Running scrap scene
Date: Thursday, February 22, 2001
sue hantak <>

Steele in the Running- Scrap Scene

(I am assuming Laura's little 'folly' (as Remington put it, but PAX chopped that too) happened on a Saturday. The following scene transpired on the Sunday after the triathalon)

Laura slid the door open to her loft then instantly grimaced with her hand automatically covering her mouth, "Damn," she admonished herself. "I've lost all track of time." She glanced at her wrist, "I should call Frances and tell her that we're running a little late."

"I already did. Laura where have you been all morning? I tried to call several times."

"I got an address off the registration form and went back to the organizers of Westside Triathalon to get a jump on the case." Laura made a quick circuit of her loft. She breezed through the kitchen turning off the coffee maker and rinsed her cup.

Remington crossed his arms, "Need I remind you that it's Sunday? Normal people sleep in, attend church, go to family we're supposed to." She bounded up the steps to her bedroom area where she straightened the comforter and closed the closet door.

Remington continued, "Donald is grilling as we speak and your sister, no doubt, is popping Jell-O out of the mold, wondering where we are."

Laura smirked at the mental image of the great Remington Steele eating Jell-O. She reached around the bathroom door jamb and turned out the light. "Well you're right, I couldn't find anyone to answer my questions. I'll go there first thing tomorrow."

"What questions? It was a simple occurrence of mistaken identity. There is nothing to investigate here."

"Mistaken identity?" Laura grabbed her purse and keys and walked toward him still standing in the doorway. She demonstrated, "You make it sound like someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Excuse me Miss, you look vaguely familiar'".

Remington opened his mouth to clarify his point, but Laura cut him off, "TWO MEN tried to run me off the road on my bike, them forcibly SHOVED me into a van." She stepped into the hall and once Remington was out of the loft, she locked the door.

"Laura, you're safe, you even finished the event. No harm done, eh?" He smiled delightedly, hoping she would see it his way for once.

"Aren't you the least bit curious that someone tried to grab me?"

"Concerned, yes. Curious, no."

"Concerned?" Laura perked up at the prospect that he was about to actually acknowledge some of those guarded feelings that he keeps so secret, sealed and locked away .

"Of...of course, I was concerned. I," he stammered, uncertain, how to get out of this. "I mean, if anyone is going to grab you..." He wrapped his arms tightly around her, "I think it should be me."

(Cut to Snap Hooks commercial)

The End