Steeling in the New Year

By Suejue

(Camera tightly focused on label of champagne bottle then slowly pans back to reveal it open, on top of coffee table. Wider angle reveals two glasses nearby, half full, still effervescing. Camera continues to pull back until open bedroom door comes into view in background. Only shadows cast against door and distant male voice heard coming from within.)

“Now that’s the proper way to ring in a new year.”

(Camera angle now favors bedroom to find Remington lying on top of Laura in bed. His upper body weight supported by bent arms under her. Covers loose and slightly askew to reveal one of her legs bent. Candles lit on nearby dresser provide minimal light.)

“It sure beats noise makers and silly paper hats,” Laura agreed, lightly running her hands down his spine, “But you counting down was a little much.”

“I thought that was appropriate, given the traditions the holiday dictates. And if I’m not mistaken, you didn’t think it was too much at the time. . . All that ‘more, more’ and ‘don’t stop’ business.” Remington lowered his head. He snatched a brief kiss then traced the outline of her chin with the tip of his tongue down her throat. He nibbled over to her lobe and whispered near her ear, “I believe, you even joined me at the stroke of midnight in explosive exuberance. ”

“Oh stop. I hate when you do that.”

Remington pulled back with a puzzled expression. Her neck and that soft spot behind her ear usually launched her into irrepressible behavior.

“Not that,” Laura assured him, “ I mean when you remember every little embarrassing thing I do in bed.”

“I wouldn’t say embarrassing. Endearing is more like it.”

“Endearing?” Laura thought that was a peculiar choice of words. She lifted herself from the mattress indirectly pushing Remington to one side.

“Yes, endearing. . . or special, if you prefer.” Remington qualified.

“Well I don’t feel special, I feel uncomfortable.” She pulled the sheet up to cover her body.

Remington snuggled closer. He gently tugged at the sheet attempting to join her underneath, “That’s exactly the appeal, my dear. To your family, Mildred, and clients you are the ever capable and decorous Laura. But with me for a few magnificent, albeit brief, moments, you cannot control what you do or say. The fact that you only do that with me makes it very special. You admitting that it makes you uncomfortable is merely a bonus.” He trumped that statement with a self-satisfied wink.

“Who says I only do that with you?” Laura countered with some good-natured teasing of her own. She further insulted, “And with all the OTHER men, it isn‘t so brief.”

“Oh ho, I see, ” He chuckled and took that as a challenge. Remington yanked the covers away and swiftly pinned her once again. His hands held her wrists above her head as he was intent to redefine her notion of ‘brief’. He held her firmly, not that he would ever force her or hurt her in any way, but there were so few occasions where he enjoyed any kind of advantage over her. Even as smart as she is, there are times when someone needed to teach her a lesson or two. After all, Laura was the one who provoked this.

She tried to wiggle loose, but he only seemed to enjoy the futility of that more. So Laura decided that passive disinterest was the best tactic. She vowed to herself that no matter what he fondled or kissed; no matter if he used his lips, hands and/or penis; no matter how gentle or intense; no matter how deliberate or frenzied; no matter how incredible it felt; she would give him no satisfaction in letting him know.

In that position, she lay unyielding, but vulnerable. The highly sensitive sides of her breasts were exposed and exploited by Remington’s mouth. Starting on one side then moving to the other, he brushed across hardened nipples, taking a moment to gently suck each one. Her attempts to ignore him were useless, Laura let out a soft moan and relaxed into submission. Even though she lost this battle of wills, there was a fantastic consolation prize involved.


Somehow in the midst of the struggle, they reached an unspoken truce. Top or bottom, side by side, front to back, it didn’t matter. The pleasure was always a two way street. No one was selfish. No one was short changed. Remington, who started in the dominant position was now underneath. Although still physically joined, that was no longer the focus. They were reluctant to pull apart. It always seemed to help them talk more intimately. It’s rather senseless to try and erect a wall when there is no space between to start building.

“Laura, do you make resolutions?” Remington posed a question appropriate for the occasion.

“No, not really. I disappoint myself enough without making promises that I know I can’t keep.”

“That surprises me, Laura. You seem like the type of person who would make a list and have the doggedness to stick to it, no matter what.“

“My willpower seems to have waned recently.”

“Really? I wonder why?” His hands traveled purposefully up the back of her thighs stopping at her buttocks where his long fingers circled naughtily

“I made a resolution to ignore you about a half hour ago, you saw how good I managed to keep that one.”

“Well some resolutions are just foolhardy and downright impossible to keep.”

Maybe you need to just pick one and concentrate on that.” Remington suggested. “We could even have the same one. . . be there to support each other.”

“Like going to the gym?” Laura thought that would put an end to the whole conversation.

“Surely, there must be others to consider,” Remington suggested.

“Well, this one person I know keeps insisting that there is life outside the office and

I should learn to enjoy it more.” Laura looked at him knowingly.

“Sounds like a very wise person.” Remington flattered himself.

“But do you think you could tear yourself away from your desk, Mr. Steele? I know what a tremendous sacrifice that would be for you.” Laura playfully chided.

“I’ll do my best. You know how I hate to disappoint.”

The End.