Steele At Her Service
Date: Thursday, 07 August, 2003
By Andrea
This story idea has been rattling around for a long time and I
finally got going and put it together.
Many thanks to my faithful editor, Lauryn, always quick with the grammar
check and great ideas for making a story better.
 Your feedback as always is welcome and appreciated.  Nancy, you may archive.
by Andrea
Rated NC-17
Laura stayed a step behind Steele, her heart pounding from the adrenaline rush of both pursuing and avoiding the crazed Kuramatsu.  They walked down the length of the barn porch, trying doors until one opened.  She peered into the darkness, waiting for him to reappear. Lightning lit the sky and sent eerie shadows ahead of them.  She stayed close to Steele's side as he found the light switch.
The room may once have been a stable, but now it was a catch-all for garden equipment and a few hay bales.  She followed one of the walls, jumping back in surprise when a chainsaw cut through from the other side of the wooden wall.  Steele yanked her arm, pulling her away with enough force to fling her onto a disorganized pile of plastic feed sacks.  Kuramatsu came charging through the opening he had just made, his face wild with rage as he cornered Steele at the other end of the room.  Steele ducked from side to side as well as he could as the chainsaw sliced through the hay bales like a Ginsu knife.
Laura watched frantically for a moment from her pile of bags, then realized there was a leafblower beside her there.  She noticed that one of the bags had broken open and leaked its contents onto the floor.  She maneuvered the blower into the dusty pile and turned it on, sending a cloud of irritating powder right into Kuramatsu’s face.  He cried out in pain, dropping the chainsaw.  Steele took advantage of the moment and dropped the ersatz gardener with a well-placed right cross.
Steele examined the shoulder of his tail coat while he caught his breath.  The hedge trimmer had shredded the right shoulder, and lining, padding and fabric were a hopeless rend.  “My tailor’s gonna kill me,” he mumbled.
Laura checked to make sure he was unharmed.  “Let’s call the police,” she said, moving toward the doors.  As if on cue, thunder rolled again and the skies opened up.
Steele watched the rain pouring down.  “Suddenly I don’t feel that eager about going back to the house.”  It occurred to him that events were quickly developing into a lovely equation - he and Laura, a barn with doors, a heavy rain to keep others in the house -- there was an answer for everything if one could anticipate the questions.
“We can’t stay here,” Laura said.  Apparently her equation wasn’t the same as his - yet.
As they stood in the doorway, he cast an appraising glance down Laura’s back view, and up again.  He pulled her against him.  “Why not?” he asked.  He pressed his lips to hers, satisfied for the moment that she responded so willingly.  Breaking away, albeit reluctantly, she glanced over his shoulder at the still unconscious Kuramatsu.  “What about him?” she asked.
Steele grinned salaciously to himself; the pieces were falling into place, and the trivial matter of keeping Kuramatsu quiet for a little longer was not going to get in his way.
He pulled the doors toward him, mental wheels turning.  “What will people think?” Laura asked.  Was she more concerned about the Japanese murderer, or the two of them not returning to the house promptly?
“What else? The butler did it.”  Steele closed the doors firmly.  He slid his arms around Laura once again and pulled her close.
“The butler did what?” Laura asked suggestively.
“Whatever the lady of the” he glanced around the barn “house desires.”
Laura slid her arms inside his tattered coat.  “A good butler is available 24 hours a day, always ready to provide exceptional service.”  Her hands traveled up his back over the silky waistcoat.
“Of course madam’s satisfaction is my first and only concern.”  He moved one gloved hand inside Laura’s collar and around to the nape of her neck.  “But at the same time I always know what my position is.” He pressed up against her, one leg coaxing a gap between hers.
Laura pulled his head down, sealing his lips to hers.   Her fingers grasped for a handful of his vest.  The rain drummed overhead, reminding her that as long as the rain fell, no one, including Mildred, would venture out to find them.  She willed the rain to keep falling.
A sound of stirring and a low moan broke the passion of the moment as Kuramatsu began to come back to life.  Steele broke away and quickly rummaged through the pile of discards at one end of the room.  A length of orange extension cord caught his eye, and a pair of garden gloves.
Moving quietly toward Kuramatsu, he untied his white bow tie and pulled it from around his neck.  Not giving the groggy man a chance to react, Steele pulled the murderer’s arms behind his back and hog-tied him with the electrical cord.  Kuramatsu tried to cry out, but the glove was in his mouth with the tie firmly knotted to hold it in place before he could utter but a few moans of protest.  Steele gave half a thought to hitting him over the head to knock him out again, but instead dragged him by the collar into a corner.  He pushed him up against the wall, and shoved several hay bales against his back to keep him confined.
Laura watched as he moved swiftly to corral Kuramatsu.  Dusting his gloved hands together, he returned to where Laura stood with a satisfied smile.
