I've Steele Been There Before
Date: Monday, November 04, 2002
Roz Bertier <lifesanstd@touchmyinfection.com>

Well, this is supposed to be my last songfic....it might not be though, i've been considering do one for Angel In Me.....but the setup for this fic, is right after Wilson leaves....and the song is I've Been There Before, one of the more upbeat tunes on Absolute! Well, enjoy it, tell me what you think!


He smiled at her, gently trying to soothe her. She was so heartbroken. He knew exactly how she felt, too. He'd felt the same pain. He disappeared into his bedroom for a moment, and returned with his guitar. She laughed through her tears. He looked like your typical country music star. His strawberry blonde hair, boy-next-door face, plaid flannel shirt and jeans made him look like something out of a bad Billy Ray Cyrus music video.

He matched her grin, and fought to remember the song. Maybe, just maybe, if he could soothe her enough, she might come to him. she might find him to be a wonderful alternative. But he quickly banished these thoughts, or tried to. After all, he was her best friend.

He started to sing, surprisingly, showing off a good voice. It sounded like a country tune, of sorts, but the melody had a real jazzy feel to it. She sat on his couch, letting the lyrics really sink in. She knew that this was, in a sense, a way to get her to like him, to move beyond their platonic friendship, but at the same time was also a way for him to show her that he cared for her, and knew what she had gone through.

He can tell you things you wanna hear
Secrets whispered in a lover's ear
So you start building dreams
But it's not what it seems
It all seemed so sure
I've been there before,
I've been there before

Oh, that verse had described how she and him had met. He had shone such promise. He had a steady nine-to-five job, that guaranteed a steady income. He had those wonderful baby-faced looks. She started planning her life around him. Everything had seemed so sure. But it wasn't what it seemed. Not in the least.

He can make your heart start with a look
You let him read you like an open book
Then he betrays your trust
Your dreams turn to dust
I wrote the score
I've been there before
I've been there before

If she hadn't heard the song before, she could've sworn that Murphy had written it for her. Whenever he'd looked at her, she could feel her heart flutter. She had told him everything. All her dreams for the two of them. And he turns around and betrays everything they had. And everything had fallen down around her.

But this is something you can no-can-do about
No, this is nothing new
I know it's something you can do without
But you've got to see it through
I've been there before
I've been there before

The advice. The moral of the song. But it was so dead-on. It was something that she could forget. But first she had to put it behind her. Until she did, she'd be stuck in that empty void. It was nothing new, not to her, not to the world. Everyone had problems. Everyone had their heart broken at least once.

He stands before you, he's so meek and mild
He lets you hold him like a little child
Then he tells you his fears
And you make love through the tears
Then he walks out the door
I've been there before
I've been there before.

As Murphy finished the song, Laura found herself close to tears yet again. That night, that last night, had gone exactly as the song said. He had come home, looking a mess. She'd comforted him. Cried along with him as he told her everything that he was afraid of in there relationship. And they'd had a wonderful night. Until, after it was over, he got up and left. Walked out on her forever.

Murphy put his guitar over to the side, and sat down and put his arms on her shoulders. She curled up into him, and cried. Cried until she couldn't cry anymore, thankful that he was there, and thankful that he knew what she'd gone through.

The End