Maltese Steele (Unedited)

by Suejue

(More good stuff just lying there getting stepped on...tsk .... tsk....shame on PAX)

(setting: Remingtons hotel room)

"I still dont like this."

"I promise you, Laura, well return the cross to the museum once we find our fortune."

"Do you really believe in all this buried treasure business?" Laura turned the Maltese cross, examining the map etched into the back.

"There are dozens of movies made on the topic." Remington put on his shoes handing her a pith helmet.

"Oh, well, in that case, it must be true," Laura sarcastically replied. "Are these really necessary? I feel like we should be in a Tarzan movie instead."

"Tell me, Laura, what would you do with millions and millions of dollars?"

She thought for a moment and shook her head, "I don't know I guess that would depend."

"Depend on what?" He automatically asked.

"Things...circumstances....lots of factors," Laura answered evasively. There was really only one factor that she had in mind. Him. What would happen if they did find a cache of wealth? He would no longer need to be Remington Steele. She would no longer have a need for Remington Steele. Laura sadly deduced that by having it all, she'd be losing it all. There he stood, just a few feet away, so excited at the prospect of finding untold riches. She was kidding herself if she thought he would stay, but felt compelled to ask anyway, "What would you do?"

His eyes lit up and he grinned shamelessly, "Oooh Ive given that lots of thought over the years, and I decided that jet-setting, globe-trotting playboy doesnt sound so bad."

Laura already suspected that was his agenda, but was somewhat surprised that he would declare it with such obvious delight. She slowly repeated, "Globe-trotting playboy? Ah....So....So youd be leaving LA then?" Laura continued to pretend to inspect the artifact. She briefly glanced up then quickly away, "Leaving the agency?....Ummm... your apartment?" With her back to him she closed her eyes regretting instantly that she actually asked him that.

"I don't know, I guess that would depend," he mimicked what she said earlier.

"Depend on what?" Laura also played the deja vu game.

"Things...circumstances....lots of factors." Remington stepped behind Laura and put his arms around her.

"LA could be homebase, so to speak. And I could change from jet-setting, globe-trotting playboy to jet-setting, globe-trotting couple if you would be so inclined to join me." He tightened his hold around her and further imagined, "Just think Laura, we wouldnt have this business versus pleasure impasse anymore."

Laura smiled at his implied commitment. She turned in his arms and reciprocated the embrace. "Let's go find our treasure, Mr. Steele."