She grabbed his lapels and pulled him back against her.  “You’re a very resourceful butler, Mr. Steele.”
“Yes, well, desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?”
“Desperate times?”
“Yes, yes.”  He pressed his lips to hers.  “I desperately want you.”  He took her head in his hands and kissed her again as Laura leaned into him.  Their lips parted tentatively, and then tongues danced assertively as their hunger grew.
Laura broke away, smiling at him.  “Then let’s move over here.”  She gestured toward the other side of the room.  Lowering herself, she pulled him down with her.  She lay down on the thick mat of hay, Steele hovering over her on his hands and knees.
Laura laughed and put on her best fake German accent.  “Vould you like to go for a roll in zee hay, Meester Steele?”  She began to throw herself from side to side.  “Rolla, rolla, rolla, roll.”
Steele smiled.  “Very funny, Laura.  ‘Young Frankenstein’, Gene Wilder, Terri Garr, etc. etc. 1974.”  He caught Laura’s hands and pinned her arms over her head.  “Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of ‘It Happened One Night’.  Classic stuff.  Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in a moonlit hayfield.”  He lowered himself closer.  “The vulnerable Claudette, her forbidden desire for Clark almost at a breaking point.” Another inch closer.  “Clark arranging a bed of hay, trying to make her comfortable.” Still closer.  “If it weren’t 1934, he would have taken her right there, and Bob’s your uncle.”  His eyes gazing into hers, Laura lifted her head and kissed him again.
Straightening himself up, Steele went to work on Laura’s buttons as well as his gloved fingers would allow.  Laura watched him as his frustration over his slowness rose.  Catching his right hand, she began to pull the glove off.  “Could I have one of those?” she asked.  He pulled his hand away and Laura slid hers into the warm smooth fabric.  Tenderly she slid her gloved hand along his jaw and inside his collar.  With one hand unencumbered, he finished the task of her buttons and ran his gloved hand over her collarbone and down her abdomen.  Laura shivered with pleasure.
As Steele pulled her shirttails from her pants, Laura felt an overwhelming urge building within her.  It started deep inside, rising up with an unstoppable force.  As Steele laid a trail of kisses from her navel to her collarbone and up her neck, Laura felt she could not stop what was happening.  When Steele bent his head to hers, she turned aside quickly to avoid sneezing violently in his face.
Steele stopped short.  “Bless you,” he said.
Laura giggled.  “I’m sorry, I should have known that would happen.  Remember the case of a thousand sneezes, in De Nada?  I couldn’t even think straight I sneezed so much.”
Steele tried to hide it, but his crestfallen expression could not be missed.  The golden moment had apparently slipped away.  He got up and pulled Laura to her feet, his disappointment obvious.  “Perhaps we should go back to the house then.”  He turned toward the doors.
Laura wasn't going to let some hay dust stop them now.  She grabbed the moving tail of his coat and held on.  “Not so fast, buster.”  She pulled him back to her.  “Madam hasn’t been satisfied yet.”  She pushed the ruined coat off his shoulders and threw it behind her.  “I think if I don’t actually lie in the hay I’ll be all right.”
Steele's countenance brightened considerably.  "Did Madam have anything specific in mind?"  He helped Laura out of her jacket and hung it on a nearby nail in the wall.
Laura's imagination was working overtime now as she worked her way down his shirt studs with her ungloved hand. She flashed back to selected passages of the romance novels she used to read, but no longer required. Torrid scenes of rogue butlers undressing milady were passé compared to the living, breathing Mr. Steele. The process of unveiling was almost as stimulating as what was found underneath.  Particularly when the glove required her to work more slowly, revealing just a bit of him at a time.  A lovely "V" of chest hair appeared before her eyes.  The five buttons of the vest were next.
And who would have thought that an old barn could offer such possibilities? Without taking her eyes off of him, she gestured with her head to the blower and stack of bags in the corner. "I noticed earlier that those sacks are conveniently positioned."
Steele pulled her sleeve arms and removed her blouse, hanging it over the jacket.  He ran his hands down her back and up again.  Laura couldn't decide which excited her more - the genuine touch of his fingers on her skin, or the smoothness of the glove.
Pulling the shirt tails from his trousers, Laura ran both hands up and down Steele's torso.  Now she presented him with the same erotic dilemma - the hand, or the glove?
Grabbing two fistfuls of shirt, Laura moved back, pulling Steele along as she made her way to the bags.  When her legs made contact, she sat down and guided Steele to his knees in front of her.  Fumbling a bit with her bra clasp because of the glove, he eventually removed it and flung it aside.  Laura put her arms around his neck and pulled him close, his chest hair stimulating her breasts as she kissed him.  Steele maneuvered his gloved hand between them, grasping her breast and teasing her nipple with his thumb.  Laura gasped as the softness provided a unique sensation.  Steele bent to take that nipple into his mouth as she leaned back against the mound of sacks.
