Steele Acres
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002
Anne Rose <>

It goes without saying that the tune is the theme of Green Acres. In case
you don't recall it, it starts with Eddie Albert on the first verse and
Whomever Gabor on the second. In the true spirit of RSFic, there is a
role/sex reversal here, which should be apparent. Please excuse the
phonetic musical phrases!

Steele 'Vestigations is my place,
I'll find the clues and solve your case.
I like to get an early start,
It's go faster if he would just do his part.

My chair is where I'd rather stay
Legwork is just not my forte
I'd rather hold you in my arms
Doing my best to get you to bend to my charms.

(music) Bud-dah buh dum dum Stakeouts!
Bud-dah buh dum dum Makeouts!

Bud-dah buh dum dum Lock picks!
Bud-dah buh dum dum Old flicks!

I am in charge!
But I'm the boss!
You are im-pos-si-ble!

The End