Sensitive Steele - A Continuation in Four Parts
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2002
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Sensitive Steele - A Continuation in Four Parts
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Timeline: Immediately following Sensitive Steele (It
is helpful if you have recently seen the episode. I'm
sure you'll find the time to dedicate yourself to this


Part 1 of 4

What had started out as one of the worst weeks,
relationship-wise, for the famous duo was about to
explode into a weekend of passion. Had Laura known the
course of events, she may have dodged the opportunity
as she had so expertly done in the past. As it was,
Remington's offer was the one he'd made countless
times before. Little did they know that nothing would
interrupt their journey as both had come to expect...


"You know, we could drive up the coast a ways, maybe
stop at a winery or two," Remington said as he pulled
the auburn out of the luxury spa.

"I would have that you'd had enough of the coast for a
while, Mr. Steele," Laura answered.

"Well, I wouldn't say that, Miss Holt. Perhaps a small
holiday somewhere more suitable would help us forget
the last few days."

"Hmmm... maybe you're right," she said, unexpectedly
to Remington's ears.

"Separate rooms optional..." He prompted.

"Just drive," Laura shot back at his suggestion.


La Luna Hotel
Pismo Beach, CA

"This is exquisite," Laura beamed as she and Remington
walked into their ocean-view suite.

"I must say I agree..." Remington said as he watched
Laura open the French doors leading out to their forth
floor balcony. "I'd say the view is ravishing," he
said to himself.

"What was that?" Laura asked as she walked back into
the room.

"Oh, nothing. Just agreeing with you."

"This was a good idea, you know," she said as she
approached him. "Maybe we can... start over from the
other day," she said and tilted her head as if to ask
for a kiss.

"Other day?" he said, staring at her inviting lips.

"Before those horrible classes..." she said, still
waiting for the kiss.

"Seminars, Miss Holt," he whispered and finally leaned
down to press his lips to hers...


Looking back on the matter, Laura would have suggested
a momentary lack of reasoning skills on her part.
Remington would say that it was just meant to be. At
any rate, it was the softest, most romantic kiss that
either had ever shared, and it lasted for endless
moments. Contrary to her nature, Laura had no words to
describe what was transforming inside her. Years later
she would say that something changed inside her, and
she felt she was finally able to let down her guard.

Perhaps it was because they had never kissed like
this, or perhaps it was indeed the ocean air as
Remington would suggest days later, but they stood in
the middle of their suite, in each other's arms,
sometimes kissing, sometimes holding each other.
Thoughts of pulling away where nowhere to be found in
Laura's mind, and Remington's usual panic as his
arousal soared was also absent.

In silent agreement they finally parted, and Remington
led the way into the main bedroom...


Part 2 of 4

"This is beautiful," Laura said as they entered the
large bedroom.

"Yes, the attractions keep improving, I must say,"
Remington answered.

Laura looked out the window to the beach and tourists
four floors below.

"Should we leave the curtains open?" she asked.

"I don't see why not. No one can see in from this
height," he murmured as he
walked up behind her. He placed a chaste kiss to the
top of her head and held her close.

"No, I suppose not," she agreed after a long while.

"Well." he let the question hang over them.

"Well," was her only answer.

"I meant what I said earlier, Laura. This doesn't have
to happen now. We can
just enjoy this lovely view here." It wasn't a
complete lie. He wouldn't
push her into anything she didn't want.

"You know I want it to, Mr. Steele," she said and then
laughed. "Mr. Steele.
I don't even know what to call you now. Mr. Steele
sounds so formal."

"I told you, you can call me anything you'd like. I've
probably used it," he
reminded her of a long ago conversation. "Besides, I
plan to render you
speechless any moment." He kissed the top of her head
again to punctuate his

"I'm trying to be serious here. What do you want me to
call you when we're
alone?" she asked and turned to face him.

"Hmmm. how about Love? I suppose I could live with
that." He joked but was pleasantly surprised to find
she liked the idea. Her acceptance of his honesty made
it all the more easy to pull her towards the bed. She
followed him but was stopped short when he sat down.
"After all, that's what we're about to do. It's rather
fitting, don't you think?" He reached for her again.

"I- " his warm hands caressed the back of her thighs,
slowly inching upward.

"Splendid. Now that that's settled," he repeated the
caress, this time his
hands sliding up and under her skirt. She wobbled and
grasped his shoulders
for support as his fingers teased her panties. "Silk,

"That surprises you?" she hissed as his fingers
plunged beneath the fine material. She ran her fingers
through his hair.

"Nothing you do could possibly surprise me after
today, Laura," he said as
he kissed her. The panties slipped to the floor, and
soon her skirt and
thigh-highs followed. Her sweater and top flew
somewhere east of her other garments and was quickly
followed by her practical bra.

Somehow they ended up on the bed, he, fully clothed,
and she, wearing
nothing more than him.