Now with both hands on her breasts, Steele moved from one nipple to the other, flicking and sucking each into exquisite stiffness.  Laura propped herself up on her elbows, moaning softly as he heightened her ecstasy.  Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw the hay bales shift, reminding her that they had an audience.  She pushed that thought out of her mind and didn't think about it again.
Having unbuttoned her pants, Steele lifted her hips and slid her pants and underwear down to her feet.  He removed her shoes and clothing with practiced assurance.  He planted kisses on her belly as his gloved hand ran
up and down her legs, massaging her thighs as his mouth and fingers moved to meet at her center.
Laura flopped back on the bags, unable to hold herself up any longer against this assault on her senses.  She felt his gloved hand moving over her upper thighs, closer and closer, and then his entire hand covered her mound. 
Parting two fingers, his tongue slid between them and ever so lightly touched her.  Laura jerked as if she had been electrified, a bolt of pure pleasure traveling through her.  Steele spread his fingers farther apart, applying gentle pressure to either side as he took her into his mouth and gently sucked.
Laura moaned loudly, thrashing in his grasp.  She managed to hold his head with her hands, her legs flung out to the side as her control slipped quickly away.  Steele moved his hands to her thighs and dipped his tongue into her musky portal, hinting at pleasures to come.  He was grateful that his dress pants were fairly loose, because the tightness in his groin was becoming almost unbearable.  In a good way.
Steele replaced his tongue with one, and then two ungloved fingers in Laura's opening.  He leaned in to suck harder, and Laura's feet dropped to his shoulders as she bucked beneath him. His gloved hand moved again to her breast, pinching her nipple with a kidskin touch. Moments later, she felt that blissfully familiar sensation as she let go and her orgasm overwhelmed her, crashing in on her senses.
Sometime later, although Laura had no idea how long, she felt Steele's gloved hand on her torso, gently stroking her skin as she returned to reality.  Taking a deep breath, she sat up and smiled at him.  He grinned and kissed her.
"Was that satisfactory, Madam?"
"More than."  She kissed him again.  "Now Madam would like to satisfy."  She pushed him away.  "Stand up."
She removed his trousers and boxers, and he sighed with relief and anticipation as she freed him from the confines of the fabric.  She sat forward on the bags and took him in her gloved hand, gently stroking his hardened member.  Steele swayed slightly and put his hands on her shoulders for balance as he struggled to keep control for a few moments.  Laura leaned forward and licked the tip, then took more of him in until, between her hand and her mouth, he was completely sheathed.  She sucked gently, fully aware that he was very close to the edge.
"Soon, Laura.  Very.....soon," Steele managed to mumble.  Laura let him go and turned herself around, kneeling with her backside to him on the bags.  Steele inched forward and grasped her hips, exerting all of his control to enter her slowly.  She felt like an oven surrounding his member.  He thrust in and out slowly, knowing full well that this position put both of them over the edge quicker than any other.
Laura shifted her hands around on the bags, trying to find the most comfortable position for her arms.  She held herself up as well as she could, but he was rubbing her in the place that was ideal for making her come quickly.  She bent her head in concentration, unable to resist the erotic forces at work.  She glanced over her shoulder at him, his eyes screwed shut as he fought to provide them with as many moments of ecstasy as he could.
When Laura tightened her muscles around him on one of his out-thrusts, he groaned loudly and began pumping with increasing speed.  Laura dropped to her elbows as Steele continued to drive into her, until his body stiffened and he cried out something, perhaps her name.  Laura held on as he came close to driving her off the heap.
Steele collapsed over her, his arms hanging at his sides as he caught his breath.  Laura could barely hold him up, her own energy gloriously spent.  Her perspiring arms were stuck to the plastic bags, and her hair hung in disarray around her face.  But that didn't matter - appearances had taken a back seat to passion long before this point.
After several moments he slid off of Laura's slick back and peeled off his soaked shirt.  He spread it out on the bags and sat down, elbows propped on knees.  He took a moment to pat an area of the shirt in invitation to Laura. She dropped down next to him and leaned against his side, stroking his damp hair.
"That was fantastic.  Madam is well satisfied."
Steele glanced at her and smiled weakly.  "Madam is going to exhaust her faithful butler one of these days."
He sat up and picked a few strands of hay out of her hair.  They glanced up as another roll of thunder echoed off into the distance.
"We must make quite a picture," Laura said as she glanced at their clothes strewn about.  She reached for her pants and tried to shake them out a bit.
Steele put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, his lips very close to hers.  "Oh, yes, a lovely picture, that I'm going to paste in my mental scrapbook of memorable lovemaking locales."  He kissed her passionately.
Laura pulled away for a moment.  "We'll just tell them Kuramatsu put up quite a fight."
The End