Small Town Scrap
Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2001
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While watching a recent PAX version of Small Town, I waited
patiently for the only real scene in this ep worth watching(IMO). That scene of course is the horseback ride/snuggling by the tree part. While watching it this time, I was intrigued by R's line that he suggest they huddle for warmth, merely for warmth. I thought, why would he defend the two of them needing a reason to be close? Afterall, this was during a time in their relationship when they were dating(for lack of a better word). I quickly rushed to the editing room of PAX where I discovered this scene near the beginning where L&R are driving to Denada, just before R pulls the map down and proclaims that they are lost.


Small Town Steele (Scrap Scene)
by Suejue

Laura slowed the car as it approached an intersection in the
road. "Now, you haven't forgot our little agreement?(She sneezes)... Which way?" she briefly changed the topic.
Remington pointed to the right . Laura turned the car in that direction and accelerated while prompting, "Have you?"

"Heavens no Laura. You know how seriously I take your suggestions."

"I am acutely aware of how seriously you take my suggestions, Mr. Steele. That's precisely why I am asking."

In a humble tone, he admitted, "No,'re right...and I am willing to take full responsibility for disrupting the stakeout last week and letting our suspect slip away."

A few curves and hills passed before Remington reminded her, "But a good detective wouldn't allow any distractions to interfere with a case." He pulled the map up once again, partially covering his face and began to whistle, waiting for her to take his bait. "A SMART detective wouldn't have asked her distraction to come along in the first place." Laura glanced over. A slight smile escaped, undermining her attempt to be somewhat serious. (She sneezes again).

Laura sniffed, inhaled deeply and once again tried to shift her gears back to the original question which she was certain he never heard or answered. "I'm just saying that if we are to pursue any sort of personal involvement, we can't allow it to affect our professional obligations."

He folded the map and tried his best to placate Laura and her latest idea, yet at the same time remind her that he wasn't solely responsible for what happened. Remington put his hands up in a conciliatory, albeit an insincere gesture, "All my fault, Laura. Won't happen again..... The fact that YOUR hands, and you're lovely lips for that matter, were doing everything BUT urging me to stop.....Well....Nevermind... let's not relive that eh?" He scooted closer to Laura, "That is, of course, unless you want to pull over and relive that."

"You haven't heard a word I said, have you? This is exactly what I mean, Mr. Steele. We are on a case, remember? Professor Thicket? Missing? I just want you to promise me that if we find ourselves presented with an opportunity....."

"If a situation arises, so to speak?" He teasingly interrupted.

Laura continued sternly, "an opportunity..... with seemingly romantic possibilities, we have to remind ourselves that we are working and should not be tempted." Laura gripped the wheel with a decisive finality.

Remington nodded, "Oh absolutely, Laura, absolutely."

Laura was not at all convinced, but decided to let the topic drop for now, "Grab that map again, and tell me where the hell we are."

(Scene resumes)