Semantic Steele
Date: Tuesday, January 01, 2002
Steele Chic <>

Happy New Year all! Hope you managed to ring in 2002 with style and fun. Here's a little something that popped into my head. Enjoy!

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Rated NC17 (I guess) for adult content.

Semantic Steele.
By SteeleChic

Laura moaned as she writhed in anticipation, her hips lifting from the bed in impatience, bringing a self indulgent grin to Remington's face. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her soundly as he finally ended their sweet torture by thrusting slowly into her warm and welcoming body, joining them intimately.

Both had waited so long for this moment that neither could quell the fierce rush of sensation that accompanied their coupling. Hips thrust frantically, lips tasted, teeth gnashed and hands caressed. Laura locked her ankles together high around Remington's back and arched into him, meeting each of his strokes with an answering one of her own, harder and faster until -

Laura's eyes popped open and consciousness slowly returned. It was only a dream. She took a deep, cleansing breath and suddenly stiffened as she became aware of the long leg covered with springy, dark hair which lay between her own, the arm curved around her waist and the warm presence beside her in bed.

Her heart started pounding as memories came flooding back. Memories of a candle lit dinner, cooked to perfection, wine that perfectly matched their meal, music that effortlessly matched their mood and dancing to illustrate how gracefully they matched each other. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing, that is, except for the fact that she had woken up naked, in Mr Steele's arms and in his bed. Nothing except that they had overstepped every boundary, broken every rule, questioned every answer. And the one question that crowded Laura's mind was not how or why, the answers to those were perfectly obvious. The answer Laura needed was to the frighteningly real question, "What happens next?"

What happened next would make it perfectly clear to Laura whether there was any truth to her fear that Remington Steele was only sticking around for one thing and suddenly Laura realized that she didn't want to be naked when she found out. She had made herself vulnerable enough by allowing things to progress beyond the bedroom door in the first place.

Carefully, she slid out from beneath his arm and began dressing quickly and quietly. Buttoning her blouse, she made her way across the room in search of her pantyhose and froze when the floorboards creaked loudly under her weight.

Remington stirred and reached out for Laura's warm body but his hand encountered cool sheets. His eyes sprang open in confusion and searched the room for her, finding her half dressed and looking guilty as sin.

"Laura, what are you doing?" he murmured as he sat up and ran a hand through his sexily mussed hair.

Laura willed her heart to be still and her voice steady as she replied, "I have to go home and get changed before work."

"It's Saturday," Remington reminded her.

"I-I meant housework," she faltered, "I have chores to do, I need to go to the store and buy groceries..."

"Laura, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong," Laura's voice came out high pitched and strained as she bent down to collect the wayward pantyhose. She was desperate to be the one to walk away from him, to leave on her own terms before he could break the news she was dreading to hear, "I want to make it clear that just because we slept together, I don't expect anything from you," she said in a rush of words, "I don't imagine anything will change -"

"We didn't just sleep together Laura, we made love," Remington interrupted her softly.

"As if there's a difference," Laura scoffed in a voice that was low and even. She stopped still, caught like a deer in headlights by the cadence of his tone.

"You're damn right there's a difference, and you know it!," he exploded, surging off the bed to stand beside her, resplendent in all his naked glory, "A man and a woman make love when they're in love."

"Semantics," Laura shrugged and turned to walk away.

In a firm but gentle grip, Remington grasped Laura's arm and turned her to face him, "I thought you said I was the one who was always up to some antics," he said in a vague attempt at brittle humor.

When Laura failed to see the funny side, his expression softened and he took her face between his palms, "It's not semantics Laura, it's the situation we find ourselves in. I love you and you love me, and it's about bloody time we both pushed aside our fears and did something about it before it's too late."

Laura gazed at him and blinked in confusion, "I... you.... what?"

"I love you, Laura," he repeated with a lopsided grin.

"I thought that's what you said," she murmured, her coffee colored eyes still round with surprise.

"And?" Remington prompted.

"And?" Laura repeated dumbly.

"And you love me, too," he coached.

"And I love you, too!" she cried, launching herself at him and covering his face in frantic, tiny kisses.

The force of her attack toppled them both backwards onto the bed. Their kisses lengthened and deepened, their short breaths became sighs and moans of longing and soon Laura was naked again and Remington was running his hands appreciatively over her curves. Her skin was wonderfully soft and so pale as to be almost translucent, smattered with the freckles he found so appealing

Lifting his head he gave her a licentious smile, "Now," he murmured, "Let's get this morning off to a more satisfying start, eh?"