Steele Drivin' Man 3/?
Date: Thursday, September 14, 2000
Anne Rose <>

Steele Drivin' Man 3/?
September 20, 1982
Mileage: 4,132

Tires rotated, chassis lube job

Still no Mr. Steele. How can anybody run a business
from out of town for three months?

I'm beginning to wonder if Mr. Michaels likes me or
not. I mean, he never lets me drive him anywhere; the
only time he rides is with Miss Holt. Its almost like
he thinks riding in limos is for wimps. I know, I've
seen that look on other guys' faces for years. It
certainly doesn't seem to bother Minss Holt - I think
she gets a charge out of riding around.

Mr. Michaels sure does get the short end of the stick
on the glamour work, that's for sure. Miss Holt's
schmoozing with the clients and Mr. Michaels is always
running to the coroner's office or the courthouse. He
doesn't seem to mind from what I can see. 'Course, if
I had a '72 black GTO with a 486 like his, I'd rather
drive myself around, too.

Today he and Miss Holt had a mighty loud discussion on
our way to Westwood. I know I'm not supposed to talk
about anything that they talk about, but you sure
couldn't miss this one! They've got some big deal
cooking with somebody named Hunter, and I think Mr.
Michaels is worried about how they're going to handle
such a big job. They'll think of something, though,
they always do. All Miss Holt could talk about was
how much money this Hunter guy is going to pay. But
all Mr. Michaels could talk about was the chances
they'd be taking.

I really don't understand what they were arguing about
- they made it sound like it was their own money, not
Mr. Steele's!
To Be Continued...
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