"Steele At It" rescued from the PAX scrap heap
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000
"sue hantak" <hantaks@mtco.com>

Steele At It (Unedited)

by Suejue

(PAX did it again, no big surprise. To make time for a "Twice in a
Lifetime" promo, they cut the WHOLE first scene to Steele At It. This is
what I could piece together:)

The Stanford Glee Club had a matinee performance their last day in Milan.
Two more concerts in Nice and Cannes before they would all return to the
U.S.. Mildred and Laura shared a room. Steele sat on the edge of one of the
beds as Laura changed in the bathroom from her gown to something more

"Are you sure you don't want to take the tour, chief?" Mildred asked as
she put her hotel key and wallet in her purse.

"No thanks, Mildred. I think Laura and I might do a bit of sight-seeing
ourselves. Oh, we'll take a walking tour of the city. Who knows what places
of interest we might find?"

"Have you been to Milan before?"


"Well, then, won't you get lost?"

His eyes lit up as he beamed mischievously. "One can only hope, Miss

Mildred smiled at the implication as well. She then grabbed the second key
from the dresser and just as she was about to put it in her purse, Remington
pointed out, "Mildred, I think you already took a key."

She gave him a look as if he were daft, "It would be a damn shame if Miss
Holt got back and couldn't get into her room. She just might have to wait in
SOMEONE else's room until I got back."

He rose to give her an appreciative kiss on the cheek, "Mildred, you just
earned yourself a raise." They heard the bath door unlock. He shooed Mildred
out of the room before Laura could notice that Mildred "accidentally" took
both keys. He hastily shut the door and turned his attention to Laura.

"What are you up to?" Laura accused digging her tennis shoes out of her

<God, how does she always know ? Can she read minds? he thought to
himself. "Nothing....Mildred just left....Hungry?" he tried to calm her
suspicions and change the subject.

"I suppose. What do you have in mind?"

"Italian perhaps?"

She laughed softly. He really could be funny and charming at times. This
whole trip had been a pleasant detour from their hectic work in LA. She
always wondered if they really had anything in common besides the agency.
After being together for ten days now, she recalled no major arguments, and
fondly remembered several romantic moments along the way; drinking a bit too
much at the beer garden in Frankfurt, the tight cab ride in Zurich, dancing
the night away in Barcelona and that sinful encounter in the cathedral in
Florence(of all places!).

Maybe they could finally turn that corner and become lovers. That thought
had surfaced a lot lately. Maybe in Cannes, what better way to cap off this
wonderful trip? With her mind entertaining that thought, she was too
distracted to even look for her room key.

They ate a quiet meal, both grateful to be alone. After dinner ,as the sun
was setting, they walked through the town. Strolling by a fountain, Laura
stepped up on the round stone ledge as if she were eight years old again.
Remington couldn't resist. He gave her a gentle shove only to quickly rescue
her before she toppled into the water. He pulled her close to him. With the
height difference of the ledge, her breasts were right in his face and his
hands tightly wound around her rear. As tempting as it was to just keep her
there, he turned ninety degrees, allowing her body to slowly slide down his.
His left hand remained on her backside as his right ascended to support her
back. When they were face to face, they leaned into each other for a searing
kiss. All the time Laura was thinking, Cannes? Why wait? What is wrong with
Milan? Remington must have been reading her mind this time. In between
kisses, he proposed, "Let's go back to the hotel."

However, when they got back to the hotel, Ron was out front ,waiting,
"Laura, I'm glad you came back. Our plans have changed. We leave for Nice in
two hours, here are your train tickets... Sorry."

Remington whispered into Laura's ear, "Do you think he would notice the
Glee Club minus one soprano?"

Laura's pained, apologetic look gave him his answer. "I'll make it up to
you, I promise." She was back to her original Cannes plan. Her instincts
told her that everything would change in Cannes.