Steele Chat
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Sinead O'Byrne <>

Steele Chat pt 1/1
Permission to archive
PG for confusing twists and VERY mild profanity
OK-Thanx to Beth for inspiring me with her Star Wars Chat! While you guys are on checking out The Lost Mind Of Steele, read SWC to get the basic idea of the flow. And here it is 300 revisions later!

RSteeleHere logged on
LHolt logged on
LHolt: Hi
RSteeleHere: Hallo
M_and_M logged on
LHolt: Hey Murph.
M_and_M: hey Laura.
MillieKrebs logged on
RSteeleHere: Murphy's here?
MillieKrebs: Murphy???
Wheelman logged on
MillieKrebs: Wheelman???
Wheelman: It's Fred.
M_and_M: Ohhhh. And yes I am here.
Farmer_Waterboy_Fran logged on
Farmer_Waterboy_Fran: It this the chatroom about me???
LHolt: It depends........Who are you??
Farmer_Waterboy_Fran: Adam Sandler.
Wheelman: Nope, wrong room.
Farmer_Waterboy_Fran: well then, I'll be leaving. Just remember all of you
Farmer_Waterboy_Fran logged off
Foxywolf logged on
Foxywolf: Hi!!!
MillieKrebs: Ok, who's who??????
RSteeleHere: Mine's obvious.
M_and_M: You're always obvious, and for those who don't know, It's Murphy Michaels
LHolt: It doesn't take an investagators license to guess who I am.
Wheelman: As I said before, Fred.
Foxywolf: Why Bernice here of course!
MilleKrebs: And of course Mildred.
ElleWoods_the_Lawyer logged on
ElleWoods_the_Lawyer: Is this Legally Blonde chat??
LHolt: Nope
ElleWoods_the_Lawyer: Oh, bye!
ElleWoods_the_Lawyer logged off
Criminal_number_one logged on
Criminal_number_one: I WILL GET MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!
RSteeleHere: Criminal, who are you??????
Criminal_number_one: why isn't obvious??????
M_and_M: no, its not.
Criminal_number_one: Why it's Descoine of course! No, I've G2G, the sheriff doesn't like us on very long.
Criminal_number_one logged off
LHolt: Descoine??? We're getting a lot of interesting customers in our chat room
RSteeleHere: Yes I noticed. Adam Sandler? I think I'll stop on his chatroom before i go, I always wanted to meet a modern-day movie star.
Wheelman: I will right now! I love Adam Sandler! He's the world's funniest comedian! Well then, Mr. S, Ms, H and Ms K, Mr. M I'll be going!
Wheelman logged off
Krebbie: What about Virginia Mayo? You met her. And all those others
LHolt: Don't Remind me.
the_inventor_GEMstone logged on
RSteelehere: by the looks of it, we don't have much choice
the_inventor_GEMstone: Hi. anyone wanna hear about my newest idea???
M_and_M: if it shuts him up, sure
LHolt: (whispers) Murphy, you don't want to know what you just got yourself into. Once George gets an idea, it means we're called in to find out why he's about to be murderd, or why he's on the most wanted list.
M_and_M: (whispers) So now you've got to put up with two of them.
LHolt: (whispers) Mr. Steele isn't always an annoying bastard.
M_and_M (whispers) No, he's an annoying son of a bitch, and just to be kind, not always.
[Meanwhile, George is going on about another idea]
LHolt (Whispers) :O you, say something that isn't an insult?
M_and_M: (whispers) yeah, he's only annoying 99.9% of the time
LHolt: (whispers) He's got his uses.....
M_and_M: (whispers) Getting your agency in trouble, breaking and entering, picking pockets, annoying the shit out of you, providing bad movie references, providing bad pick-up lines, causing total chaos, the list goes on and on............ Oh, and you can' forget, he' good at helping you think up good insults
LHolt: (whispers) You know, you two could have a very good conversation.....all you do is insult each other.
MillieKrebs: Well kids, it' late, and Everybody Loves Raymond is on. Dontcha think that his mother looks just like me????
RSteelehere: Yes, Mildred you can spot the resmblance.
MillieKrebs logged off.
Foxywolf:this is beginig to bore me. Goodbye all
RSteelehere: G'bye Miss Wolf
Foxywolf, LHolt, M_and_M: IT'S FOX!!!!!!!
RSteelehere:Well, you don't have to shout it. I get the point.
Foxywolf: If i could, you'd be getting the point of my heels.
RSteelehere: now, now, no need to get violent.
Foxywolf logged off
James_Bond007 logged on.
James_Bond007-Is Mr. Steele here?
RSteelehere: yes I am, and If i may ask, who are you?
James_Bond007: Ian Fleming
LHolt: Ian Fleming? Aren't you supposed to be dead?
M_and_M: Yeah, a car crash or something like that
James_Bond007: well, I just wanted to lie low, after all, an 80 year old man needs his privacy.
RSteelehere: Well then, Mr. Fleming, what can I do for you?
James_Bond007: I notcied that you seem to look an awful lot like my most well known carachter.
LHolt: well, there's a lot of people that look like him too.
James_Bond007: Yes, well,I was hoping that he would at least pose for a photo shoot, for casting the next Bond, Timothy Dalton just isn't Bond material,at least I don't think so. IMHO, none of todays actors are cut out for Bond. There too wimpy. Bond needs to be tough, strong, masculine, a heavy smoker, a heavy drinker, very chauvinistic, a realy ladies-man.
