Scene Steelers...A Continuation- NC-17
Date: Monday, July 22, 2002
Cindy <>

So i find myself still on the bored side so here is another
continuation. The ep is Scene Steelers and it starts at the end of the ep.
Initial dialouge was 'sampled' from Nancy's invaluable episode transcripts.

Scene Steelers a continuation
NC 17 for people doing nekkid stuff

"Truly a wondrous place, Hollywood,"

"What is this? I thought we were going to just grab a quick bite while we
finished our paperwork."

"Laura, We must never, never allow our work to interfere with other, more
pleasurable pursuits." He picks up a plate with a square velvet box on it.

Laura looks stunned. She slowly and cautiously opens the box and smiles at
the necklace inside, lifting it up to look at the heart. She smiles, kisses him. "Thank you."

"And now," he says, turning his attention to the food, "the piece
d'resistance." He removes the cover of a chafing dish. "Which would you
prefer? Chef Gaston's Beef Bourguignon?" He removes another as Laura laughs. "Or Veal Fricassee? Eh?"

1 hour later

"What say we dispense with the paperwork until Monday."
"We're here, might as well do it now. If it's keeping you from something, I can finish it myself." Laura stood up from the impromptu dinner table. Steele rose to cut her off.
"well it is keeping me from something." He reached out a hand and she took
it. He drew her nearer.
"Must be important." She stepped even closer and wound her arms around his
"Most definitely." He leaned down and kissed her, she in turn used this kiss to properly thank him for the pendent. He tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her tight against him. Laura didn't back down from her onslaught, which, at the moment, threw Remington for an ever so slight loop. The fleeting thought quickly passed and he wrapped his arms around Laura to the point where he could almost touch himself again. A few more moments passed and Laura still wasn't backing down. Decided to see what her agenda was Remington lowered his left arm farther down her back and slipped his right one under her legs as he scooped her off the ground. Laura's arms stayed around his neck and she gently began exploring his mouth in more detail.
Remington couldn't believe she hadn't backed down yet. He stood motionless
for a few moments longer then began to walk towards the couch. He turned and sat down placing Laura in his lap. Her hands continued towards his hair.
Her tactic finally changed as she broke their kiss and trailed them down his jaw then to his neck and hit the zone that made him moan out loud. She smiled
briefly and moved her assault to the other side of his neck. After a while
she slowly disengaged herself and sat up. Remington was slow to open his
eyes. Surely this was a dream right? When he finally focused on Laura, he was surprised, pleasantly, to see her unbuttoning her blouse.
For the first time in a long, long time, Remington was utterly speechless.
But he still had his wits about him, enough so to take Laura's hands in his to stop her. He moved his eyes to hers and saw that she wasn't backing down. He released her hands and began to unbutton her blouse himself. His hands were rock steady but he felt far from it. He finished with the last button and slowly untucked it from her skirt, but made no move to remove it further.
He simply put his hands inside of it and embraced her again. Laura let out a slight gasp as his warm hands made contact with her even warmer flesh.
Laura slid off his lap and stood in front of him and let her blouse fall
sensuously off her body then straddled Remington's legs so he was pinned
between her thighs, her knees making contact with his hips.
"Laura," he began hoarsely, but was quickly silenced when she again captured his lips. She also began to relieve him of his shirt. Remington had finally overcome his bewilderment and raised Laura up a little and began to kiss the nape of her neck. He slowly followed a systematic path until he found himself between her breasts. Laura arched slightly in anticipation. He backed off a little and leaned forward just enough to get his arms out of his shirt and deposit it on the floor. He resumed his task.
Laura wasted no time in reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, which
Remington slid it off her shoulders. When she was bare to his eyes, he looked up to her and simply said "beautiful".
Remington wrapped his arms around her again and kissed her with renewed
vigor, all the while letting his hands roam her exposed flesh on her back.
Suddenly he stood up letting Laura's body slide down his. He reached behind her and slowly unzipped her skirt and it soon was on the floor also, her
panties quickly followed. She was equally deft at removing his trousers. In mere minutes they were both completely naked and exploring each others
bodies. Remington gently backed Laura down onto the sofa and followed to lay with her.
"Still feel like doing paperwork Miss Holt?" Laura paused, feigning
contemplation. "Undecided eh? Let me see if I can change your mind."
Remington began to place light kisses on her forehead and began to leisurely peruse her face and neck. At the same time he gently grasped her breast with his right hand. Ever so slowly lightly tracing his finger around the soft flesh.
Laura closed her eyes and arched her back into him, telling him with her body how good it was. After he teased her for what seemed like forever, he began to move his hand down even farther, exploring her body totally. Before going to where he had wanted to go since he met her, he paused.
"Are you absolutely sure about this Laura." He was already to the point of no return but his conscience made him ask it.
"I have never been more sure of anything in my life."
"You have no idea how glad I am to hear that." he smiled.
"Oh, I think I do." she smiled back. With that Remington continued his
exploration. He knew that this was quite possibly the most important night in their relationship and all he wanted to do was make Laura feel as good as she made him feel. He had a pretty good feeling he was. Especially as his hand slipped lower down Laura's body.
He could feel the heat well before he got there, and when he finally touched her, he was elated that he could make her react to him this way. Once Remington began to probe her most private of places, Laura mentally kicked herself for waiting so long to succumb to his charms. Once a fingered entered her, Laura's thought process stopped completely.
Remington was gentle in his exploration, he knew Laura had been without a man for sometime now and he wanted to make sure she could accept him with no discomfort whatsoever. After a while he entered her with a second finger and began to lightly tease the bud that rested just under his thumb. Laura was absolutely floating with the pleasure she was receiving. She couldn't hold back and began to moan her pleasure aloud. Remington finally felt like Laura was being her true self, and he would be with her every step of the way.Remington removed his fingers and positioned himself at her entrance and slowly began to enter her. Laura drew her knees up and angled her hips in anticipation.
"Please, I need you," she stopped to take a breath, which hadn't been coming easily the past few minutes, "I want you inside."
"Oh, luv." he half groaned as he pushed slowly into her. At that moment they both stopped. Stopped moving, stopped breathing, stopped thinking. Laura wasn't sure but she could swear that Remington placed this moment as one of the most important in his life, she knew she certainly did. Remington kissed Laura with a restrained passion but she made no mistake in his intent. Soon he felt Laura begin to relax around him and he slowly began to move above her. Laura matched his rhythm with movements of her own. She was close already.
Neither were very vocal in their endeavors, instead content to draw the
moment out. Laura's body was inching closer to her release when suddenly,
without breaking their contact, Remington sat up on his knees bringing Laura up to an almost dominate position and held her close as their pace ever so slightly became more frantic. He was dangerously close and he felt the need to hold Laura in his arms when they achieved their goal. Soon they were both just seconds away and just as suddenly and slightly unexpected they both reached the pinnacle together.
It was a few moments before either could speak. Instead Remington pressed a
hard kiss onto Laura's mouth. Laura ran her through Remington's damp hair as he did the same over her back.
"my god." Laura finally spoke. "That was incredible."
"No arguments here. God Laura, I can hardly believe this happened."
"I can't seem to resist you."
"Or I you. Thank you," he paused, "for letting me in." She finally trusted
"Thank you, for being insistent." They laughed at that. Laura's walls would never have broken down on her own. Not with those past demons she held onto. He hugged her tight.
Laura broke the embrace. "C'mon," she tried to be businesslike and began to move off him. "we have work to do." He quickly grabbed her back onto his lap.
"Nonsense," he quirked an eyebrow, "I'm just getting warmed-up."
The paperwork could wait.