"I feel at somewhat of a disadvantage here." She meant
it only half way and
ran her hands through his hair again.

"Shh. let's not rush this. Trust me, Laura. Lie back."

Laura did as requested and watched him remove his
sweater and t-shirt. His
jeans chafed her sensitive skin, but he left them on
for the moment. Dressed only in his jeans and socks he
moved back to kiss her.

"You're beautiful, Laura," he said when their lips
finally parted. His
kisses moved down her neck, her clavicle, her breasts.
"So beautiful," he
whispered again and again as he trailed warm kisses
down her stomach. "I
want to taste you," and he did, much to her surprise
and secret delight.

He parted her thighs and kissed each gently, finally
turning his attention
to where she wanted him the most.

After the shaking subsided and she could regain her
breath she opened her eyes.

"You're still overdressed for this party, Love," she
crooned and reached
for his fly.

He kissed her then, hard, letting her taste herself on
him, showing her how
wonderful it was, mimicking what was to come later.
Finally, he let her up
for air and let her roll him onto his back.

"Button fly, Mr. Steele?" she asked semi-rhetorically
and popped each
button, one by one. Judging by his strained
expression, not quickly enough. She pulled the jeans
down his body and watched as he expertly toed his
socks off. He caught her 'I don't even want to know
look' and gave her a smile. His briefs came next, and
she was mindful of his erection. He toed those

"Why do I get the feeling you've done this before,"
she said as she watched
him kick his underwear across the room.

"Lau-ra," he sing-songed. "I've not kept anything from
you. You know my
past. All I can ask of you is that you trust that I'm
exactly where I want
to be. With you."

"In bed."

"Yes, well." he glanced down at himself.

She gently pushed him down onto the comforter. "Stay,"
was her only command,
and he followed her lead, letting her do what he'd
done moments before. He
watched her through hooded eyes as she seemingly
kissed every inch of his
neck, his chest, his stomach. And just when it felt
like she was taking forever, she grasped him.

"You don't have to-" he choked out as she held him.
His eyes finally closed
as she pressed her lips to him. He understood moments
later that her
inquiries into his sexual history were only teases.
Her mouth and hands moved skillfully over him, quickly
bringing him to release. Panting and trembling, he
hadn't even had time to think about asking her to

"Just returning the favor," she whispered as she
snuggled into his side.

"Give me a few minutes, Laura..." he panted."I'm not
as young as I used to

"You're the one who said you're not in a rush. I'm not
either. Might as well
take full advantage of the afternoon." She drew
imaginary circles on his

"I never -" he tried again to explain but she silenced
him with a kiss.

"Just accept it, Love. We have all afternoon."

He shifted and they pulled back the covers. Her back
to his chest, they slept.

Part 3 of 4

Not intending to, they slept until dusk. It could have
been the fact that
they were comfortable where they were, she tucked into
his body, his warm
limbs surrounding her. Or, it could have been the fact
that their bodies
were temporarily sated, although not completely
satisfied. It could also
have been the fact that they hadn't slept much over
the past few days due to the waking nightmare that was
Freidlich Spa.

Remington thought it must have been all three because
he was the least bit
surprised to wake up and see the sun about to set.
Over Laura's shoulder, over the Pacific to be exact. A
small debate emerged in his mind over whether or not
to call room service or to let Laura have her way with
him again. She slept on, however, so he gently rolled
out of bed to relieve his bladder and then call for

Of course, when he returned from the bathroom Laura
was awake, her eyes
wide with the obvious thought that he'd up and run off
during their nap. He watched the thought pass from her
mind as her eyes took in his body, golden from the
sunlight and perpetual tan he seemed to keep year


"Hungry? I was about to order some dinner," he said as
he quickly crawled
back under the covers.

"Don't," she stopped him from pulling up the sheets.

"Ok, well we're bound to get hungry later," he

"No, that's not what I mean. I meant don't hide
yourself from me. You're
beautiful, especially in that light," she told him,
and he was a little embarrassed but mostly relieved
that she seemed to appreciate his physique.

"Do you really think so?" he asked sincerely.

"Very much so. In fact, I'd say that this is the
perfect light by which we
should finally consummate this relationship of ours,
don't you think?" Teasingly, she pulled him onto her.

"Uh. I suppose you could say that, Laura," her legs
parted and his thought
processes ceased to operate. "Damn, wait a minute."
Well, almost.

"Don't worry about it. It's taken care of." At his
questioning gaze she
mouthed "birth control pills."

He mouthed "ah" back and kissed her gently. He didn't
need much
encouragement, but the way Laura ran her hands down
his back didn't hurt.
Finally, her hands settled on his hips to help guide
him into her.

