2nd Base(Scrap scene)
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000
From: "sue hantak" <hantaks@mtco.com>

Second Base Steele(unedited)

by Suejue

(I'm been to the PAX editing room once again and found this gem)

"Laura let's just pick one and get out of here," he insisted with patience
wearing very thin. She had one ball glove on her hand and another tucked
under her arm. She was flexing the leather, making a fist and repeatedly
pounded it into the webbing.

"Here try this one," she pulled it off her hand and tossed it in his
direction. She then did the same routine to the Rawlings that she had held
in reserve. He examined the gloved with a fleeting inspection, "It's fine,
can we go now?"

"We have shoes, socks, glove...that just leaves one of those." Laura pointed
to the pegged display of athletic supporters and protective cups. She
started to flip through the assortment of supporters, "What is your waist

For some reason, this crossed the line of where he wanted any more help from
Laura. He was embarrassed by her all-too- helpful assistance in choosing
this particular equipment. Remington stepped in front of her, nudging her
aside and took over the duties of looking for the suitable size. A medium
supporter labeled for waist size 28-34 was selected and slipped under his
arm out of Laura's view. He then turned his attention to the cups. He
searched through a handful when he realized they had no size

Laura stood by, highly amused by his discomfort of shopping for this in her
presence. " What's the matter? Can't find a color to your liking?"

"Is there only one size for these things?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Laura took the one from his hands and examined
it more closely. "I guess its one size fits all," she assessed with a shrug,
handing it back to him.

"One size fits all? How insulting," Remington sniffed, apparently offended.

Laura snickered at his reaction, "Well think about it.... If they made them
in small, medium and large, wouldn't ALL men and their massive egos(she
looked intentionally below his waist) buy nothing but the large ones?"

"Marketing strategies aside Laura, we do come in different sizes."

Laura tried to maintain her composure, but his Freudian choice of the word,
æcome' made her lose it, "Really? She replied in between giggles, "You don't

He was still unaware that Laura's took a detour into the gutter and walked
further down the aisle, "Do we need any bats?" He turned to find her still
laughing, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, I'm just thinking about your equipment."

He picked up a bat and weighed it in his hands and swung it lightly. He
picked up a second bat and compared the two, "What's better, 34 inch 29
ounce or 33 inch 31 ounce?"

"It's not the size of the bat that matters, Mr. Steele. It's whether or not
you can hit." she was not talking about baseball.

He finally realized the innuendo in Laura's voice. "Just want to hit a
homerun, Miss Holt."

"Actually, I prefer a man who can drive deep into the gap." Laura replied
casually pretending to look at the batting gloves.

A lecherous, nervous smile surfaced, "You have a dirty mind, Laura."

"I'm just talking baseball, Mr. Steele," she tried to maintain an innocent
facade, but her blushing cheeks and mischievous eyes gave her away.