A Steele at Any Price- A midway Continuation
Date: Friday, August 02, 2002

Well, i'm off hiatus (or am i on it?) ... So while i was "away" I was
bored and i must have sex on the brain cause like every episode i picked to 'extend' ends up with hanky panky or something resembling that. This one is just one that i wrote and it was kick ass, then i forgot to save it and had to start over and i get this instead :( Heh, well humor me anyways. And again this fic made possible by a grant from the Nancy episode archives foundation. permission to archive.........or burn


A Steele at any Price..............a midway continuation

Rated: NC17

At Steele's apartment, a jubilant Laura uncorks a bottle of champagne,
laughing delightedly, singing as she pours three glasses. "You and the night and the music, Fill me with FLAMING desire. Setting my being completely- on FIRE!" she stands beside Steele as he painstakingly removes the backs of the canvases.

"Thank you," he tells her when she sets his glass down. He removes the first one, revealing a portrait. "Rembrandt," he tells them. "Stolen from a Belgian museum."

Laura laughs. "Why stop at three? He must have a whole museum hidden in that gallery!"

"I'd call this a fair night's work,"

"Fair? I'd call it FANTASTIC!" .

"You seem awfully - up, Miss Holt," Ritchie notes.

"Why shouldn't I be? Mr. Steele's opened up a whole new aspect of our work
for me."


"I prefer to think of it as - purloining,"

"Even though it's in a good cause, should you be quite so happy about it? I mean - you ARE a private detective."

"Oh, believe me, after a while, it gets just as predictable as any other job. Find a body, find some clues, find the killer." She takes a sip of champagne.

Steele looks at her.

"Ah, yes. By the time afternoon rolls around, we're watching the clock like everyone else. Monet. Taken from the private collection of a Parisian banker. I think we're gonna need a top notch forger for this, Laura."


"You don't think I'm going to hand the originals back to Conant, do you? I'll wager there's a hefty finder's fee for each one of these little beauties,"

Laura smiles.

"Mr. Steele is VERY big on finder's fees,"

"But- I thought we were gonna trade them for Molly?"

"We are. Only we're going to substitute copies for the originals."

"Couldn't that be dangerous? Palming off fakes on a man like Conant? Not that I'm a coward-"

"We understand, Ritchie."

"I'm gonna take a walk," he decides. "Clear my head." Once the door closes, Laura sits beside Steele as he loosens the cover of the panel.

"I'm beginning to understand why you did it," she tells him.

"Did what?" he asks, concentrating on his task.

"What you did," she says, resting her chin on his shoulder. He glances at

"Oh, that." She starts kissing his neck. "Laura, please. This is painstaking enough without that sort of distraction."

"Oh, my heart's going a mile a minute. I can't seem to stop it. The rush is INCREDIBLE!" He removes the covering, revealing the painting. Laura gasps as Steele is stunned.

"The Bordeaux Panel," he tells her. "I finally feel as though I'm holding a woman I've been after all my life," he sighs.

As Remington looked at the panel, lost in his own little world, Laura stood
up and went out into the hall where Ritchie was still waiting for the
elevator. "Ritchie?"

"Yes Miss Holt?" He turned.

"I think we have everything under control here, you can go home if you like."

Ritchie let out a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear, I don't think I
could spend anymore time in there with those. Considering what they mean."

"I understand Ritchie." She smiled. "We'll call you in the morning." The
elevator arrived.

"Good night Miss Holt."

"Good night, Ritchie." The elevator doors shut and Laura went back inside.

"Conant's giving a party tomorrow," Laura tells him. "In honor of Joanne
Pitkin. She invited me." She laughs. "I think we stole his appetizers."

"Sounds like the perfect setting for a swap meet,"

"How VERY bold you are, Mr. Steele," she says. Steele smiles. She moves
closer. "How would you like to hold another woman you've been waiting for?" she asks, kissing him. They lean back on the couch, the kiss lengthening.

"And they say crime doesn't pay,"

"It does tonight," Laura resumed her former position. "I sent Ritchie home. I didn't think we needed a chaperone." Remington knew what Laura was feeling.

He had been there himself. Actually the feeling was still there after a
successful heist, just easier to repress with experience. He wanted to
repress nothing tonight though.

"Not feeling quite yourself Miss Holt?" He teased her

"I feel absolutely fine. What's wrong with the way I'm feeling?" she asked
seductively. He pondered this for a moment.

"Nothing at all." He leaned back into the kiss. Laura had raised her right
leg over his and Remington rested his hand on her knee and slowly began to
caress her thigh. Not like Laura needed anymore incentive but she moaned her pleasure against his lips. He moved his hand higher on her leg to her rear.

Laura raised up and straddled Remington and he let his other hand wander to meet the other. Laura's hands were exploring also and she began to untuck his turtleneck from his trousers. She then let her hands explore his warm flesh underneath. It was Remington's turn to release a sigh of pleasure. Encouraged by his response Laura reached down and began to slowly unbuckle his belt. Remington meanwhile moved his kisses lower on Laura to her neck and she stretched back to give him unhindered access. He kicked of his shoes and he soon heard Laura's heels drop to the floor also. He was getting ready to lay Laura down on his couch when she suddenly stood up and motioned for him to follow. He stood and kissed her again and she drew him into his bedroom by his unbuckled belt.

Just as they crossed the threshold, Remington pulled Laura into a searing
kiss and slowly backed her up until she made contact with his dresser. Again her hands slid beneath his shirt and she began to pull it over his head. She ran her hands over his chest and trailed back down to his belt. Time for that later he thought and slowly pulled Laura's shirt over her head and off her body. Laura snaked his belt free and let it drop. He reached behind her and slowly unzipped her skirt until it was freed to the floor. Laura concentrated on their kiss momentarily as did Remington.

