Much Ado About Steele 2/4
Date: Friday, January 05, 2001 <>


She opened her eyes.

"Good morning," she stretched and yawned.

"Good morning," he responded with a grin.

Laura eyed him quizzically. "Why do you have that look on your face?"

"I came to Los Angeles to steal jewellery and I end up married instead!" he shook his head ruefully. "I'm probably the laughing stock of London's criminal element!"

She pushed him playfully. "I believe the term for your predicament is 'divine retribution' Mr Steele."

"I believe the term for my predicament is 'in the mood' Mrs Steele." He bent his head to kiss her but she placed her hands on his chest, stopping him.

"Good lord! That reminds me -"

"Of an obelisk? A rocket? A megalith? A -"

"No Mr Steele that's not what I'm talking about...a caber we saw tossed at a Highland game maybe." She smiled then said, "We got a letter yesterday from The Thistledown Hotel about -"

"The Thistledown?"

"The hotel in Edinburgh, remember?"

"What about it?"

"The day we had that row?"

"Good grief Laura, I need more than that to place the day."

"Okay, the day we had that row about that woman. Now do you remember?"

"Which woman?"

"That woman you were planning to marry to avoid depor -"

"Ah yes, Wednesday. What about it?"

"Well, the night we made up -"

"No need to thank me Laura. It's my duty as a husband."

"Mr Steele, please. The night we made up - well, admittedly we made up rather vigorously -"

"Laura, our first time together was vigorous. Since then it's been Force 8 on the Richter Scale. Total destruction: waves on the ground surface, cracks in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, river courses altered, vision distorted -"

She slapped her forehead. "I'm beginning to learn that it's
impossible to talk to you in the mornings."

"Some people reach for a cigarette when they wake up, others require caffeine, I need -"

"Anyway, as I was saying. We made up rather vigorously and we've now been sent the bill for the bed. I'm sorry Mr Steele but we didn't get away with it."

"We crept out of that hotel for nothing? You mean I could have had a hot breakfast after all? I'm devastated Laura."

"To the matter at hand Mr Steele."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Pay it. Send them a cheque, a 'Thank You' card and a bunch of roses. What's a broken bed compared to a night like that, eh? I think we went for a world record."

"We broke it. And the bed too."
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