RSteelehere:I'll get back to you on this one Mr. Fleming
James_Bond007: All right, I'll be expecting something though G'bye.
James_Bond007 logged off
M_and_M: YOU?????
RSteelehere:by the looks of it, yes, I admit I'd be better for the role than you are Murphy.
M_and_M: Why you-That's it! You're asking for it.
LHolt: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M_and_M: If you get him to shut up.
RSteelehere: You're the one who started it.
LHolt: You two are way to juvenile.
RSteelehere: Me, Juvenile? It's him who juvenile!
LHolt: That's it! I'm leaving, if you 2 don't cut it out.
the_inventor_GEMStone: I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
RSteele: No George, just an ongoing argument.
the_inventor_GEMStone: Oh. Argument.........................................Nope no ideas from it.
LHolt: As long as it doesn't get you almost killed or on the Most Wanted List, or in anyway involves us bailing you out, then I don't care what you invent.
the_inventor_GEMStone: Will you buy it at least?
LHolt: As long as it doesn't explode, eat people, or destroy anything.
M_and_M: Feed me Seymore........Feed me!
LHolt: 1 person quoting movies is enough murph-at least pick a good 1!
M_and_M: HEY! i LIKE little shop of horrors!
the_inventor_GEMStone: So r u guys gonna buy something????????
LHolt: Like I said, as long as it isn't dangerous
the_inventor_GEMStone: Really? Then I better get to work! My first customer!
the_inventor_GEMStone logged off
LHolt: That takes care of George.
RSteelehere:Now all we need is to get rid of murphy.
M_and_M: If ne1 needs to leave-it's you!
LHolt: Can't you two be civil? In all my years I haven't seen you two be polite to each other for more than two minutes.
RSteelehere:The longest two minutes of my life. Murphy's just so easy to insult
M_and_M: And so r u. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a good headshot of yourself would you?
RSteelehere: Actually I do. Why?
M_and_M:there's a space that needs to be covered on my wall, It has too many holes in it.
RSteelehere: :O u, actually put a picture of me in your house?
M_and_M: The holes were from were your last picture was, I use it for darts practice.
LHolt:If you two insult each other one more time, I'm leaving!
RSteelehere:see what u did?
M_and_M: Me!!!!!!!!! That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back, hopefully with something to use against u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M_and_M logged off (soon to return)
RSteelehere:Sure took him long enough to leave.
LHolt: You 2 really do not get along.
RSteelehere: because of u
LHolt: ME!!!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO WITH IT?!?!?!?!?
RSteelehere:Because, in case u haven't noticed-Murphy is Hed ovr heels 4 u, and so'm I, and so's that Westfeild carachter, and so's a few others that we've met on mysteries.
LHolt: Well then, go ahead and fight all you want, if it's me yor fighting over!
THE_Banker logged on
THE_Banker: HELP!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RSteelehere: OK, Name and problem please
LHolt: u sound like a 911 operator
THE_Banker: Yes, well It's Wilson
RSteelehere:another body in a wine vat?
THE_Banker: Worse!
RSteelehere: Worse?
THE_Banker: Worse!
LHolt: How?
THE_Banker: It's a dead body in the window seat!
RSteelehere: Arsenic and Old Lace-Cary Grant, MGM, 19-
LHolt: CUT THE QUOTE! I've already done you one favor Wilson. Do you deserve another?
THE_Banker: Laura, please!!!!!!! HELP!!!! You two can treat yourself to the vault! Just get me outta this mess!
RSteelehere: You know Laura, now that he mentions it, it doesn't look that bad.......
LHolt: (whispers) When he said treat yourself to the vault, that's when you wanted to do this.
RSteelehere: (whispers) I'll solve this one myself then. and if I screw up, so be it.
LHolt: (whispers) You have a good way of convincing ppl u know that?
RSteelehere: (whispers) It comes with time
RSteelehere: OK, we'll take it!
THE_Banker: THX!!! I'll c ya soon then! ASAP!!! A dead body dosent bode well 4 me!
THE_Banker logged off
LHolt: I'm ready to kill you for this!
RSteelehere: Then I'll die a rich man!
LHolt: U R IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RSteelehere: I've grown worse with age! Come on! We've got a case to solve! I'll meet u at the agency!
RSteelehere: Frankenstien-
M_and_M logged back on
M_and_M: I've got the incriminating evidence!!!!
RSteelehere: Save it for next time, Murphy! Laura and I have a case to solve!
RSteelehere logged off
LHolt: what did I do to him??? He actually want's to work. But then again the reward is tempting............ If I can survive him and him!
M_and_M: I know one him, who's the othere?
LHolt: Wilson.
M_and_M: Wilson? It better be a good reward..remember that last one?
LHolt: how can 1 forget? Well, the reward is as much as we want out of his vault at the bank.............not that bad, but I don't know if I'll have enough wits left to spend it after those two. I would get a complete facial, spa treatment, but I doun't think they'll be able to do anything for the stress lines that I'll have!
M_and_M: Well, good luck! And there's quite a few places here in Denver, if you so wish, good skiing at least!
LHolt: thanx Murph, well TTYL, bye!!!!
M_and_M: yeah TTFN! C YA!! PEACE!!! TTYL!!! BYE!!
LHolt logged off
M_and_M: anyone else here? No? well then, bye all!
M_and_M logged off