A 'rogue' Steele Drivin' Man NC-17
Date: Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Anne Rose <LCHAnne@hotmail.com>

For those of you who are regular readers of Fred's adventures (and I thank
you), this is a dramatic departure from the norm. Someone else has taken up the pen, and it's not your usual diary entry. You'll see what I mean.

This one is NC17, and shows why you have to be over 18 to be on this list! I hope you enjoy reading it, and as always your feedback is appreciated.


SDM 69
DATE: December 16, 1984

Hey, look what I found under the seat. That poor sucker I've been replacing has a diary! I was just trying to find the map book, and here it is. This
makes for some pretty entertaining reading. Your boss really gets around.
Well, buddy, whatever your name is, you're going to read about what I've
been doing while you've been laid up. Must be a bitch for a chauffeur to
break a leg, especially the right one.

Oh, and before you get any bright ideas, don't bother calling the limo
livery about me. As soon as this gig is over, I'm shipping out to the
Baltimore branch, and my brother is the shop steward of the union there, so don't think you'll get anywhere by reporting me. If you try, I'll just let
the LA union know about some of your 18 hour days I've been reading about
here. And the weekends.

I've seen this plain vanilla limo when I've been contract driving for one of the liveries in town. Hanging out in parking lots you have to find ways to kill time, and after awhile all the same people end up at all the same
parties anyway. So this beast looks like all the others, but those "RSTEELE" tags kinda jump out at you.

Speaking of R. Steele, that's exactly why I grabbed this job. Man, what a
looker. When your folks are staying out late and you're killing time
watching people come and go, you start to put cars and their riders
together. So between the pictures in the papers and a little observation, it didn't take me long to figure out who went with what. Standing around in parking lots waiting, I knew which limo I would stay near whenever I had a

When the livery was handing out jobs one morning and I saw his name on the
worklist, I called in a couple of favors and got the gig. What you could
call a dream assignment. Actually I'd come close to having an accident once or twice spending too much time looking in my rear view mirror, but I was
willing to take that chance. Oh yes, best looking passenger I have ever
had. I don't know if it's those blue eyes, or that dark hair, or that fine
accent, or the way he looks in a tux. Hell, it's all of the above! Gets me
wet just thinking about him.

I don't make a habit of going after every guy I drive for, but I had to have this one. He was definitely worth the work, and the risk. Talk about a smooth ride...but more about that later.

I'd been spending a lot of time sitting around waiting these last few weeks, since I have strict work rules to follow, so unless I'm getting overtime I'm not working evenings. Doesn't seem to be all that much work getting done during the day, but I get paid just the same. There's dead time but my imagination has filled it in well - that's been working overtime itself lately.

I could see Miss Holt is definitely all business. Sure don't know why she
doesn't take Steele home with her every night. I know I would, in a
heartbeat. There's a lot going on there I don't understand, but it doesn't
matter because he'd been one miserable boy. Until recently.

She'd been giving him such a cold shoulder I could see the icicles hanging
from her sleeves. Apparently she didn't feel the same way about him that I
did. After this occurred to me I started turning on the sympathetic ear for Steele when she wasn't around. I tried coaxing some small talk out of him,
just chit chat about stuff in general. Then I started reading his moods a
little better, and when he seemed down I'd ask what was wrong, and
eventually he'd give out a little info, but it seemed to be the tip of the

Last week after we dropped her off he was quiet the whole way to his place, and looked like he was a million miles away. So I decided to try for an
opening. When he let himself out, I jumped around to the car door to close
it for him like I always did, but first I cornered him between me and the
car. I moved in very close and told him that if there was anything I could
do to make him feel better, I'd be happy to do it. It took a second for
that to soak in, and I knew it would shock him. It sure did. Maybe he's not used to women coming on to him like that. I thought if he shoved me aside I wouldn't chase him anymore, and that would be the end of it. But he kinda
froze, and I ran my hands up his lapels, then stepped aside. He rushed into his building and didn't look back. But I knew I'd planted that seed.

Our next few trips were even quieter. I kept watching him in the mirrors,
but he wouldn't make eye contact. I didn't let up on the suggestions,
though. Every chance I got, that is when Miss Holt wasn't around, I made
another little move. Never passed up a chance to compliment him on his
clothes, which wasn't a stretch, and never missed a chance to make sure he
knew I was looking at him. During those times when she was around, I made
sure I hung on every word he said. I figured if I kept chipping away,
eventually he'd crumble.