She didn't speak, but he could read her eyes asking
him to take it slowly,
to not hurt her. He tried not to shake as he rose
above her, and whether it
was nerves or something else, he was grateful that she
helped guide him to
her. She was slick, and yet it took her a few moments
to adjust to even
slightest movement. Finally, she yielded to him and he
gently eased into her warm body.

"Relax," she whispered and kissed his ear. "I won't

"Good to know," he whispered back but let his body
rest atop hers. "Is this

"It will be once you get a move on," she thrust her
hips to emphasize her

She wrapped her arms around his neck and his hands
tangled in her hair. They
barely moved. His short thrusts matched by her soft
replies undermined the
passion within them, yet they were content to draw out
the moment, especially considering the importance both
had placed upon it.

Again they kissed, long and soft and deep, and their
hips gently rocked against each other. Long moments
later their lips parted, and Laura bent her knees to
angle her hips just a little. Remington took the
invitation and changed his rhythm, although still not
pulling out more than halfway before gently returning.

If Laura wanted more, she was keeping quite about it.
Little did Remington
know that what they were doing was working wonders for
Laura. The gentle
slide of his body above hers, and the quick yet
no-too-hard pace was
touching her in just the right spot with just the
right pressure.

And for his part, Remington was unusually content with
things, thankful that
Laura had acted so selflessly that afternoon and still
in a daze that this moment was even happening. He now
knew that he wouldn't have been able to contain
himself earlier, and even now he had an itch to push
harder, push faster.

Lost in his thoughts, he almost missed Laura's gasp.
Her hands slid down his
back, her thighs tightened around his hips. These
signs he would not have
missed. Her delight in him gave way to pleasure and
then to ecstasy.
Her mouth sought his in an urgent kiss, and then her
back arched.
Her body tensed mid-thrust, and then she was quivering
around him. Under him, over him, surrounding him.

It was too much. Too much for him this time, and he
let her come down from
her climax before he lost himself in her, finally
coming to a shuddering
stop a few moments later as the sun finally dipped
below the ocean.

Part 4 of 4

When Remington woke the next morning the sun had yet
to make an appearance,
but the sky was a magnificent blue-orange. This time
he found Laura facing
him, her eyes open but glazed in what he would come to
know as her 'morning
after daze.

"You're awake," she said, although somewhat muffled
speaking to his chest.

He cleared his throat, some of yesterday's nervousness
having resettled in
the pit of his stomach.

"Good morning to you too, Laura," he said and hugged
her close.

"I'm starving," was her response, her rumbling stomach
her point.

"Considering we haven't eaten since yesterday
morning." He rolled over to
look at the clock. "It's only five-thirty. Think
they're up?"

"I checked. They start serving at six. That leaves us
with half an hour, Mr.

"So, it's back to Mr. Steele, eh, Laura?"

"Only until I can brush my teeth and go to the
bathroom." she rolled out of

"Point taken. Why don't you use the bathroom? I'll go
find my toothbrush." He tried to roll, too, but found
that his legs weren't in the mood to cooperate.

"Can you grab mine, too?" he heard her ask from
somewhere inside the

He stood up on wobbly legs but managed to find their
bags. Laura's smaller bag looked promising, so he
grabbed that and his shaving kit. Out of curiosity he
unzipped Laura's bag to peek inside. He felt a sigh of
relief at seeing her birth control pills alongside her
makeup and toothpaste. Not that he didn't believe her.
He'd just been around enough to know that not all
women told the truth about such matters.

"Find what you're looking for?" A robed Laura asked
from the doorway.

"Uh. yes. You're toothbrush," he said and handed her
the bag. "I-"

"It's ok. I think you've earned the right to snoop
around my bags now," she
said and ran the water so she could brush her teeth.
"Might as well use my
toothpaste," she wiggled the tube in front of him.

He did and shooed her out when they were finished so
he could relieve
himself. When he was done he found Laura at the
window. D_j vu.

"I can understand why people want to live so close to
the ocean. To wake up
to this every morning," she said, and he found himself
standing behind her

"We could, you know. I hear people live along the
coast now. Houses and
everything," he joked. "Maybe not straight away, but

"Someday," she sighed. "We should eat."

"We should. We will. Once it's six. But, we still have
twenty minutes to
wait. Any suggestions, Miss Holt?" He tugged the sash
on her robe.

"When I was in college, my friends gave me this book
as a sort of white
elephant gift. 'A Hundred and One Positions.' They
knew I didn't date much, you see. I still have it,"
she confessed.

"A hundred and one, eh?" He thought there might be a
slight possibility he hadn't done all hundred and one.

"Yeah. Last night was obviously number one."

"A hundred to go." he whispered and began to nibble
her ear. "Any more suggestions?"

"I was thinking about number eight." She took his and
led him to the bed.

"Eight?" He fell onto the bed at her slight shove.

"Just lie back, Mr. Steele. I'll take care of

Remington finally got around to calling room service a
few hours and positions eight, twenty-three and
seventy-two later.


The End.