscles gripping him tight. Frozen for a moment in mid air, his arms finally gave out and he dropped back in the seat. Laura collapsed against him, spent but ecstatic.

After several minutes Laura's heartbeat slowed down to normal. In one way she was thankful for the darkness and quiet of the lookout that had allowed her to focus fully on all the sensations she had felt. But at the same time she had so wanted to see Remington's face when they came. She had fantasized many times about what had just passed, but front seats of antique cars had not been part of them.

She pushed herself upright again. Her knees were beginning to ache - a lot. She could feel Remington's increased body heat radiating toward her as she lightly ran a hand over his sweaty forehead and down the side of his head. She shivered for a moment as her damp body began to chill in the night air.

Remington groped around in the driver's seat for his shirt. When he found it he draped it over Laura's shoulders and pulled it around her. He smoothed her hair away from her face and kissed her deeply.

"Laura, that was fantastic ---- beyond description. You were incredible."

Laura smiled. "I can't believe how wonderful that felt, how good you feel." Had she detected a note of disappointment in his voice, or was it her overactive imagination? He had just said it was fantastic, so……"But it wasn't what you were expecting, was it?"

Not wanting to break the mood he had waited so long to achieve, Remington hesitated. "Well, no. Believe me, when I had finally convinced you that making love with you was a beginning for us, and not an ending, there was going to be candlelight, champagne, a special dinner, dancing?"

"Sounds wonderful. This Friday?"

Remington reached under the shirt and pulled her against him again. "I imagine that could all be arranged in a short time."
Laura laughed and kissed him again. She thought a little thank you for whatever magic spell it was that had been placed on this car, that had caused her to let go long enough to hold this man in her arms, no matter how awkward the position.

Remington would have liked to continue what he imagined doing with Laura, in private, but there was no way he was going to repeat the experience in this cramped area. What he needed was a little more space, and a lot more comfort.

Reluctantly he broke their kiss. "Laura, why don't we go back to my apartment, where we can stretch out a bit?"

"I can't think of anything better. Should we pull ourselves together?"

"We certainly can't go anywhere like this."


Berkholzer eased out of the curve and spotted the clearing overlooking the city. There it was! He shut off his headlights and slowed to a roll. The Auburn sat, engine off, but where were that man and the girl? Wait - did he see someone's arm? Well, he couldn't wait any longer than absolutely necessary. He picked up the handgun from the passenger seat.


Laura pulled his shirt off and gave it back to him. She reached down to pick up the clothes on the floorboards. She already had an idea of what she'd like to do with Remington when they got home, and her mind wandered. Lost in her fantasy, she was unaware of the car pulling up behind them.

Remington tried to pull himself together enough mentally and physically to drive home. He too was unaware of the car rolling toward them. He wondered how they would ever get this car back to its rightful owner, and started to hope that they might not be successful.

He shrugged his shoulders into his hopelessly wrinkled shirt. With any luck no one would be in his apartment building elevator and see their disheveled appearance.

"Laura, my clothes are a lost cause."

She leaned her forehead against his. "Mine, too. But it was glorious getting them that way, wasn't it?"

Remington couldn't stop himself from gripping her head and kissing her hard. He promised himself he would not let this passionate side of Laura get buried again.

A sharp report followed by the loud crack of the windshield breaking just inches away caused both of them to jump.
"What was that?" Laura asked in a panic.

"I think someone's shooting at us!" Remington said, incensed and frightened at the same time.


"Because we were kissing. Someone's always shooting at us when we're kissing!"