Finally last night, Miss Holt went home in a major snit. We had been at some benefit at the Coliseum, and something must have gone really wrong sometime during the evening. They didn't argue in the car, but when they got in I could tell they were mighty tense. The ægood nights' were pretty brief, and he didn't even walk her to the door like he usually does. He stared out his window the whole way to Rossmore. When we got there, I made my move. I parked at the curb and shut off the engine. He got out and I came around. I didn't shut the back door, but I did pin him against the rear fender. If he wanted to get away, he could. I grabbed him by the lapels (damn, those are handy) and kissed him hard. I slid my hands inside his jacket and worked a leg between his. At first he stood there, barely moving a muscle, but just like someone throwing a switch, in the next moment he had his arms around me and was pulling me against him. I leaned in harder and pressed my thigh up against him.

I slid us along the car and pushed him back in. I shut the door behind me
and got him onto his back. The light from the street wasn't much, but it
would be good enough for this. I straddled him and went after his tie and
shirt buttons. He pulled me down for another kiss, and this one had some
serious fire in it. I got his shirttails free and ran my hands over his
chest. Hmmm, fabulous!

He went after my tunic buttons and I lost a couple along the way. I
shrugged out of it and then he took care of my bra. His hands were on my
breasts in a second, and as wet as I was all evening thinking about this, I was even wetter now. I leaned over him with my hands propped on the door
frame, and his mouth moved from one hardening nipple to the other. God, I
was ready to come right there, it felt so fantastic. His hands moved to my
ass and he squeezed them hard while he sucked. I think if he had touched me then I would have gone right through that car window.

I sat up and went for his belt. He was definitely carrying a lovely bulge
in his pants, and I had to get my hands on it. He helped out and lifted his hips while I got his pants and boxers pushed down, freeing his cock. Talk
about your fantasy fulfillment - this was better than even my active
imagination could invent. I put both hands around him and squeezed and
pulled. Most beautiful hard-on I've seen in a long time. He groaned really
loud - good thing the windows were closed. I stopped before he got too far, and I guided his hands to my pants zipper. He took care of that quickly,
and between the two of us I got naked fast.

I knew what I wanted next, for both of us, so I turned around and settled
myself over his face. His fingers and his tongue attacked me, and I knew it would not take him long to make me come. I did the same with my hands and
mouth, and I lathered that fine quivering cock up and down while I massaged his balls. I licked him all around the tip and then sucked it in as far as I could. He bucked around under me, and I thought if I weren't careful I'd put him over the edge too soon.

I sat up and concentrated on what he was doing to me. His hands clenched my thighs as his tongue dove in and out, and when he took my clit into his
mouth and flicked it with his tongue I went over the edge. I squirmed over
him, screaming in ecstasy as he drove me up and over. As soon as I had a
little grip on reality I swung myself around again and sat on his thighs as I searched for my pants. I couldn't see his face in the shadow where he was lying, but he was breathing hard. I finally found my little package, and
rolled my protection over his length. I worked fast, because if I was going to complete this fantasy, I didn't want him to have time to think about what he was doing. Kneeling over him, I lowered myself onto him slowly, enjoying the feeling of conquest over this gorgeous target. He sighed really loud, and it was obvious that he hadn't gotten any for awhile, because he was moving under me as soon as I settled in. He hadn't had much practice lately with his self-control, I would guess. I barely moved as he thrust in and out. I was so wet it was running down my thighs and onto him. I held back because it was obvious that one good clench from me would end it. I moved his hands to my breasts and he rubbed my nipples to hardness again. It didn't matter if I came again - I had this man inside me and I was going to ride him as long as I could. That was good enough for me.

I started moving back and forth, sliding him in and out ever so slightly.
He was way far gone now, and I was in control. After a few minutes I
squatted and started moving up and down fast. He started to buck again, so
I stopped and leaned over, putting a breast in his mouth. I gripped him
hard, tightening my muscles on each upstroke. The groaning got louder and
before long I was joining him. He was into it now - he pumped fast until he crammed himself into me, hard and loud. Although I didn't expect it, I came with him, and cried out just as loud as he did.

I collapsed on top of him and it was several minutes before we both were
back on earth again. His conscience must have finally showed up, because he didn't put his arms around me, and when I bent to kiss him he turned away
and all I got was his hair. Obviously our evening was over, so I moved off
him and sat off to the side. I handed him his pants and he pulled them back on and buttoned his shirt. He was out his side of the car in less than a
minute, without a word. Apparently he wasn't going to clean up until he was safe inside.

I sat in the back seat and recalled everything in my mind. It was definitely worth every chance I took. When I get to Baltimore, no one will care that I screwed Remington Steele, but I can carry it around in my head and play that movie over and over.

Happy reading, buddy. I found one of my tunic buttons, but if you find the
other one, could you mail it to Baltimore?

The End