Steele Drivin' Man 5/?
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2000
Anne Rose <>

Steele Drivin' Man 5/?
October 3, 1982
Mileage: 5,086

This morning I was almost sure that my short time
being Mr. Steele's chauffeur was over before he even
had his first ride. About 1:00 Miss Holt called me up
to her office, and I just knew it had to be big
trouble for me. I never go upstairs! I hadn't been
up there since my interview. So I was thinking hard
in the elevator about what to tell the employment
agency after I got the pink slip.

When I got there Miss Fox looked like her day was not
going too good, so I just stood around and kept quiet.
I tried hard to think back on anything that I might
have done wrong, but I came up blank. When Miss Holt
called me in to her office, I tried not to look
scared, but to tell the truth, Miss Holt looked more
nervous than me. We sat down and she tried to make
small talk, but she kept jumping out of her chair like
it was on fire. She was being so super nice to me
that I just knew the ax was about to fall. We've
spent enough time together in the limo that I could
tell she was faking me out. She just didn't seem like

It seemed to take forever for her to deliver the bad
news, and the wait was making me crazy. She paced
around the office, and finally she showed me the
morning paper. There was Miss Holt and Mr. Hunter and
that Pearson guy. The headline jumped out at me -
STEELE GOOD AS GOLD. Miss Holt couldn't miss the
confused look on my face.

Finally she took a deep breath and I sat there in
total silence while she explained how she and Mr.
Michaels and Miss Fox had gotten everyone to think
that there was a Remington Steele, only there really
wasn't. I'm sure I must have looked like an idiot
with my mouth hanging open. I didn't say anything
because I didn't know WHAT to say. But it all sure
went a long way in explaining why Mr. Steele has been
"out of the country" for so long - yeah, right.

Then she told me that Pearson, or whoever he is, had
figured out their secret, and somehow he ended up
being Remington Steele. I asked how this had
happened, but Miss Holt didn't want to talk about it.
She looked awfully embarrassed.

Miss Holt reminded me that we had discussed
confidentiality and discretion when she hired me, and
she said that now it was more important than ever to
stay tight-lipped. I know she would never actually
threaten or blackmail me, but I can read between the
lines - I go along with this little game, or I start
driving for someone else. Not to worry - I know how
to take care of my mouth. Someday I'll tell Miss Holt
about Marilyn Thornhill and her string of boyfriends
making out in the back seat. Mrs. Thornhill never
found about any of that from me. I got pretty good
at being deaf and blind when the action got hot and
heavy right behind my head. 'Course, I don't think
that will be a problem on this job.

Their secret is safe with me, but I don't think this
is going to work.

To be continued---
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