Moments later, he lowered his kisses following a pattern of freckles until he let his hands begin to roll the top of her pantyhose past her hips. He knelt down and kissed her flat belly as he pushed them down the rest of the way along with her panties and Laura stepped out of them. He trailed his hands up her thighs and across her backside then to her back as he stood back up.
Laura shivered from the contact and Remington claimed her mouth once again.
He let his hands trail up her spine until he found the clasp on her bra and relieved her of that hindering garment too. She was finally naked in his
arms. If his hands hadn't been pleasing her he would have pinched himself. He wanted to please her more than anything. He wanted to let her know how glad he was she finally allowed them to move the relationship forward. With that thought he slowly turned her around and kissed the back of her neck. One hand traced her delicate stomach and the other gently cupped a breast. The contact made Laura arch into him. The hand on her stomach continued lower to investigate her most private of places. Laura turned her head, reached up and behind her and pulled Remington's lips to hers. His hand continued down until he found the spot he was looking for. Laura broke the kiss with a gasp and Remington opened his eyes. He could see them in the reflection of the mirror on his bureau. He wasn't never much for voyeurism but seeing his hands on Laura's body made him infinitely more excited. He felt he could come just by the image he saw.

"Laura, luv, open your eyes." Reluctantly she obeyed. Her eyes met his in the reflection and her gaze followed his arm down to where his hand all but disappeared inside her. Remington cautiously let a finger enter her. Laura's eyes shut again as she leaned against the dresser for support and Remington held her tighter. The position was amicable for both. Him for entry and her for support. When he felt she was sufficiently aroused he entered her with a second finger and she leaned farther into him. Her movements against him heightened her pleasure and he knew she wouldn't last long. He kissed her neck all the while keeping his eyes glued to her in the mirror. He then began to move behind her. He knew he was straining but he wanted to bring Laura to her release. He could wait to ease his discomfort.

He watched her begin to lose herself in him and he was quite excited he was the reason for it. It was awkward, but he reached down with his other hand to find her sensitive clitoris and it didn't take much more before Laura began to start her final ascent. She stopped voluntary movements as the involuntary ones took over. He never stopped watching her as she finally collapsed in his arms. A few moments later as Remington resumed his kisses, she turned in his arms. She thought about speaking, even tried. But she was, essentially speechless so she did the next best thing. She placed a most searing, aggressive 'god- that-was-fantastic' kiss on him. He pulled her tight and she felt his arousal between them.

She backed down from the kiss and began to unbutton his pants. Then pulled
his zipper down, meanwhile he was back to kissing her freckled shoulders. She still hadn't caught her breath but at this point they were both breathing heavier than usual. Laura let gravity do it's job and soon he was as naked as she.

Again he grabbed her close, needing to feel her full length against him. He looked into her eyes and saw they were still slightly glazed. He picked her up and placed her on his bed and laid beside her. "Laura, you were incredible." Again she tried to speak.

"Unbelievable. That was-incredible." He could only smile. And continue to
kiss her of course.

"You were indescribable as you came. You are so beautifully sexy Laura."
Pretty heartfelt words from him. Words that gave Laura her second wind. She teasingly climbed on top of him and again was straddling him for the second time that evening. She kissed him down his chest and wasted no time in making her way to where she wanted to be the most. She teased a little but soon put him out of his misery by grasping him in her hand. She let her tongue lightly around his tip before taking him whole. The thought didn't belong in her mind but she knew that if she did this one act, he would be undeniably hers. Just as she was now his. She monitored her results by his moans. She paid attention to every part of his anatomy in the near vicinity and soon she was rewarded with his release and she relished every drop. She kissed her way back up to him and waited for him to recover. He looked at her and was wearing the same glazed over look she had 15 minutes ago. He, too, was speechless. When she kissed him and he tasted himself he was hard again almost instantly. He rolled on top of her and their passions erupted again.

He wanted her. Wanted her more than any other woman he had ever been with.
But he wanted her to be with him when they came together for the first time, so he continued down again and began an onslaught with his tongue and fingers.

He was confidant she was ready to take him and he worked back up and slowly entered her. Laura had refrained from being intimate for some time but he
slipped in with ease. He didn't want to move. He wanted to remain still and for the moment Laura was content with that as she kissed him. He then felt
her muscles contract suddenly around his penis and he almost came from that alone. It was Laura's signal that she was ready. He began a slow rhythm on
top of her and she matched him effortlessly. He glanced in the closet mirror and saw them together. He couldn't believe he was finally making love to her. He stopped, and the couple in the mirror stilled also. It was reality. She watched them also and was almost brought to tears by the sight. In a word it was beautiful.

Remington flipped them over and Laura sat up to deepen his penetration. After a while it became more frenzied and he took her hands in his and intertwined his fingers with hers. She leaned back down still holding hands and placed them on either side of his head. They both knew they were close and Remington was trying very hard to wait on her. He heard her mutter 'close' and then felt her muscles contract wildly around him which made him erupt with her. She collapsed on him and he held her tight and they remained that way for a while. She rolled off him to lay her head on his chest. After some tender kissing he looked her in the eyes "Laura I have never experienced anything like this with any other woman." He was truly sincere.

"I must agree, although I'm sure the list of women I've been with is shorter than yours." They both laughed.

"I'm serious Laura. Good Lord woman, what are you doing to me?"

"Why do you think it is so different for us?"

"Simple." He made sure he had eye contact. "We're in love." She wasn't
shocked he said it, it was par for the course for them.

"I think your right." She kissed him again. He pulled her as close to him as was possible and soon both were asleep. And if either could see the couple in the mirror they would have noticed them wearing the same satisfied smiles.